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Another good oneI m reading them out of order sorry to say but the writers tell you enough about the characters that it s okay In fact each one comes to life Two of the characters were very uniue And I loved how their personalities grew with the story I can t wait to go back and read 1 3 I m still not a huge fan of this series This book didn t have as many errors as the first one but ther. This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B01AHARX5MJacob Hardy a reclusive and wealthy author of fiery romance novels is losing his most prized possessions – a collection of valuable Kuan Yin statues The mysterious thief seems to have the abi.

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E–pub/Kindle Wretched Fate The Fate Series #2 BY F. Sharon Swope

If I decide to continue with it then I hope that that is true The mystery in this book was a little boring and extremely predictable You can pretty much guess it from the character descriptions I was a little surprised at the ending with the two main characters the little piece of history they share I think this series is geared for the older crowd and may recommend it to them in the futur. Also helps Jacob in his struggle with nowing how to handle the strong willed opinionated Rosalie Sam puts everyone Jacob’s life has touched on the list of suspects only to discover that the truth is much Wretched than anyone could have guessed.

E were still a few like titles t I m still not a huge fan of this series This book didn t have as many errors as the first one but there were still a few like titles to people detective agent dealer etc I am happy that the author got into Sam s character a little I still feel like we should now about him seeing as it s HIS series But the authors do promise that the third is his love story. Lity to walk through walls and grab the statues right from under the author’s nose Jacob hires Sam to help him catch the thief at about the same time as he hires a new typing assistant Rosalie McGovern As Sam works on the puzzle of the thefts he.

F Sharon Swope began writing when she was ten years old and never stopped Except for a weekly column in her local newspaper however she did not seek publication until recently Instead Sharon married and raised four children to become lovers of books reading and writing Several years ago Sharon’s youngest daughter Allyn Stotz was successful in getting her first children’s book The Pea in P

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