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Er reason but this was an xception Honestly I love Marv He is a badass but he s not a generic badass He is vulnerable mentally but he s hard as hell to kill The other characters were just kind of there The villains were overly strange and had no depth The art was really good but I have to admit there was a panel or two that looked like Rorschach tests to me The story was good as well but it wasn t uite fleshed out nough More back story on the villains would ve helped I ll still be reading Volume 2 though There s no settling down It s going to be blood for blood and by the gallons It s the old days The bad days The all or nothing days They re back There s no choice left and I m ready for war Marv is taking medications to keep his anger and his killing impulses under control but his fforts to become a better person are sabotaged when he wakes up from a drunken stupor to find Goldie his gorgeous one night stand dead beside him He is not anybody s idea of a knight in shiny armor a hulking brute ugly as sin and with a temper to match But he has his own code of honor and nobody is messing with his women A bloody chase starts seconds after Marv wakes up and continues relentlessly for the rest of this first Sin City This Forsaken Earth episodeI have grown weary ofxcessive violence in novels comics and movies specially the uentin Tarantino brand of smug infatuation with killers yet there is a gut wrenching rawness of despair and rage in the story offered by Frank Miller that puts it in a class of its Thematic BuddyRead with that gang we shouldn t ven be admitting to belonging to but somehow proudly mblazon it wherever we go the Shallow Comic Readers Criteria An mbarrassing amount of jugs on displayYes Miller had a real talent for drawingCompositionit s almost balletic Campfire even if he spent a remarkable amount of time focusing on the female nippleI mean seriously Frank Porn wasn t that hard to acuire in the 80 sAnd no I can t approve of the throwback to unapologetic misogyny timesFor the most part this is less great noir homage cf BrubakerPhillips and cliche ridden tripe hexecutes the basic maneuvers but lacks any finesseGiven that Miller fridges a woman in Act One bathes women in the Male Gaze and zealously populates the world with distasteful caricatures of independent women it s hard to believe Miller sees women as a species as ual to men or ver would put in the Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars effort to portray them as suchNote there s only one type of woman who s worth respect the nursespoiler Miller s mother was a nurseI ask this uestionvery once in a while cause I m genuinely curious if a writer consistently and deeply takes on a slurbigotry ridden tone in their writing is that just an ironic distance thing or do they actually Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life enjoymbodying and proliferating this kind of prejudice and hatred Every writer has a blank canvas upon which to spatter their imagination if they continue to choose a specific subject matter time after time is that choice compulsion or just random chanceI ask the same thing of Garth Ennis who liberally garnishes his hilarious writing with homophobic slurs It makes me pause when I keep coming across this kind of streak and with Ennis it s a lifelong thing In his case he s a good Crazy Love enough writer see some of his lessxaggerated over the top works to get my meaning that it makes me wonder whether he s being ironicholding up a mirror to society or if he s just a bigot and njoys xpressing it Occam s Razor or artistic commentaryLooking at the twisted wreck of a man that Miller became in later life the later books like All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder Vol 1 Holy Terror his attitudes towards Occupy Wall Street and comparing it to the darkfascist hints in his arlier works it s hard for me not believe that the later man was always in Miller and just was amplified after 911 set free to fully mbrace his angryfearfulunder mpathetic personality IIRC in later Sin City books the best a woman can be is the gang of murderous prostitutesMarv on the other hand is Miller s libertarian ideal the ubermensch fighting against the forces of order and oppression overcoming them all with the super strength and iron resolve of a Man who knows he s right when all others say he s wrongMarv looks like just a twisted flat copy of Batman the Batman Miller wanted to write the Batman he s finally fully realized years later in Holy TerrorPut a pointy cowl on the guy and give him a giant pennyAre there people in the world like Marv Or Goldie Or the dirty cops or prostitutes or Angry unsanctioned racist not batman Of course Welcome to a planet of 7 billion I guess that makes Miller an historian a sociologist a cartographer of the disgusting wasteland of humanity Very galitarian and progressive of you Professor Miller Is Miller notable in comics history Of course He s taken steps that dragged comics out of the technicolor 70 s and into the dark 80 s We gained an art form that took on adult levels of anger violence and sad disappointmentDoes he deserve a place on the current shelf of best comics creators That s for Black Heart, Red Ruby each of us to decide Not hard to see where I stand on the matter but I d be an ass to assume mine is the only opinion that mattersAt least the climactic confrontations were fun Four stars for some generally great art minus two stars for a sad little tale from a sad little shell of a man aspiring to become the powerful brave righteous merciless man that he drew. Ore anyone but Marv could know she's been killed Somebody paid good money for this frame With a new look generatingxcitement than ver before this third dition is the perfect way to attract a whole new generation of readers to Frank Miller's masterpie.

Ok I am tired of people liking this dumb review so I m New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood erasing it Jesus And while we re here fuck Trump DNFAgainThis is my second attempt to get into Sin city but I simply can tProblem isn t the writing I think that Miller is great writertwo of my favorite Batman comics are his work and there is good story in here tooProblem are illustrations I loathed them from the start and I couldn tnjoy the story properlyI couldn t Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey enjoy it but I don t think this is bad graphic novel as I said above there is good story in there and if illustrations don t bother you than I would actually recommend you give it a try Miller s The Hard Goodbye is a noir masterpiece that would ve given the great Jim Thompson a legendary hard on This was so obviously a labor of love for Frank He was really at the peak of his career when he put pen to paper with this one The descriptions and dialogue were harddged and to straight to the razor sharp point just like good noir should be And because of it this book might not be for the asily offended Frank doesn t pussy around with what he wants to say and words like faggot and retarded manage to find their way into the finished product For me words don t offend so I liked it when Frank cuts loose I live and work in an nvironment where insensitivity reigns the thin skinned cringe and these types of tactless remarks tend to bead off Miller much like myself could give a rat s ass about political correctness Frank s portrayal of women could also be off putting for some Strippers hookers and topless parole officers pretty much sum up the kinds of ladies that populate Basin City A school boy s fantasy that I m ok with The men of Sin City aren t any better They re violent corrupt greedy and always lead with their dick Actually that s pretty much accurate ЯED everywhere AND I LOVED EVERY GODDAMNED MINUTE OF IT Miller s protagonist Marv is so fuckin great Tough simple minded loyal to a fault and as dangerous as they come What you see is what you get I like that he s got a sense of decency A brutal killer that ll shoot you in the nuts or carve you up with a hacksaw but still loves his mom and doesn t hit dames Miller s own description of Marv as Conan in a trench coat pretty much hits the bullseye The artwork is magnificent It s almost unbelievable what Frank was able to produce with just a pen and some black ink And it just got better and better as it went Some of the best black and white comic artver produced And Miller did it ALL Artwork inking and lettering Fuckin mind blowing I specially liked the rain ffect Sick So many fantastic moments I was surprised it took Hollywood so long to put it on film If you The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs enjoy the book check the movie out Mickey Rourke kills as Marv Frank peakedarly with this book because most of what follows in the Sin City series falls a little short of the bench mark set by this one I don t think any of it was bad by any means just that none of the later volumes were able to grab me by the short and curlies and command my full attention like meeting Marv for the first time Loved him so much I named my dog after him RECOMMENDED Unless you re a pansy Right MarvGet this review and at THINGS I LIKEDThe writing It was Moreno excellentThe drawingsMarv s distinctive dialogue I ve readnough Miller to know that he doesn t make all his main characters the same This is much to his credit Examples By way of a for instance I probably would have had to paste you one Just give with the scoop The fact that Marv is almost impossible to kill Marv sleeps during the day and hates the sun Like a vampireLucille is a lesbian She is strong physically and mentally but is not a bull dyke stereotypeThere were no sex scenes between Lucille and her girlfriendThe women aren t super skinny and I like the way Miller draws their hairHow Miller gave us little glimpses into Marv s slightly vulnerable past I loved hearing about his time at Catholic school his bad Monsieur Pain experiences at camp and his retard friend Chuck I loved seeing how Marv sees and interprets the world and why Almost perfectly done ruined by him striking Wendy IMO The fact that Marv big tough he man cries vomits from nerves and admits fearThe scene where Nancy patches Marv up He s carrying an unconscious Wendy She trusts him and does what he saysThe scene where Wendy is driving Marv to the farm and she s taking orders from him and asking no uestions She just trusts him to know what he s doing and get the job doneThe scene where Marv is confusing Wendy with Goldie and climbs into bed with her Wendy tells him off and orders him back to the sofa He obeys and feels really bad I wish she didn t hit him thoughMarv doesn t kill the dog It s a small thing but small things matterMarv says breasts and not some stupid ass word insteadMarv likes nice coats and when he sees a bad guy I use this term very looselyveryone is a bad guy in this world who s big A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author enough he starts saying stuff like Nice coat you re wearingtc It s funny Then he kills them and steals itTHINGS I THAT DIDN T BOTHER ME ONE WAY OR THE OTHERAll the naked women I know I should probably feel that this is bad or What If exploitative or something but honestly it didn t bother me at allMarv s constant comments about what a waste it is that Lucille is lesbian If I felt Miller was just being a jerk here that would be one thing But instead this trait suits Marv to a T and I m choosing to interpret this as justxcellent ch. Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereThe first volume of the crime comic megahit that introduced the now infamous character Marv and spawned a blockbuster film returns in a newly redesigned dition with a brand new cover by Frank Miller some of.

Aracterization on Miller s part Also Lucille punches him in the face for one of these choice comments so I feel like she s got it coveredview spoiler Wendy visits Marv in prison and gives him a pity fuck before he is xecuted hide spoiler Sin City The Hard Goodbye A hard boiled noir tale of revengeOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureFrank Miller s SIN CITY hit the comic scene back in the The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good early 1990s like multiple shots to the head and body Readers were blown away with this hard boiled story and its stark iconic black and white artwork In fact Miller does all the writing artwork and lettering for SIN CITY which is pretty damn impressive The stories tapped into that rich vein of crime noir pioneered by writers like Dashiell Hamett Raymond Chandler James M Cain Cornell Woolrich Jim Thompsontc filled with down on their luck gumshoes seductive dames with dark secrets vicious hoodlums corrupt politicians and cops and powerful criminal masterminds lurking in the shadows The archetypes are so ingrained in our consciousness that we don t Supplemental Book even think about them when we watch a dark crime drama or detective procedural The lone privateye sitting in his Hark! The Herald Angels Scream empty RESOLVED The Sin City movie was superior to the graphic novel Note This debate covers only the first 45 Minutes of the Sin City movie whichncompassed the adaptation of this graphic novel BASIC ASSUMPTIONS NOT IN DISPUTE Assumption 1 Sin City the Hard Goodbye was a ground breaking graphic novel and worthy of its critical and commercial success Assumption 2 Sin City the Hard Goodbye should be read by fans of the graphic novel format and those interested in a grittier Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners edgier read Assumption 3 Wedding Crashers and The Hangover are two of the funniest moviesver and you really should see them if you haven t already STATEMENT OF PREMISEWhile Sin City the Hard Goodbye was a very well written and original graphic novel worthy of both its critical and commercial success it was in the FILM VERSION of the story that the material found its truest and best xpression This conclusion is based on 5 indisputable facts that our colleagues on the other side of the debate while they may try will be unable to answer or challenge in any cogent or compelling waySUPPORTING FACTS FACT 1 Mickey Rourke IS MARV In his portrayal of Marv Mickey Rourke out Marved the graphic novel Marv and turned graphic novel Marv into his this portion of the transcript has been dited for violation of debate rules and referred to a derogatory term for a woman Now our worthy colleagues on the other side will be uick to point out that Mickey Rourke s make up had him looking a little like MARVenstein s monster and that the few scenes in which Rourke was seen shirtless could be viewed as an unfortunate choice by the director To this we would respectively respond that the other side are a bunch of whinny haters who need to brush their teeth and chomp on a few tic tacs before Bidadari yang Mengembara engaging in close uarters debate FACT 2 FRODO BAGGINS cast as the psychotic murdering cannibal killer with Ninja skills wolverine like claws Robert DeNiro taxi driver glasses and wearing a Charlie Brown sweater and a Potsie hair cutNuff said Nuff said and NUFF SAID For the record we believe the debate should be declared over with us as the victors based on this fact alone Frodo friggin Bagginsating peoplegame over FACT 3 Sin City the graphic novel was done in subdued black and white with impressionist art in order to give it that noir chic feel that left some of the violent parts of the book a little underwhelming On the contrary the movie was filmed in gritty black and white with moments of xtreme color that made some of the violent parts of the book OH SO MUCH MORE BRUTAL By way of illustration I refer the judges to the following a MARV driving while cleaning the street with nameless bad guys face b MARV preparing our demented little hobbit Frodo as a snack for Fido and c MARV s final little chat with Cardinal Roark Disturbing yes Graphic yes Gratuitous certainly Memorable DEFINITELY FACT 4 A bald Rutger Hauer as Cardinal Roark Let me repeat that A BALD RUTGER HAUER as Cardinal Roark That is just plain FUN FACT 5 We will generally conclude by saying that the rest of the ye candy hot babeness Jessica Alba casting was absolutely top notch However in order to avoid the risk of La strada delle croci either a appearingven like a 40 year old stuck in adolescence or 2 having my beautiful wife read this review and deciding to go Glenn Close on me we will simply say that the cinematography was xcellent By the way honey I love you than anything in the world now please put the bunny down and take the pot off the stove Thus for all of the above indisputable reasons we submit that the graphic novel was very good and worthy of 35 stars but the MOVIE VERSION is a classic and worthy of a full 5 star ratingThank you for your time I am so glad that I am finally reading this I saw the movie years ago and loved it This first volume was fantastic and almost very frame of it is included in the movie as is I love it when they don t mess with the storyThe black and white art is great It had to be difficult to do a simple face using only the negative space through the rain or in the shadows than a complex picture with all of the colors you want If I could give it than 5 stars I would It is creative raw dark action packed fun I don t normally njoy murder sprees that don t have a deep. His first comics art in years It's a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy town But Marv doesn't care There's an angel in the room She says her name is Goldie A few hours later Goldie's dead without a mark on her perfect body and the cops are coming bef.

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