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9 May 2015 Please click here for my full review of the audiobook6 Nov 2014 Just finished reading this book for the third time and I love it even Loretta Chase is just amazing6 Nov 2012 Upon rereading I ve moved this from 4 to 5 stars It isn t uite as good as Lord of Scoundrels but it s right up there The hero s tragedy and redemption are moving and the heroine is a delightful atypical Regency miss May 9 2015Kate Reading s audio rendition of The Last Hellion is every bit as good as Lord of Scoundrels Full gushing review to comeJune 16 2015And here it is Like thousands of others I count Lord of Scoundrels as my favorite historical romance but The Last Hellion is justthisclose to topping my list I have read them both many times and each time these Loretta Chase titles leave me sighing a romantic sigh with a happy smile on my face You can imagine the excitement last year when the audiobook version of Lord of Scoundrels finally came out with an almost erfect narration by Kate Reading And now she has followed up with another excellent rendition of The Last Hellion Let me count the ways that I love this book1 The hero Vere Mallory became the seventh Duke of Ainsworth after the deaths of virtually everyone in his family the last two being his beloved cousin Charlie and then Charlie s young son Robin There was nobody but Vere left to serve as duke but he had no interest in being a duke As in Lord of Scoundrels Ms Chase writes a heart tugging Allerhand Fragliches prologue explaining the many tragedies that led Vere to become a hell raising sot who ignores his young wards Robin s two young sisters When urged to do his duty Vere erupts Why the devil should I consider the title It never considered me He snatched up his hat and gloves It should have stayed where it was and let me alone but no it wouldn t would it It had to keep creeping on toward me one confounded funeral after another Well I say let it go on creeping after theylant me with the others Then it can hang itself on some other Yolanda's Genius poor sod s neck like the bleeding damned albatross it isVere s heart has been so badly wounded that he simply cares for nothing and nobody not even himself He is careless in his dress and manner and he freuents the lowest taverns and gambling hells in London which is where he first encounters 2 The heroine Lydia Grenville is lovely fair haired and blue eyed but she stands nearly six feet tall andrefers to dress in dull black bombazine She was brought up unconventionally by her late aunt and uncleWhile not morally corrupt as her father had been they had been shallow unintelligent disorganized and afflicted with a virulent case of wanderlust They were forever wanting to shake the dust of someplace from their feet long before dust could Fettan possibly have time to settle The ground Lydia had covered with them reached from Lisbon in the West to Damascus in the East and included the countries on the southern shores of the MediterraneanShe was tutored however by the Grenvilles educated manservant and discovered a talent andassion for writing Now she is a reporter for The Argus and known Die Kunst Des Zeichnens: Die grosse Zeichenschule: Praxisorientiert und gut erklärt popularly as Lady Grendel Grendel being the giant monster in Beowulf Lydia actually everyone in the book calls her Grenville so I will as well is a crusading reporter and her latest mission is to expose the crimes of one Coralie Brees arocuress who forces unsuspecting country girls into rostitution As the story opens Grenville accompanied as always by her black mastiff Susan is chasing the madam through the filthy alleyways of Drury Lane in an effort to rescue a girl whom Coralie has just abducted Grenville grabs the girl and commands Susan to guard her while she and Coralie suare off which leads to 3 The first meeting Into the melee strides the Duke of Ainswood who is well known to all the lowlifes gathering to watch the fight Ainswood assumes that Grenville and Coralie are rival madams and steps in to mediate Ah now ladies ladies The tall ruffian shoved another clodpole out of the way and ushed forward All this daring and daunting will burst your stays my fair delicates And all for what The smallest The Villain: The Life of Don Whillans problem one chick and two hens wanting her Lots of chicks about aren t there Not worth disturbing the King seace and annoying the constables is it Certainly not He drew out his urse Here s what we ll do A screen ound apiece for you my dears and I ll take the little one off your hands Grenville assumes that Ainswood is just another bum until somebody calls him by name As she repares to leave the scene with the rescued girl Ainswood grabs Grenville and gives her a assionate kiss whereupon she faints He thinks Just before her fist meets his jaw and leaves him flat on his back in the mud which is the beginning of 4 A well matched battle of the sexes Ainswood and Grenville do not like nor respect one another and neither will admit their growing hysical attraction Although Grenville was rather worldly Ainswood s kiss was her first and she can t forget the feelings it aroused Ainswood is totally bumfuzzled as well to the oint that he invites Bertie Trent Jessica s idiotish brother from Lord of Scoundrels to Times of Bede party with him and move into his townhouse He finds himself drawn to taverns where London s newspaper reporters tend to gather he knows subconsciously that they have 5 Sizzling chemistry As Ainswood engineers ways to accidentally run into Grenville and insinuate himself into her life he steals kisses whenever he can and Grenville lets him As things growassionate Ainswood finds himself doing the unthinkable He The Catechism of the Council of Trent proposes marriage whichrompts an example of 6 Hilarious banter between Ainswood and Grenville Loretta Chase is known for working City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York plenty of humor into her romances and The Last Hellion is a great example of that talent I should like to know why I am the only woman who has to marry you she said merely to get what youay to give other women Thousands of other women Leave it to you he said to make it sound as though you ve been singled out for The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 punishment cruel and inhuman no doubt Grenville turns down Ainswood sroposal which is the beginning of his unorthodox courtship I won t spoil the rest for you Honestly besides these six things what I like about The Last Hellion is 7 Everything else There are so many other things that I love about this book beyond the Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje primary story Grenville s mastiff develops a crush on Bertie Trent who acts as a true friend to Ainswood gets some respect and finds his own HEA Ainswood shows that his heart isn t completely hardened by doing charitable works behind Grenville s back Grenvilleseudonymously writes a wildly opular serial romance followed by seemingly everyone in London and Chase uite skillfully works the twists and turns of that story into her lot Lord and Lady Dain appear several times and the reconciliation between Dain and Ainswood two uber macho men is touching Ms Chase was not afraid to make Ainswood a thoroughly degenerate slob nor to let Grenville be obnoxiously stubborn and opinionated The surprising revelations about Grenville s family which I did not see coming even though Bertie Trent didAnd finally Kate Reading than does justice to Chase s story That is to be expected as she is one of the best narrators in the business She finds just the right voice for each character handling male and female voices eually well and using regional accents when needed She is especially well suited to Chase s style handling the rapid fire dialogue faultlessly Loretta Chase and Kate Reading get A from me What a fabulous lovehate romance from beginning to end Fantastic dialog between the hh was what made the lovehate so good and not turn into silliness Vere the Duke of Ainswood is a uintessential bad boy who couldn t care less about what anyone thinks of him or how he behaves especially when it comes to women Lydia is a great foil to his nasty devil may care attitude She gets him to tow the line and he doesn t even realize it until he. Una mujer determinada a mantener intactos cuerpo y corazón y un hombre volcado en seducirlaLydia Grenville es la autora de un exitoso folletín de aventuras Vere Mallory el Duue de Ainswood hace honor a su estirpe y cultiva una fama de hombre disipado Lydia ha iniciado una campaña

Discovers that he can t live without herThe build up to their love affair is so well done They re always calling the other out and never backing down right to the end There are few authors that can do this theme well without the reader getting fed up with all the fighting and arguing but Chase did a superb job with Lord of Scoundrels and continues in this one There is also an appearance from Lord Dain from Lord of Scoundrels which was a nice touchSome Davids Sling parts of the story are uite moving while others will have you going ooooo ouch and all this is done through the dialog and not endlessages of narration Chase really has a knack for Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields putting the reader right there as if you re watching a movie with lots of sexual tension There is a sub story between Bertie who was also in Lord of Scoundrels and Lydia s companion Tamsin which didn t detract from the main story as secondary stories sometimes do And the ending Well it left me very satisfied with a big fat smile on my face D Chase ranks right up there with Kleypas Enoch and uinn in my opinion Pick up this reissued gem if you like the lovehate romance theme with a smart heroine and bad boy hero who throw words at each other like red hot coals you re trying to stop from burning your hand D What can I say I just loved this I loved the heroine I loved the hero I loved the dog I really don t have anything bad to sayLoretta Chase has a talent beyond romance She took a very unpleasant fact of life in the 18th century one that is rarely addressed in romance novels and created the base for a greatairing At its core this book deals with the fact that dealing with death was very much a Learner Strategies in Language Learning part of everyone s daily lives during this time in histor 25 starsWill write the review But not before I m done counting how many epithets Vere has for LidyaIt s 281 Miss Boudicca Grenville2 The gorgon3 Madam Insolence4 The dragon lady5 Miss self appointed guardian ofublic morals6 The 7 Miss Attila the hun Grenville8 Miss guiding the light of civilization9 The blue eyed dragoness10 Mistress Thespian11 Lady Grendel12 The blue eyed gorgon13 Miss devious sneak attack Grenville14 Miss Ivan the terrible Grenville15 The Grenville gorgon16 Mistress Melodrama17 Miss gypsy ueen Grenville18 Miss half naked Dangerously Placed painted harlot Grenville19 ueen Gertrude20 Her Highness21 Miss vestal virgin Grenville22 The beautiful monster23 Miss Messalina Grenville24 Missrice25 Miss ueen of Just Destiny play actors26 Miss fraud of the century27 Miss nemesis Grenville28 Madam vindication of the rights of womenUnbelievableSomewhere in the middle I stopped thinking it was funny as I was losing my interest I love the author because she writes romance and There have never been a moment where I had to wait for something to happen But in this case the greatage turning formula of Loretta Chase just didn t work Same thing happened with me and Mr Impossible The characters and dialogues were smart and hilarious the Egypt setting was great but I barely felt the romance because the overall story was heavily focused on solving the mystery With The Last Hellion although it started very Paradise Run promising the romance was also overwhelmed by others And by others I mean a lot of things happened throughout the story It was aity because nothing was wrong with Vere and Lidya They were two strong and fun characters who could stand out against each other but I didn t feel them Lidya has to investigate owerful eople who abandoned their illegitimate children Lidya has to save the children from bad Help Me, Jacques Cousteau people Vere s relatives are missing so he has to find them Vere has to collect some evidence regarding Lidyaarentage secondary characters are falling in loveNo 380 Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen pages of romance book was not enough when it was fully occupied with all those additional stuff And because they only shared so muchortion in the book none of them felt important neither Vere nor Lidya grew in me and their romance failed to shine Even after Dain and Jessica the couple who will always have a The Book of Mordred place in my heartlayed their role in the story they still couldn t save the book from my Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide poor ratingToo bad because like any other LC s books that I ve read this one also had some captivating moments I just wished there hadn t been so many things that happened You cannot do everything you know Sometimes you must be content with giving moral support I don t need to be coddled and sheltered I don t need all my battles fought for me I do need to be believed in I ve given this an A for narration and A for content at AARThe Last Hellion is the last of the four books in Ms Chase s Scoundrels series which are linked via a number of recurring characters and it canerhaps be seen as a seuel to the wonderful Lord of Scoundrels We met Vere Mallory Duke of Ainswood in that story when drunk as a lord he mistook the newly married Lady Dain for a light skirt and was immediately Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert pummeled into the dirt by Lord Beelzebub himself and forced to apologiseAinswood is the appropriately titled Last Hellion of the title and comes from a long line of ne er do wells He never expected orarticularly wanted to be a duke but a series of tragic accidents and illnesses sees him attending a seemingly never ending succession of funerals the last of them for his beloved nine year old nephew and ward RobinAnyone familiar with Lord of Scoundrels will recall how skilfully Loretta Chase recounted Dain s backstory in the book s Hidden Boundaries prologue introducing us to an unloved child who believed himself unlovable Here the author yet again introduces her hero in an incrediblyoignant manner and all I will say about the rologue to The Last Hellion is this have a box of tissues handy You ll need themIn the months following his accession to the title Vere has thrown himself into an unending round of debauchery cut himself off from his remaining family and eschewed his responsibilities both to his title and to his remaining wards Robin s two sisters He resents himself to the world as a dissolute cynical rake who cares for nothing and nobody but behind that fa ade is a grieving angry man who despises himself his Gods Callgirl position and his life a man who wants so badly never to be hurt again that heushes away everyone he cares for and walls off his emotionsLydia Grenville is a crusading journalist who is currently working to expose the underhand Forever I'm Yours practices of one of London s most notorious madams She is on the verge of catching the bawd abducting a young woman but isrevented at the last minute by Ainswood who mistakenly believes that Lydia the madam and her uarry are merely ladies of the night engaged in a uarrel Furious at the interference of the ill dressed ill mannered but gorgeous lout she recognises as one of the most depraved reckless and thickheaded rakes listed in Debrett s Peerage the encounter ends with Lydia knocking Ainswood on his arse and stalking off but not before the sparks have well and truly begun to fly and both have recognised something of a kindred spirit in the otherLike Vere Lydia has suffered the ain caused by the deaths of loved ones in her case her mother who died when she was ten and her younger sister who died from consumption contracted during the year the girls spent locked up in debtor s rison with their neglectful drunken fatherThe relationship between Ainswood and Lydia is jam acked with wit humor and enough sexual chemistry to blow a hole into the middle of next week Neither of them wants to desire the other at all let alone with such intensity and they fight their fascination with each other every step of the way The way Ms Chase conveys their extremely reluctant mutual attraction is nothing short of masterful the listener is never simply told anything instead we re shown time and again through dialogue and action that these are two eople who are meant to be together and who really need each other in order to become the Renoir person they re meant to beThere are several sublots running through the book Following the N Nebular Sammelband 5 - Galaxis in Panik prensa contra el auge de larostitución en Londres y cuando Vere la conoce no uede evitar enamorarse erdidamente aunue intente disfrazarlo de simple lujuria Entre ambos nace una chispeante justa amorosa mientras a sus espaldas se cierne la amenaza de un enemigo secretoLoretta Ch.

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Ncounter which Ainswood disrupted Lydia rescues the girl the madam had been trying to abduct who turns out to be a runaway from Cornwall Tamsin Price a sensible well bred young woman who becomes Lydia s friend and confidante Bertie Trent still the lovable buffoon from Lord of Scoundrels gets to show another side of himself and comes into his own Lydia discovers the truth about her Bakunin: The Creative Passion past and there s a dramatic kidnaplot as well as the various scrapes Lydia gets into as the result of her journalistic investigationsBoth Ainswood and Lydia are extremely well drawn complex characters who hide the truth of themselves from the world Vere is deep down a decent compassionate man who has been so severely affected by the losses he has suffered that he can t bear to open himself up to Lydia is a woman trying to make her way in a man s world she s freuently subjected to ridicule because of her height she s taller than most men her uick temper sharp wit and willingness to stand up and be counted yet beneath it all she s soft hearted and a bit of a romantic at heartThe Last Hellion is a terrific listen The uick fire dialogue between the The Donegal Woman principals is to die for the romance is brilliantly written and I loved the glimpses of the friendship between Ainswood and Dain that we got to see I did find that theacing slowed a bit in the middle and that the ending meandered a bit the truth of Lydia s Martha's Chickens and the Pirates parentage is revealed alongside the aforementioned kidnaplot and although both are relevant in that they help the The Necromancer, or The Tale of the Black Forest protagonists in makingeace with their Amstel Girl: Playing With Destiny pasts I was so invested in Lydia and Vere s relationship that I wanted to spend the time with them rather than focused on something else But that really is my only complaint because otherwise the book is every bit as good as itsredecessorKate Reading s name attached to an audiobook is like having it stamped with a seal of uality She s someone I ve enjoyed listening to for some time her recordings of Lauren Willig s Pink Carnation series are terrific and I really enjoyed her erformance in Madeline Hunter s Dangerous in Diamonds which was the first book I d heard her narrate but I remember bemoaning at the time that she hadn t recorded a great number of historical romances A little bird must have heard me because since making that stupendous recording of Lord of Scoundrels last year she s gone on to narrate books by Ms Chase as well as a number of other historicals including His at Night by Sherry Thomas which has uickly become one of my favourite audiobooksHer erformance in The Last Hellion is every bit as good as it is in the other books in this series and may in fact be even better which is really saying something Her characterisations of all the A Diary of Darkness: The Wartime Diary of Kiyosawa Kiyoshi principals and main secondary characters are excellent and very well defined Ainswood and Dain are easy to tell apart as are Lydia and Jessica and Bertie Trent sounds just as sweetly bluff and slightly bewildered as he ever did Tamsin s Cornish accent sounds authentic but isn t so thick as to make it unintelligible and the various servants and city dwellers are given accents appropriate to their ages and situationsBoth narrative and dialogue areerfectly Hiam paced and delivered Ms Reading gets to the heart of the characters and the story in what is an incredibly nuanced and emotionally resonanterformance In a recent interview she said that she is going to be recording a number of Ms Chase s other books and if they re all as good as this one we ve got a lot to look forward to When I was first introduced to Vere Mallory the Duke of Ainswood in Lord of Scoundrels I was less than impressed with him and I couldn t see him as the hero in any book After reading The Last Hellion I stand corrected And it didn t take long he had me right at the Prologue Loretta Chase did a wonderful job showing how much he was affected by the row of deaths that took away his family up to his beloved 9 year old cousin and even before I read the rest of the book I KNEW he was one of the good guys and his hellish behavior was just an actAs for the heroine Lydia Grenville she was a real hoot A 6 feet tall 28 year old spinster even though she was NEVER referred as that in the book which I found very refreshing intelligent self confident and in We Give a Squid a Wedgie (An Accidental Adventure, possession of a sharp tongue and uick fists that had Vere doomed from the startThe story flew very smoothly with a series of harmless antics that threw Vere and Lydia together and kept building the sexual tension between them up to theoint where neither of them could deny their mutual attraction any no matter how annoyed they felt about it I loved their dialogue and the way one tried to outmaneuver the other I loved the nicknames he called her I even liked Bertie Trent in this book LOLWhat I didn t like was the way Dain kept calling his son Dominick Demon Seed and Satan s Spawn are NOT endearing terms I had this Barbarossa Through Soviet Eyes problem with Dain when I read Lord of Scoundrels and I didn t expect to see him still behaving like that in The Last Hellion That s a minor complaint of mine that I could easily overlook considering that this book was not about DainIn summary I really loved this book and recommend it to everyone who loves a very funny and not too angsty romance I lost count of the times I laughed at the witty and snappy remarks exchanged between Vere and Lydia and I admit I had a silly smile on my face when I read the last line of the book Vere unexpectedly became a duke after a series of tragedies in his family But he doesn t really care about the title or the money he now has Grieving bitterly and angry at life he shuts himself off from the remaining members of his family He lives a wild and carefree life wine women and song he is the last hellion in his fa My freedom then she said her voice low and hard her chin high If I can t beat you I ll marry you The Last Hellion is the story of Lydia and VereMeet Vere Mallory the reckless Duke of Ainswood He is handsome rich titled and the last of the Mallory hellions determined to throw it all away and engage in self destruction His life changes when he engages in a ferocious conflict of wills with a beautiful blonde goddess who knocks him down and steals his heart awayOur heroine is Lydia Grenville a strong independent and determined young woman hell bent onrotecting London s downtrodden She Kropotkin: 'The Conquest of Bread' and Other Writings pens for aopular newspaper called Argus and ghost writes occasionally as the notorious St Bellair hiding her true identity It is on one of her rescue missions that she comes across Vere and finds herself experiencing the firs She was a breathtaking firebrand and Vere Mallory the notorious Duke of Ainswood had never seen anything like her Although he thought he was rescuing Lydia Grenville from the cluches of a renowned wastrel he uickly discovers she is angry at his interference Amused by the sultry hell cats s fury Mallory vows to teach her some humility in life and in love I really enjoyed the Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading previous book in the series and wondered if anybody could top Dain We met Vere Duke of Ainswood in therevious book and he came across as a bit of an ass and not in a nice way So was a bit wary of meeting him Due to not getting Tajna vještina - Gibonni biografija pumped regular females take the oddest fancies such as imagining they can think I adored the heroine of the book She did not have an easy life but she took it all on the chin and rose above everything to become an independent beautiful woman albeit a spinster at the age of 28 and a virgin Men don t see the world as women do Men don t always see what s under their noses I love how these Rakes these men about town who spend their nights with whores and gamble their fortunes away are suddenly brought to their knees by sensible ordinary women Love it Thank you she whispered again helplessly while she looked into his handsome face and gave up all hope of ever being sensible again Mad uite mad alas Off to find my next read What a great start to the 2015 reading year with a 5 star rea. 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Loretta Lynda Chekani was born in 1949 of Albanian ancestry For her the trouble started when she learned to write in first grade Before then she had been making up her own stories but now she knew how to write them down to share In her teenage years she continue to write letters keep a journal write poetry and even attempt the Great American Novel still unfinished She attended New Engl

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