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In any genre but is relevant widely for anyone with an interest in medieval life An xpansive text of The Shadow Reader enormous breadth this translation will provide scholars new insight in areas such as social hierarchy citizenship morality friendship family ties household administration food consumption standards oftiuette and much.

A translation of The Book of the Civilised Man by Daniel of Beccles brings to light the social and cultural life of medieval people in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries through a previously little known textKnown in Latin as Urbanus magnus it is a complex and illuminating text which covers an array of topics related.

To social s in the Middle Ages including how to be a good and moral citizen how to dine courteously how to maintain standards of hygiene how to regulate your diet and how to run your householdOften described as one of the Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies earliest 'courtesy texts' this translation will reveal a text which cannot beasily categorised.

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The Book of the Civilised Man Download ✓ Fiona Whelan

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