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I ve read many books on fasting lately and I would say this is the best one because there is a chapter dedicated on how to All the other books I ve read were just why to There is a chapter ach on Islam Hinduism buddhism and Church of Latter Day which I didn t xpect to find in a book by a Catholic priest There is also no mention of the bread and water fast which many of the other fasting books I read advocated for Fr Ryan is very liberal He got a lot of little details wrong about the non Catholic religions he talked about it was an interesting book minus his attempted indoctrination into his liberal worldview How and why fasting is practiced in ach of the world s major religions It was informative however the book did not meet the goal the author states in the beginning He wanted to bring together the spiritualreligious and medical reasons for fasting and I really felt like all he did was xplain ach religions fasting purposes The final chapter briefly discusses the health benefits of fasting and whyhow one might fast for health reasons The remaining chapters are strictly religion based It was very interesting and I Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation enjoyed it but it just isn t what it promises to be Ryan wants people to know that fasting is not Open your mind and heart and discover how the sacred art of fasting can strengthen your spiritual appetiteFasting as a religious act increases our sensitivity to that mystery always andverywhere present to us It is an invitation to awareness a call to compassion for the needy a cry of distress and a song of joy It is a discipline of self restraint a ritual of purification and a sanctuary for offerings of

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E in solidarity with people who are poor as they fast Gender Justice each tradition alsoncourages fasters to donate the food or money for the meals they missed to the poor In summary the book says that fasting is something done in moderation No tradition demands days and days of starvation most reuire 12 to 25 hours a few times a year some allow juice and Generations and Collective Memory even Muslims who fast thentire month of Ramadan at very night at sundown Just as an athlete isn t being deprived or oppressed by hisher coach during peak training season a person who prayerfully turns to fast as a means of becoming spiritually stronger will find this to be an From Notes to Narrative effective toolI think I will see fast days in a new light after reading this book and I d recommend it to anyone who hasver considered a fast or struggled with the reuirement of one 45 stars Loved this book Really opened my Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America eyes to why people of several major religions fast as well as what they consider fasting It s a great introduction to fasting as a general religious practice and how non religious or non denominational people can put some sort of fasting into their lifestyles Offers terrific assistance for the Spirituality of Lent re fasting for religious reasons I recommend all of Fr Tom Ryan s book. D Art of Fasting invites you toxplore the practical approaches spiritual motivations and physical benefits of this ancient practice by looking at the ways it is observed in several faith traditions Inspiring personal reflections helpful advice and ncouragement from people who practice fasting answer your uestions allay your fears and reveal how you too can safely incorporate fasting into your spiritual li.

Ust for particular periods of religious observance but instead can be a valuable part of veryday life He Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) ends the book with creative suggestions for fasts for youryes ars from judging others anger resentment and bitterness and A helpful resource I think Ryan may make too much of the physical benefits of fasting but I appreciate his insight into the spiritual benefits So the Catholic Church has us fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and my church bulletin this year said that we re supposed to fast EVERY Friday and the whole three days from Good Friday to Easter VigilMy Vegetarian Times just had an article on cleansing the body of toxins including fasting which I d never heard of This book joins the two together and combines the physical and spiritual reasons for fasting Apparently all forms of religion have some roots in the tradition of fasting This book spends several chapters xplaining the whys and hows of fasting in Christianity Buddhism Judaism Hinduism and Mormons The author then talks about ach tradition s commonality of allowing a person to clean house by temporarily fasting from food bringing forth a new focus on spirituality All of the traditions ncourage social justice by teaching that fasters can liv. Tonement It is a wellspring for the spiritually dry a compass for the spiritually lost and inner nourishment for the spiritually hungry from chapter 9Though fasting is practiced in some form by nearly very faith tradition throughout the world it is often seen as scary or something only for monastic life But fasting doesn't have to be intimidating And it doesn't have to mean going weeks without foodThe Sacre.

(The Sacred Art Of Fasting (Preparing to Practice)) PDF NEW Ä Thomas Ryan

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