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Pdf/E–pub (Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing for Postgraduates)

This hands on guide to advanced critical analysis and argumentation will help eaders to communicate in way that is orderly igorously supported persuasive and clear It demonstrates how criticality can be paired with creativity to produce an insi.

Ghtful and engaging piece of esearch and explores how narrative styles and hetorical devices can be used to boost the persuasiveness of an argument Chapters blend theory with practice and contain a wealth of activities designed to help students.

Louise Katz í 6 download

Put new skills into practice or evitalise those they already haveThis is an essential esource for postgraduates and advanced undergraduates looking to hone their skills in critical analysis and communicate their ideas with precision and clarit.

Louise Katz0 on Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing for Postgraduates