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For his losses Good night Middle Falls I really njoyed this next instalment of The Middle Falls time travel series Regular readers of my blog will notice that I am gradually working my way through the series Whilst some books I have been disappointed in Joe Hart s story was njoyable motional and just a bit sad in placesIn this book our time traveller is all about helping others In fact for the majority of the story he is trying to prevent deaths from occurring Opening with the death of his father following with the ventual death of his mother and then leading to Joe s reincarnation it was difficult to avoid the sadness leaping from the pages The theme of death is prevalent throughout this short story and I think this is a reflection of Inmon s own personal lifeJoe is uite a credible hero and tries hard to save his friends from being killed by a natural disaster Along the way he also saves a family from death and this moment touches Joe throughout the ntire narrative However Inmon dabbles heavily in popular culture and the climax of the story is undoubtedly when Hart prevents the shooting of John Lennon Being a bit before my time I was intrigued to understand about this time period I do realise that this is a fictionalisation but it did ncourage me to do my own research once I had completed the storyThe popular culture references made this story realistic I have njoyed these lements in the previous stories and glad that the writer decided to continue doing so Given that this is a novel about time travel these references are ssential particularly as characters like Joe are reliving moments againOnce again characters from different parts of the series make an appearance I was surprised that the fantastical forces the spirits who seem to know about the time travel did not make a stronger impact on the story Whilst I relished in seeing familiar faces and those who are due to come in later stories I feel frustrated still that has not been A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, elaborated on those watching the time travellers Indeed I think Inmon probably hasnough material to write an story just on these spirits aloneJoe works hard to make an impact with his new life and tries to make the most of this second chance When he realises how he came to die I found this part awkward and difficult to believe It was odd to read how Joe suddenly understands verything about his original death with the only clues appearing to be a series of removed memories It didn t make much sense how Joe learns about the cause of his death when there was no one around and I feel like the writer could have put this part in the narrative. His second chance to make the world better Even when he thinks he knows what is coming changing the past is difficult What would you do if you could do it all.

Disclosure I downloaded this book for free have purchased four previous books by the author and am posting an honest review of this workJoe Hart wasted his first life partly affected by a huge facial birthmark watching TV playing video games and ating junk food dying without friends and not having mattered Reborn he has another chance to do better and unlike the first five books in this series alter history Specifically he tries to save people before Mount St Helens rupted and John Lennon is assassinated both in 1980 There are surprises along the way in this time travel alternative history novel with the main theme the search for meaning and happiness as was the case with the best other novels in the series The Emancipation of Veronica McAllister and The Redemption of Michael HollisterInmon is a terrific writer who depicts characters well and like the main character in this novel has a great heartThe book is a real page turner which I read in one day The Changing Lives of Joe Hart Middle Falls Time Travel Bk 6 Written by Shawn Inmon Is the second or third time better or just do it till you get it Right Time Travel with a TwistBefore Joe Hart can stop the murder of John Lennon he must die himself When Joe Hart dies after leading a wasted life he chooses to use his second chance to make the world better Even when he thinks he knows what is coming changing the past is difficult What would you do if you could do it all again The Changing Lives of Joe Hart is the sixth book in the Middle Falls Time Travel series but can be read as a standalone novel There is no cliffhanger ndingWhat did I like The fir Good readThis is just my second book in the Middle Falls series that I have read I read right through the night because it was so interesting The author seems to be able to pull the reader in to the characters world so asily and makes it xciting to see what happens next Can t wait to read the next installment I think I will go back to the first book ofthis series to see how it all started I love this series I ll be sad to finish it and not have reasons to visit Middle Falls The grumpus23 23 word commentaryBook 6 Opportunity to live life over from arbitrary point Each features a new protagonist but interaction between them appears iimminent We ll see PerfectThis was a melancholy book for me I have come to love the Middle Falls Series and love it when older characters are mentioned living their lives well This book had a different feel to it and in reading the Author s Notes I know why I loved this book and am simply sad it may be the last My sincere condolences go out to Shawn. Time Travel with a Twist Before Joe Hart can stop the murder of John Lennon he must die himself When Joe Hart dies after leading a wasted life he chooses to use.

A bit less forcefully I am sure Hart could have reached this realisation from the visit from Carrie his spiritual watcherThe amount of death in this story does make it uite a bleak read It made me feel sorry for Hart and there never seems to be any closure death dominates and whilst Joe appears to deal with his grief it feels like there is a constant cloud hanging over the narrative In comparison to the rest of the stories this book felt pessimistic than the rest and the theme of loneliness radiated off of the pagesReinvigorating my interest in the series I will certainly carry on reading these books Having seen an appearance from Scott Mckenzie who comes in the following story I will be interested to learn his background I just hope that his narrative does not repeat some of Joe s storyI received a copy of this book in The Power Of A Choice exchange for an honest review This was as good as the first three books I ve loved all the books in this series so far but I ve loved four and five a little less than the others I plan to keep on going until there are no books in this series left to read And then I llagerly anticipate the next one Read in about three sittings over two days It s winding up that I m readingwill read all the books in the series but out of order and it s not been an issue because I started out with the ones that seemed most interesting and characters from the other books keep popping upAlthough preventing John Lennon s assassination is not the ntire focus of this story it s the part the stands out the most to me in the three books I ve read so far because of how the vent affected so many people It has that ring of truth that the author verified in the afterword as being the one thing he d try to change if he had the chance to live his life over the way his characters doThe of this series I read the I love it The premise like Ken Grimwood s Replay of reliving one s life with all memories and knowledge intact is probably my favorite in all literature I love that very book and character is a little different from ach other the replays happen at different timesages the characters pursue different philosophies in their replays and some characters relive their lives dozens of times and some only relive it once The variety is nice I loved this book just as I have the others in the Middle Falls Time Travel Series I got to sit alongside Joe whilst he made a difference to his own life whilst helping make a difference to many othersAs with all of Shawn Inmon s books I have not been able to put them down but at the same time never wanting them to The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right end I just know I could never get bored. Again The Changing Lives of Joe Hart is the sixth book in the Middle Falls Time Travel series but can be read as a standalone novel There is no cliffhangerndi.

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