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This is a lovely and ersonal collection of very digestible essays from a variety of contributors From Lena Waithe and Melissa Harris Perry to a YouTuber and a choreographer the essays are all testimonies to Beyonc or an aspect of her life and career that has rofoundly affected each author It was refreshing to hear Beyonc s legacy discussed and even critiued so candidly but all in recognition of her undeniable importance I really enjoyed reading this essay collection on ueen Bey Beyonc Giselle Knowles Carter It was a fun easy read Some essays stuck out than others The essays aren t so much about Beyonc as they are about her impact on culture art and individuals The essays that stuck out to me the most were by Lena Waithe Brittney Cooper Robin Boylorn and Kid Fury This would make for a good beach read or for alternating through reading the essays with another heavier read like I did Thanks to St Martin s Press for the free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review Beyonc Giselle of House Knowles First of her name Snatcher of Edges Killer of Stages Citizen of Creole Wonderland Legendary Black Girl ueen 4 stars This was not only an ode to Beyonc but to blackness and what it means to be black as well It s an interesting look at her career and her impact in music As a huge Bey fan since the 90s I enjoyed it thoroughly and I enjoyed a lot of the essays in this Some of them felt out of lace a bit but for the most Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts part they were good Some were just love letters to Bey while others were studies and dissertations which was cool I enjoyed seeing how she s effected and impacted differenteoples lives everyone had a different story to tell and had a different moment that made them Beyonc fans but it was all so relatable The only thing I will say is that I can t stand this narrative that Bey is better or has surpassed Michael Jackson who I am also a huge fan of and there was a lot of that in here It just seems disrespectful to his legacy and it s unfair to Bey He was one of her idols so to say that isn t doing either of them any favors It s ossible for them both to be great in their own rights because they are MJ was in his own lane just like Bey is in her own laneOther than that this was still an interesting read and I highly recommend it An engaging and entertaining collection of essays that celebrate and interrogate Beyonc s cultural legacy I really appreciated the discussion on Lemonade and look forward to downloading the Lemonade syllabus We all worship Bey so it was than wonderful to find a book of essays celebrating her music feminism Southern roots representing eople of color being an ally to the LGBT community etc Several Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra perspectives stood out the most What Might A Bla. One of HelloGiggles' 50 Most Anticipated Books of 2019From the editor of the bestselling anthology The Meaning of Michelle a celebration of one of the greatest stars of our timeThe Ultimate Beyonce CollectibleBeyoncé Her name conjures than music it has come to be synonymous with beauty glamourower creativity love and romance Her Out of the Box performances are legendary her album releases events She is not even forty but she has already rewritten the Beyoncélaybook than half a dozen times She is consistently The First Secret of Edwin Hoff provocativeolitical and surprising As a solo artist she has sold than 100 million records She has won 22 Grammys and is the most nominated woman artist in the history of Grammy awards Her 2018 erformance at Coachella wowed the world The New York Times wrote There'.

Ck Girl Be In This World The Elevator The Art of Being Beyonce and King Bey to name a few Each essay is under several ages long making the book a breeze to read And the variety of voices shine through so none of them feel similar However the main ortion of topics stemming from a ersonal identity through her music fierce work ethic and watching her legacy grow became repetitive I m a hardcore Beyonce fan because her music has truly helped me through good and bad times and I ve always looked up to her That said there are so many facets outside of her music that are eually inspiring her fashion film roles ositive body image and other career milestones like Destiny s Child Survivor anthem laying Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember her role in Dreamgirls serenading Former Present Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama at the inaugural ball revealing her Under Lock and Key pregnancy to Jay Z and the world at The 2011 VMAs Overall the book accomplishes making you feel inspired by Beyonce and made me want to read essays that I can find online and revisit her career As good as this is I also felt like it could ve been a stronger source material too I was late to being a Beyonc fan but I got here as fast as I could 2013 eponymous Beyonc albumThis is book is for Anyone who still wonders in the year of our Lord why Beyonc means so much to so many differenteopleBeyhive members who want cultural critics to back up their devotion to ueenKing BeyAnyone needingwanting a book to complement Beyonc s latest cultural offerings Homecoming on Netflix Lemonade being available on streaming services her Adidas drop and This read is entirely laudatory so don t read it expecting nuance about Beyonc but rather for ualitative and uantitative reasons why she s significant at a global and ersonal score I came away agreeing that she been on ueen Bey A Celebration of the Power and Creativity of Beyonc Knowles Carter is a collection of essays from various eople in the Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II publishing music and entertainment industries Each essay discusses Beyonc s impact whether in the music industry or for social causes her elevation of what makes aerformance outstanding her relentless Something Wicked pursuit oferfection outdoing herself time and time again her evolution as an artist her embrace of culture and of course her relationship with Jay Z This woman is on top but still shows up as if every erformance is her first and last She acts like she still NEEDS to impress eople like it s her first time and leaves everything she has on the stage as if it s the last time we ll see her She s constantly trying to do herself because she s not in a race with anybody but who she was yesterday She doesn t take being at the top for granted and that make. S not likely to be a meaningful absorbing forceful and radical erformance by an American musician this year or any year soon Artist business woman mother daughter sister wife black feminist ueen Bey is endlessly fascinating ueen Bey features a diverse range of voices from star academics to outspoken cultural critics to Hollywood and music stars Essays includeWhat Might a Black Girl Be in This World an introduction by Veronica ChambersBeychella is Proof That Beyoncé is the Greatest Performer Alive I’m Not Arguing by Luvvie AjayiOn the Journey Together by Lena WaitheWhat Beyoncé Means to Everyone by Meredith Broussard with visualizations by Andrew Harvard and Juan Carlos MoraJay Z's Apology to Beyoncé Isn't Just Celebrity Gossip It's a Political Act by Bri.

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S me appreciate her artistry and her ersonhood and her work ethic like nothing else I m a huge longtime fan of Beyonc She is one of my favorite artists from her days in Destiny s Child to Dangerously in Love to B Day to 4 to Lemonade to Everything is Love her album with Jay Z As a devoted fan this book intrigued me I thought some essays were engaging than others but appreciated the various takes There were a few that did not resonate with me but that in itself just reiterates the oint that music speaks to everyone differently One of the essays noted a common theme among her albums is of course Love Whether she s crazy in love or calling out allegations of ill behavior Beyonc embraces all forms of it Good and bad At the time of the writing of ueen Bey her songs featured the word love 460 times Interesting though not surprising I enjoyed most of the collection in ueen Bey although my interest level was up and down I would have referred of a biography style book about Beyonc or a thorough extended interpretation of her creativity and ower by one author Not a bad read but likely not what Beyonc super fans speaking from ersonal experience will enjoy the most Whether you love or hate her you must respect herueen Bey is at the top of her game but she didn t just fall upon her success she earned itHaters come and haters go but her truly devoted fans will never leave her sideThey love what she stands for how she unites them how she encourages them to move forward beyond the division we are all now experiencingShe is truly a beautiful erson inside and out and for many they simply want others to see all her sides evenly and not through filtered lensShe may sometimes ush the envelope but she never straysUniue stories told from those who know her bestA great read This book seriously surpassed my expectations A collection of essays by intelligent eople this is not simply a love letter to Beyonce It analyzes aspects of her musicdancefashionart through ethnicgenderpolitical lens Eye opening empowering and inspiring 2 Stars Expected Publication Date March 5 2019I absolutely love Beyonce I ve grown up with her and followed her throughout the years I still remember when I had to have a House of Dereon sweatshirt with fur hood Unfortunately this book wasn t what I expected I wanted this to be a biography about Beyonce but instead each chapter is an essay by a different author about how Beyonce influenced their life I didn t know who a single author was so I didn t relate much The stories had me thinking about how those moments affected me growing up however this just fell flat for me Special Thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for allowing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Ttney CooperAll Her Single Ladies by Kid Fury The Elevator by Ylonda Gault The Art of Being Beyoncé by Maria BritoGetting Giving and Leaving by Melissa Harris Perry and Mankaprr ContehBeyoncé the Brave by Reshma SaujaniLiving into the Lemonade Redefining Black Women’s Spirituality in the Age of Beyoncé by Candice BenbowBeyoncé’s Radical Ways by Carmen PerezFinding la Reina in ueen Bey by Isabel Gonzalez WhitakerBeyoncé Influencer by Elodie Maillet StormThe King of Pop and the ueen of Everything by Michael Eric DysonStyle So Sacred by Edward EnninfulThe Beauty of Beyoncé by Fatima Robinson Because Beyoncé by Ebro DardenKing Bey by Treva B LindseyMeridonial Beyoncé’s Southern Roots and References by Robin M BoylornB V A Love Letter by Caroline Clarke.

Veronica Chambers is a prolific author best known for her critically acclaimed memoir Mama’s Girl which has been course adopted by hundreds of high schools and colleges throughout the country The New Yorker called Mama’s Girl “a troubling testament to grit and mother love one of the finest and most evenhanded in the genre in recent years” Born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn Ms Chambers'

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