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E Books like this contribute to the ongoing evolution of philosophy and practice Contributors include some of the foremost leaders in coaching supervision This edited text is wide ranging including multiple perspectives and numerous case studies Ought be of interest not only to supervisors but coaches deciding who they want to work with and client organisations seeking to understand what ind of practice their best coaches are likely to be undertaking So well done to Eve and Stephen. Including the three Ps of supervision and coaching diversity and inclusion resourcing working with intense emotions and the self as instrument Nancy Kline's Thinking Environmentc is explored in a supervision context alongside creative forms of reflective and expressive writing and resourcing through a peer supervision chai.

An excellent book for my professional bookcase Brilliantly edited by Eve Turner and Stephen Palmer and first class contributions for people st the top of their game I pick it up every now and then to refresh my thinking and it is books like this that help me stay at the top of my game This is a really fascinating collection of essays on supervision covering a wide range of approaches issues and philosophies Well worth reading if you are a coach and particularly if you are a supervi. The Heart of Coaching Supervision takes us on a journey that starts with understanding who we are and why we do what we do the way we do it so that we can help those we work with understand themselves and their practice The journey includes our background and personal and professional influences and considers the need for.

Sor Coaching supervision has evolved even over the last five years Five years ago there were still many people who felt it was something imposed from a clinical context by coaches with a clinical or psychological background As the industry evolves and coaches recognise the challenges presented by a world that is becoming complex so coaching supervision seems to be finding its niche at the heart of reflective practice As such coaching supervision feels still like a very new disciplin. Self resourcing to resource others It examines our being alongside our doing to ensure that we can provide the best possible service to all those we work withThe book's highly experienced contributors provide a uniue perspective on supervision's benefits The chapters cover themes that support self discovery and resourcing.

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(Pdf Kindle) The Heart of Coaching Supervision

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