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Wrong with Charles Dickens Especially for this series f abridgments this is an excellent Lohnarbeit und Klassenbildung one Longer books presented by this publisher have a tendency to get butchered inthei intent no actions are cut if possible so to keep them short the dialog andr reactions and repercussions f the action are erased Not a good trade ff all the time Happily A Christmas Carol is already pretty short so the Hidden Witness (Return to Ravesville only real cut is that there is no descriptionf the astrel children with the Ghost A Passionate Heart/To Kiss A Count/The Runaway Countess of Christmas Present He simply leaves with a final warning about want and greed who would destroy mankind I got to read this with my seven yearld for the first time this year so I didn t miss the change too muchSpoilers for those who haven t read the unabridged The Earl and the Governess original start hereAnd reading with a first grader modern language was what I was mostly looking for and exactly what I got We still got to actually see all the memories with the first Ghost the sprinklingf Christmas spirit and all the visitations Prima Donna of the second miner home and lighthouse and all and we still saw Scrooge s body under the sheet with the final Ghost All the finer detailsf the full novel were still there I was very grateful for this lovely rendition f ne. Ings and black and white drawings that brilliantly recapture an era and bring Dickens's characters vividly to.

It s just not Christmas Eve without reading this While I enjoyed the illustrations in this edition I was less than thrilled with the rephrasing Steelhands (Havemercy, of certain passages It took away the impact in my view But still well done and I m glad to have read it I hadn t ever read this so it was fun reading it aloud with the kids We ve all watched The Muppet Christmas Carol so we know the story but they really enjoyed seeing the differences between the two versions and trying to figureut why certain parts were different They loved listening to it and looking at the pictures It s a good story but certainly not something I would love if it wasn t already such a big part f ur holiday traditions It just isn t believable that someone would change so drastically literally Ten Orange Pumpkins overnight But the message isne I want my kids to remember and it s a story we all enjoyed together and that makes it pretty good in my book I think everyone should read this at least Amarcord once This is a children s version that has picturesn every ther page But it was timely to read it before Christmas I also want to say that I ve read all f my YA books before my kids someday will be able to read them A very good classic book One simply can not go. In this unabridged version American General of theriginal 1843 edition the classic tale is illustrated with full color paint.

Of my favorites to share with my young child Great version for elementary age students I loved looking though Great Illustrated Classics when I was little and the time was right for this story Good reminder each December A Christmas Carol is Wishes and Worries often read in the monthf December People The Downs Syndrome Handbook of different ages read this book during this time period It features memorable characters and a famous plotWithin literature is the conceptf the person who changes Sometimes during the course Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, of a story a principal character changes The eventsf the story change the character and in some cases make the character a better person Scrooge is When All Hell Breaks Loose onef the most famous characters in all f literature who experiences a change during the storyThe Great Illustrated Classics are adapted versions f classics in literature These versions are written at a 5th grade level Every Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous, other page features an illustration that corresponds to the page before it Thes Scrooge an unpleasantld man scorns Christmas and the Christmas spirit But Scrooge has a lesson in store for him Ghosts SOG of Christmas past present and future pay him a visitn Christmas Eve and changed his life forever Some parts f the story was sad I will reread this book again. Life Michael Foreman's illustrations have brought new life and charm to a story we all know Parents Magazine.

(A Christmas Carol) PDF FREE ñ Malvina G. Vogel

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