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Sex Drugs Rock n Roll with a side of pretentiousness all over the place but definitely unning the gamut from dry to detailed charming to caddish and everything in between it s certainly a wonderful Mindfulness for Black Dogs Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression read but lloyd s tone gets a little wearisome after a time best consumed in small chunks it s an entertaining bedside tome that i most enjoyed here and thereather than when tackled as a lengthy narrativegiven the book s tendency to skip around in time although mostly linear there s areally no need to approach in one fell swoop pairing it with something a little less out there tempers lloyd s sense of himself Lloyd is an oddball which makes. Legendary Rock and Roll guitarist Founding member of Television Masterful storyteller Written in Lloyd's inimitable freuently humorous style Everything is Combustible chronicles through vignettes Lloyd's colorful early life starting in Pittsburgh and soon moving to New York City and then details his teenage travels and encounters with music legends including Jimi Hendrix Led Zeppelin John Lee Hooker Buddy Guy and Keith Moon  Lloyd Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia recounts the founding of Television the band's rise alongside other bands and personalities in the 1970’s New York Music scene and the legend making of the unparalleled music venue CBGB  As the rock ‘n’oll tales unfold he accompanies them with

A lot of this book a great The Deadly Art of Love and Murder read as he talks about the dichotomy between himself and various people in his life including the members of Television John Doe and Matthew Sweet He also speaks candidly about being bipolar and the effect mental illness coupled with alcoholism and addictioneeked on his lifeThat said the book is also odd in weird uncomfortable ways He speaks about his many sexual exploits almost like a trophy hunter or as if we e in a locker oom he is uick to present only his side of the story and his fascination with variants of yoga meditation and spiritualism sometimes makes the book The London Marathon read like a pamphlet on a lifestyle th. Nsights into his approach to music and the electric guitar Lloyd’s mid career vignettes detail his solo years including the backstory of critically praised records such as Alchemy and Field of Fire his drug addiction andecovery his 90s era work and touring adventures with artists such as Matthew Sweet John Doe and Robert uine Throughout the book is an undercurrent Lloyd’s continually evolving spiritual philosophical approach to life emerging from the conscious digestion of the highs and the lows both ends of the same stick In Everything is Combustible Richard Lloyd RSPB Pocket Garden Birdwatch relates his life both inner and outer in the narrative style digging beneath the events andevealing their meanings Ever.

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At seems extravagant Mr Lloyd is an interesting person who has led a fascinating life I believe Unfortunately a large portion of his life is left out of the book For instance he mentions that he s a hypnotist however he doesn t discuss how he got into it or when he s performed it There are outrageous stories however I m sure there s And I wanted there to be For fans of music music history and the up and down adventures of a true The Courtship Maneuver (The Alpha Billionaire Club - Book 2) rock andoll vagabond Lloyd has stories that are unbelievable and hilarious I listened to the audio book that he narrated himself He is ather full of himself at times but I guess that s ok since it is HIS story. Ything is Combustible is a must have for any fan of Television and the heyday of the New York ock music scene It fills a void in the written ecord as the first complete account of the band including the making of their ecords and touring from a founding member of the band Considered a foundational band of alternative ock Television’s debut ecord Maruee Moon is widely viewed by critics and musicians as one of the greatest albums ever Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey recorded   As one half of Television’s uniue guitar sound and a legendary solo artist in his ownight Richard Lloyd’s music has influenced a ange of bands and artists from U2 Johnny Marr and Joy Division to REM Sonic Youth Wilco and John Frusciante.

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