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D me again and in the end I was thoroughly impressed with the way certain things played outLIZ LAWLER delivers a character driven interesting and well written read here that had me feeling anxious as well as had me estioning and suspicious of almost everything that I was readingThe only thing that bothered me a little bit while reading this one was something to do with the investigation and the actions of the authorities I have a reading pet peeve when a character s behaviour is Good Friends, Good Guns, Good Whiskey uestioned and not believed by the police It definitely bugs me as a reader This was a Traveling Sisters read Norma s StatsCover Suspenseful intriguing mysterious dark eye catching and a fitting representation to storyline Title Appealing suspenseful disturbing intriguing and absolutely love how the title plays so fittingly and terrifyingly into storyline WritingProse Well written engaging and captivating Plot Harrowing dark tension filled suspenseful gripping fast paced clever absorbing enjoyable and entertaining Ending Annexpected and Confident of Better Things unpredictable ending that totally took me by surprise Overall I wasite delighted that the author totally took me by surprise here and I totally missed a major clue to the who of the whodunit Loved it Would definitely recommendThank you so much to Edelweiss HarperCollins Canada Liz Lawler for the opportunity to read an electronic ARC of this bookReview is also posted on blog When Dr Alex Taylor wakes Language up she finds herself tied to an operating table She has no memory of how she got there nor does she know why There is a man standing over herasking oneestion When Alex awakes for a second time she is in the hospital with her colleagues surrounding her She was found knocked out in the parking lot next to a broken tree limb She is Misfortune Cookies (When the Fat Ladies Sing unhurt other than a bump on the back of her head But no one will believe her amazing storyHer family and friends insist it never happened After a while she begins to wonder if she really is losing her mindThen a pregnant nurse goes missing When found and brought to hospital she is no longer pregnant and what she says to Alex before she dies leads Alex to believe that this woman was abducted and killed by the same man who torments her memoryAnd there are other bodies and all have a connection to Alex Is Alex a victim Or is she a serial killer as the police suspect she isThis is a well written psychological thriller that will have you scratching your head and wondering what s real and what isn t The ending comes fast and furious The characters are cleverly described and not everyone is who they say they are This is an excellent debut novel by this authorMany thanks to the author Bonnier Zaffre Twenty7 Netgalley for the advanced digital copy of this novel Opinions expressed here arenbiased and entirely my own A well crafted thrillerDr Alex Taylor awakens to find herself alone in an operating room Strapped down to the operating table with only a sheet covering her otherwise naked body she has no idea how she got here Why is she here Suddenly she sees someone in the room with her When she calls out the person behind the mask just stares at her Why won t anyone help her All she has to do is answer one simple Unraveling Josh (Ellery College, uestionWhat does NO meanWhen she finally comes to in the ER everyone around her oddly treats her as though nothing happened Was it all a dream Why won t anyone believe she was attacked maybe torturedmaybe raped Soon there are other victims Yet everyone still refuses to believe her story or the probability that these other victims are related to her attack Not her boyfriend colleagues nor the police The author does a great job of keeping the tension ratchetedp I felt a buzz as I was reading and was constantly kept on my toes trying to figure out who was behind these attackswhat motive could they have And just when I thought I had it nope A little drawn out at times but over all a very good read A true thrillerThank you to NetGalley Bonnier Zaffre and Liz Lawler for an ARC to review in exchange for an honest review The opening to this book actually made me feel a little sick imagining myself in the same predicament as the main character Alex It was scary definitely started off with a bang While I was impressed with the sick feeling the author managed to induce it took me awhile to get seriously into the book but once I was I didn t want to stop reading I found this book to be nerve racking and A Consortium of Worlds unpredictable and the last 25 percent is a complete roller coaster and actually stressed me outAlex is a very accomplished person at 45 STARSReviewed on May 52017 Publication date May 252017 This book gripped me from the first page Alex is the main character She wakesp blinded by bright lights and discovers that she is in her own hospital and her body is covered in drapes Her arms tied down with velcro She freezes when she discovers that she is naked and her ankles are held p in stirrups Very mysterious circumstances Someone in a surgical gown Thank U NEXT The story is so meh I can t even bother to write about itPS the American audio narrator is the worst She sounds like a robot M O N O T O N E I am not kidding It is as if she is reading the phone book to you Ughh There is a British version narrator not sure why the two versions were necessary but only the American one was available on Overdrive to me The British one has got to be better. Eports the attack and rape The police are skeptical of her bizarre story And after a physical exam reveals no proof of any attack even her boyfriend has doubts Despite Alex's adamant claims no one believes her leaving her to wonder if she has in fact lost her mindUntil she meets the next victimAn edge of your seat psychological thriller Don't Wake Up is also a provocative timely exploration of victimhood abuse and the discrediting of women in our culture ?.

E to confound the entire CID personnel I was clearly alone is seeing through this transparent plot and whilst clear medical know how is evident and well researched the police response personal wild goose chases hours of navel gazing and muck racking is risibleWhen the elaborate motive is revealed it feels desperately nlikely that a person would go to such extraordinary lengths to destroy someone s career and sanity and stretches the bounds of credibility immensely given that the risk reward ratio is stacked against a successful execution and that it relies on the perpetrator having superhuman powers and infinite resources to hand Apart from the early insight into how rape crisis victims are handled and what an Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical utterly degrading experience such a process is Don t Wake Up has few redeeming aspects and my rating reflects the neatly tiedp loose ends which by and large answered most of my remaining estions although one or two still admittedly linger Although Alex is belatedly referred to a psychoanalyst to help her tackle her problems this line of thread is largely ntapped despite its obvious potential and felt like a missed opportunity Abysmal writing inane plot and come year end a reading lowlight 35 stars Mysterious suspenseful and chillingDr Alex Taylor wakes p nder the bright lights of an operating table groggy and confused She is strapped down and hooked Nascars Wildest Wrecks up to an IV with no sense of what happened Assuming she had a bad accident she asks the doctor beside her for details The next thing she knows she is wakingp on a gurney in the hospital she works at surrounded by her co workers They tell her she was found A Land More Kind Than Home unconscious in the parking lot What happened between those two waking moments Alex knows she was targeted and something happened to her in that mysterious hospital operating room She embarks on aest to find answers and Outlaw Bride uncover the truth behind her peculiar and puzzling situationThe first chapter starts with a bang It pulled me right into the story feeling the suspense and sympathizing with Al This was a fast read for me in many ways your typical psychological thriller but it was superbly menacing and I give it extra points for beingite npredictable not necessarily on the whodunnit level although Liz Lawler does a great job of obfuscating things but because it didn t feel at all like things would necessarily work out for our main protagonist Did all come good in the end Well you ll have to read to find outIt has that addictive ality that I look for in this genre certainly a page turner also intensely creepy at times Imagine you are assaulted but nobody believes you Imagine then that at every turn you are looking and nbalanced but you know that you are not That is an intriguing layer to Don t Wake Up I also give points for the fact that the characters mostly behaved reasonably given the circumstances If I had one bugbear it was one police officer character that was way too caricature but I won t say because everyone reads differentlyOverall Don t Wake Up is a great read especially as a book to sit down with when you just need to read totally in the comfort zone I have no problem recommending it to fans of this genre whilst it may not offer anything niue it is accomplished writing and a banging good story This gripped me from the get go A woman wakes Native Son up strapped to a bed with no idea where she is A man is leaning over her threatening her with the most god awful things Suddenly Alex awakens once again and she is in hospital traumatized from her experience positive that she has been raped But no one believes her and there are no bruises or physical evidence to backp her storyAlex lives in fear that the person who attacked her is still out there and can return for her at any time but she is also terrified that maybe she is becoming The White Paternoster, And Other Stories unhinged Has she lost her mindCompletely thrilling throughout and things happen to Alex and she is certain something isn t right but when 2 women are killed Alex is in the firing line How can she prove she is innocent when everyone around her believes she isnstable and dangerousIt was a solid 4 star read p ntil the end As we get the final reveal things became The World Rushed in uite implausible and in places just plain preposterous view spoiler Maggie Fielding is behind Alex s attacks all because Alex accused Maggie s then boyfriend of rape Like really Then we find out Maggie caused his death and made it look like suicide so surely she couldn t have loved him enough to ruin all these lives Also I still can t wrap my head around how Maggie managed to steal Alex s spare tyre in order to run over the prostitute But then manage to put the tyre back to frame her How the fuck was that even possible And how was Maggie pushing Alex through the hospital to thenderground operating theatre without a single person noticing Like honestly hide spoiler Edgy mysterious disturbingDON T WAKE UP by LIZ LAWLER is an engaging dark suspenseful and intense psychological thriller that I was immediately drawn into The subject matter is disturbingly nightmarish and terrifying to make this Essential Business Networking uite the intriguing enjoyable and entertaining read This book immediately grabbed my attention but necessarily didn t keep it all the way through though I did get a tiny bit impatient with some aspects of the storyline as it seemed to stall a little bit but it totally grabbe. Ce hidden behind a surgical mask and wielding instruments is no doctor she recognizes at the hospital where she works as a successful and respected doctor He’s a stranger and he’s calmly and methodically telling her how he's about to attack her Before Alex can even scream for help she succumbs to another dose of anesthesia rendering hernable to defend herselfWhen she comes to on a gurney she finds herself surrounded by her colleagues and immediately

Shockingly poor with an increasingly preposterous plot and an awkwardly abrupt narrative Don t Wake Up is comparable only to the misery of a six hour wait in AE surrounded by inebriated football hooligans For me this novel sums He Taught Me to Hope (Darcy and the Young Knights Quest up everything that is wrong with the over populated female friendly psychological thriller market far fetched scenariosnlikely occurrences to satisfy the twist component and inane decision making by Knights of the Hill Country unconvincing characters devoid of both consistency and logic That Liz Lawler s narrative isnwieldy adds to the overriding feeling that Don t Wake Up is an amateur attempt at capitalising on the relatively A House Built out of Stone unexplored territory of dark andnsettling medical mayhem When twenty eight year old Bristol based doctor Alex Taylor wakes p in theatre with only drapes covering her modesty strapped to the operating table with her ankles in stirrups and two large cannulas inserted into her arms her medical training kicks in Struggling to drag herself from a sluggish lethargy obviously induced by anaesthesia she finds a masked figure looming over her who she assumes is a doctor although she fails to recognise the voice As the mystery voice threatens to staple her lips she is told that her coil has been removed and that she is due to ndergo a vulvectomy removal of the vulva Her only chance to halt the planned treatment comes when she is asked the estion what does no mean the intimation of which is that saying no whilst dressed like a strumpet is euivalent to saying yes and leading a man onWhen she reawakens for a second time however Alex finds herself greeted by two of her closest colleagues her boss and senior consultant Dr Caroline Cowan and her best friend and senior nursing sister Fiona Woods who are insistent that she was simply discovered in the hospital car park and suspected of being hit by a falling branch in the gale force wind They attribute her confusion and panic to concussion and are mystified by her assertions that she has been raped Despite their reassurances Alex insists on reporting her alleged abduction and rape to the police for which no supporting evidence is found Riddled with inconsistencies the first fifty pages were enough to show me that Lawler s developing plot owed to being selective with the information she presents than overtly p front about the circumstances Naturally no one believes Alex and whilst several close colleagues connect it to the No Gentleman for Georgina (The Notorious Flynns, unprocessed trauma of an incident a year back knowledge of which is a closely guarded secretDespite this harrowing event Alex is convinced by her arrogant boyfriend of a year vet Patrick Ford to hightail it to Barbados for a week s respite during which time she fails to mention the incident and is intimate with her partner which is laughable Back on home soil and Alex s claims return with a vengeance and it becomes clear that both Patrick and her colleagues think she is losing the plot and suffering from post traumatic stress As she attempts to return to her demanding job her colleagues reticence to engage with her and their obvious disbelief exacerbates her paranoia and as she struggles to cope she turns to both alcohol and diazepam to manage her fears Two weeks later the emergency admission of a pregnant nurse and the young woman s death bed words lead Alex to believe that she has been a victim of this same attacker Reporting the death as suspicious the police startestioning Alex s sanity and after the blame for near fatal drug error is laid at her door and she is present at another suspicious death Alex wonders whom if anyone she can trust and how to establish her own innocence As she begins to suspect that the only answer is to proactively search out the psychopath intent on destroying her life the stakes become ever riskierAs a central protagonist I was convinced by Alex s insistence of the initial episode but it is is the rapidity of her swings in mood and distress that smack of Thin Blue Smoke unconvincing From sitting fully clothed in the shower addled by vodka and taking daily doses of diazepam in order to keep some semblance of calm Lawler manages to followp each tale of woe with Alex needing very little persuasion to go to a nightclub or evening out with colleagues and her seamless transference of romantic interest does nothing to make her situation believable The characters were largely one dimensional and the police and medical staff largely nprofessional from SIO DI Greg Turner who goes weak at the knees over Dr Taylor and is nwilling to even countenance her potential involvement to immature DC Laura Best and her attempts at a single handed character assassination of a talented medic going out of her way to dig dirt and intent on claiming her scalp From biased cops to doctors Restoration under the influence the moral of this story seems to be steer clear of anyone working for or operatingnder the guise of the emergency services The premise of Don t Wake Up on which the novel is marketed makes it sound like the plot has some element of substance so despite the woefully inept opening chapters I persevered Comically bad the plot and execution is dire but nothing can mask the fact that there is little sleight of hand in evidence and for readers to even imagine these incidents are the work of a increasingly delusional Alex takes a massive suspension of disbelief Seeing as these incidents did manag. A harrowing psychological thriller debut about a woman who awakens after an assault with no physical proof of the attack and who must try to convince everyone of what really happenedWhen Dr Alex Taylor opens her eyes she is hooked p to an IV is bound to an operating table and her legs are raised in stirrups Disoriented and alarmed she assumes she's been anesthetized and brought to surgery after being in an accident But the man standing over her with his fa.

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Liz Lawler had a 20 year career as a nurse before becoming a general manager of a five star hotel She found it an easy transition as she used the same greeting to both patient and hotel guest 'Good morning did you sleep well' she loves books and all things bookish

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