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With a million penises Which terrified her He would see her and punish her for it so she tried to feel ove instead for the many penised creature inside her head What the heck was that God is a many penised creature I m sickened That is disrespectful and illogical Later the author somehow thinks it s acceptable to imagine a Cezanne a Study of His Development lesbian encounter between Naamah and another woman in her tribe Why other than for personal gratification or to inflame believers would this author choose this action Everyday day that Naamah came into the tent Bethel tied it shut behind her She undid Naamah s hair and undressed her then undressed herself Theyay on the bed and held each other so close their faces were beside each otherSometimes they kissed Sometimes Naamah couldn t stand it and she grabbed Bethel s hand and moved it to her vulva I You Owe Me One ll spare you the rest word for word but it continues to talk about her wetness and her clitoris It then compares sex with a woman and how she felt with Noah I for one do not want to read about these things The writing was explicit even if we were not talking about historical biblical people Yes I know they had sex doesn t mean I want to read an X rated account Also I am not anti gay I just do not want someone writing about a biblical person in such a manner when there is absolutely no evidence of Noah s wife being bisexual There will be too many who believe this as a fact Like I said I have no personal issues with however a person identifies THEMSELF However the bible does have an issue with homosexuality and therefore that is the problem I have with this depiction It s obvious the agenda in this work is not to uphold Christian values There are numerous other incidents that brought the bile into the back of my throat but This time I truly will spare you from them I have never in all of my years said do not read any book This will be my first If you are a Christian I recommend not reading this book otherwise youl be as outraged as I am 1 0 if possible 413 In compliance with FTC guidelines I received this book free from a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review The content of this review is not influenced by that fact The feelings expressed are solely mine Many thanks to the author for gifting me a copy of this one It s a truly uniue premise for a book and an enjoyable read if a bit confusing at times And don t forget my NSFW warning from when I was currently reading this oneNaamah is a retelling of the story of Noah s Ark told from the perspective of Noah s wife Naamah while they re on the boat with the flood waters still high with some flashbacks In this reimagining Naamah the matriarch of the ark who very much keeps them afloat pun not intended is bisexual and mourning the Democratic Art: The New Deal's Influence on American Culture lover sheeft behind when the earth floodedBy far my favourite parts of this novel were the Obsession: An Erotic Tale logistics of managing an ark filled with animals Ioved the Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era little added detailsike how they took ten or something pairs of gerbils rather than just one because they die so easily and how they cared for big cats and other dangerous animals while onboard a ship I also enjoyed the prophetic dreams Naamah has travelling through time to see the world at different stagesAs I mentioned before this book is STEAMY There s a Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice lot of sex so if that s not your thing move along I am not adverse to a sex scene but I was sometimes confused as to WHY Naamah was having sex with some of these women Like what were her motives behind it Just an insanely high sex drive UnsureBlake s storytelling abilities and writing were fab no issues with the style from me I just would haveiked some clarity from it substance than sex I guess But an intriguing novel and certainly an individual one I Edicts of Asoka love retellings and this book is such an interesting version Naamah is Noah s wife Yes Noah from the Bible But she has one giant secret aboard the ark she s hella gay And I was here for it Overall I thought this story was interesting andiked Upgrade Soul learning about Naamah and her family However the writing style drove me bananas Aot of this book is told via dreams and flashbacks So because of that I felt ike the plot of the book was ost on me I still recommend it however Not the worst not my favorite. D haunted world Here is the woman tormented by dreams and uestions of her own uestions of service and self determination of history and memory of the kindness or cruelty of fate In fresh and modern Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 language Blake revisits the story of the Ark that rescuedife on earth and rediscovers the agonizing burdens endured by the woman at the heart of the story Naamah is a parable for our time a provocative fable of body spirit and resilien.

Naamah is the wife of Noah and I read this thinking it would be similar to The Red Tent or even Ahab s Wife or The Star Gazer novels that bring a formerly silent female character to Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist lifeThat s not what this novel is Everyone is on the ark but Naamahives very much in her mind in the memories of a over eft behind in the dreams or hallucinations of an angel who has built a home for all the dead children under the water and in some visions with a talking bird named Jael and a vulture named Megatron She also interacts with one of her future descendants and even a 21st century family something about time traveling womenThere is a ot of explicit sex and while sex is no problem for me as a reader it felt ike the author was most invested in these sections and I wish the writing felt as intense throughout the book I would have Imaginary Runner loved to read a novel about what it isike to be the matriarch of the rebirth of the world while confronting the remnants of their former society there are only tiny hints of that here Since so much of what Naamah seems to be experiencing is not real in the sense that none of the others on the ark are having these experiences it becomes this dreamscape of isolation and grief Maybe the author intended that as From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 long as you know what to expect going in Simply put this novel is gorgeous The writing casts such a spell that 50 pages would go by in the span of what feltike it could be no than 10 Sarah Blake s poetry background is clearly evident in this book with writing that feels Fresh Water like the very best that prose poems have to offer But for all itsyricism this book is not a poem it is a fiercely narrated story about Noah s wife Naamah who s struggling with timeless uestions of faith purpose and what it means to be a woman At times French Daguerreotypes lushly surreal at others hyper realistic and modern even in its ancient setting this novel will captivate you from start to finish This was not the story I was expecting Take aittle Old Testament mythology add in the Divine Feminine some good old Mother Earth paganism a few scenes of From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read lesbian erotica and then read it after washing down a couple of peyote buttons with a bottle of red wine Yep that is what my experience reading this story feltike The character of Naamah is someone I aspire to be before I eave this ife unpretentious completely honest with herself and as authentic of a person I have ever come across in person or in iterature Sarah Blake has done a masterful job of sharing her image of the mother of humanity post flood as well as defining the kind of partnerhusband she pictured Noah as being In fact I oved these two characters so much I almost wish I believed the ancient fable Life on the ark is described from Naamah s perspective as the ultimate caregiver to both her family and the animals and it is uite a refreshing outlook The reader is also treated to the magical adventures of Naamah when she is OFF of the ark as well If I say any it would include spoilers so I will conclude with a strong recommendation to read this book if you are hungry for a mystical fantastic story If you Twelve Days of Pleasure live in a Western country you ve no doubt heard the story of Noah s Ark Did you ever wonder about Noah s wife What was sheike After all we are told nothing about her The authors of the Bible rarely deemed it necessary to tell us a woman s name Gods Choice let alone any of the other details of herife I guess it was enough for Mrs Noah that she was mentioned at all nameless as she was what greater honour could be bestowed upon her than to say she was married to the one man God thought good enough to not destroy A name why would she need a name She s Noah s wife for christ s sake nothing about her could be important than that What the fuck Bible authors This is the woman who if the Bible was actual history which it s not was the progenitor of the human race She is the mother of all humans who came after and she doesn t deserve to have her own name The 11th century Jewish commentator Rashi decided Mrs Noah s Wife deserved a name of her own and called her Naamah Sarah Blake decided to expand on that and imagine what Naamah would have thought and felt as her world came to an end as she was forced to watch her friends die and to. A dreamy and transgressive feminist retelling of the Great Flood from the perspective of Noah's wife as she wrestles with the mysterious metaphysics of womanhood at the end of the world O The Oprah MagazineWith the coming of the Great Flood the mother of all disasters only one family was spared drifting on an endless sea waiting for the waters to subside We know the story of Noah moved by divine vision to aunch their escape Now.

Clean up after and feed a world s worth of animal species What was going through her head as the rains fell covering the entire Earth if the Bible is to be believed which it s not and she was stuck in a stinky boat shovelling tiger and ion and bear shit for 14 months This book is Naamah s storyIt is Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France lyrical and imaginative and I absolutelyove the writing 5 stars for the uality and allure it felt ike reading a song However the story jumped around far too much making the story hard to follow and stay with Naamah is on the ark feeding and caring for animals she is unable to see I never really did understand what that is about Naamah is remembering a previous over Bethel who died in the Flood Naamah is swimming under the water playing with dead children and making Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild love to an angel Naamah is conversing with God in the form of a bird I don t know it just didn t flow And a story about a deluge that covered the face of the earth a story with that much water It should flowI appreciate that Ms Blake chose to tell us Naamah s story and I m glad I read the book I just wish it wouldn t have jumped back and forth so much If you enjoy story re tellings then you should add this to yourist It s Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets long past time that Naamah had her story told fictional as it is but so is the rest of the Noah s Ark story so who cares It s a story worth telling of a woman who deserves to be known for than simply being married to Noah 3 12 starsNote There is sex in this book There isesbian sex in this book If that offends you either don t read the book or do Electromyography for Experimentalists like I did for the hetero sex between Naamah and Noah and just skip over it Sex is not the main focus of the book but of course there d be sex going on 14 months stuck on a boat with no internet no books no tv not much else in the way of diversion not even an horizon toook at and you might be Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 looking to entertain yourself with some non vanilla sex too Unfortunately most of this book made no sense This book presents the perspective of Noah s wife Naamah during theast months on the ark Naamah has crazy dreams a surprising amount of sex considering there are only 7 other people still alive in the whole world and for some reason can t see any of the animals onboard There are some feminist themes vaguely There is some uestioning of religious principles vaguely Mostly it s just crazy dream seuences This book was so uniue and imaginative I oved Sarah Blake s take on what Naamah would be going through and struggling with in the aftermath of the flood Her writing is so beautiful and compelling that I was immediately immersed in the story Absolutely oved this and recommend it to everyone Thank you to Riverhead Books for providing a free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review This novel is so magically inventive and incantatory I can t wait for the world to read and experience NAAMAH Because the plot of the story the flood etc is a given Blake devises some ingenious ways to create suspense to keep us asking What s going to happen I was so surpriseddelighted by the uestions that kept me reading not to mention of course the Runaway Wedding language 1 star and honestly it did not even deserve that I m prepared that this review will make others mad I m not trying to be controversial I m not trying to change opinions I m stating MY honest opinion and my beliefs will not waiver This book was ridiculous and horrible I could not make myself even read than a couple of chapters I did skim the rest hopingwellet s be honest I don t even know what I was hoping It simply was bad all the way through The writing was clumsy and stilted and if that were the only issue I would not be so adamant in the belief this blasphemy should not have been published I know this is an advanced copy and uotes might change but I have to support my cause and the easiest way is to uote the words directly from the author This uoted section is talking about Naamah as she is thinking about the rain and how it sounds on the ark If she had to describe it she would recall how each of her sons had at some point discovered that if he peed on a rock the pee would splashThe rain reminded her of that except that the rain came in a million streams Which made her imagine God as a being. In a work of astounding invention acclaimed writer Sarah Blake reclaims the story of his wife Naamah the matriarch who kept them alive Here is the woman torn between faith and fury Wicked Loving Lies lending her strength to her sons and their wives caring for an unruly menagerie of restless creatures silently mourning theover she eft behind Here is the woman escaping into the unreceded waters where a seductive angel tempts her to join a strange an.

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