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The Agony of Algeria (PDF)

SUMMARY The Agony of Algeria

What has happened after. Erested only in personal gain and holding on to power while most Algerians faced intense hardship But the brutality of the Islamists' insurgency including car bombings the murder of 'immodestly' dressed women the assassination of intellectuals and the wiping out of whole villages has lost them support Most Algerians no longer want the Islamic republicanism of the FIS or the millenarianism of the GIAMarti.

Is mid civil war and see. Which account for the current crisis Since the Algerian military annulled an lection in January 1992 that would have brought to power the world's first democratically lected Islamist government a civil war has raged in which than 100000 Algerians have died The military takeover polarized the country between the political and military lite and the mass of the population The lite were perceived as int.

Interesting to write th. Stone provides a brief historical overview of Algeria since 1830 before focusing on three crucial phases of the postcolonial ra that of Ben Bella and Boumedienne; the reform ra of Chadli Benjedid; and the political and conomic crisis under the Higher States Committee HCE He xamines the dominant state institutions the army and the FLN and outlines the increasingly bitter divisions social and political.

Martin Stone1 on The Agony of Algeria