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Dsome very time i peek in the mirror the mirror says thank you Hahaha It s going to be an ducational night Slappy cried Your all going to learn how to obey me HahahaWe are all in danger Can you help us Please Slappy Do something help us The dummies yes locked on mine He didn t reply for a moment And then he screamed Are you kidding me Me help you Please Slappy I lost it I grabbed him by the shoulders of his suit jacket and began to shake him please help us I help myself to whatever i want he replied Thats the only kind of helping i ver do Hahaha Overall i rate this book 5 out of 5 stars i think it is one of the best goosebumps books of all time it does the most with the main character of the series Thank you for reading this I hope you njoyed the book as much as i did RL Stine brings much happiness onto the world Does Slappy finally meet his match when faced with a cursed Egyptian mummy Will our kid protagonists become collatoral damage when the two powerful monsters collide Find out here in this surprisingly first that I m aware Goosebumps versus special Think Alien VS PredatorLong time Goosebumps readers will be unsurprised when the well used Slappy tropes appear yet again but the twist of the xtra monster and multiple character point of views give the impending doom a orchestrated feeling than usual Stine also seems to be increasingly aware of his adult readers making a cute Stephen King reference and age joke the kids call their 36 year old teacher ancient Purists will be surprised when Slappy xhibits behaviors aligned with the movie version than the multiple books but this is hardly the first time for character inconsistencies to appear and there s always been ambiguity about Slappy s powers or lack thereof so it feels refreshing when he does something new All in all another delightful ntry to SlappyWorld Wow Whether you re young or old like me you re going to njoy reading Goosebumps SlappyWorld The Dummy Meets The MummyThe narration is slightly different this time around There s the normal introduction by Slappy himself a short prologue taking place in Egypt a four chapter thriller with Slappy terrorizing the Riggles family and lastly there s the main tale of the Haunted Horror Museum sleepover I like way Mr Stine introduced Aaron first uickly switched the point of view to Cathy and later brought back Aaron into the foldLike all Goosebumps books the characters here are two dimensional xcept for Slappy who gets all the one liners I do realize there are a few adult readers who complain about the characters not having nough depth to them but hey it s just a kid s story These books tend to be under 150 pages and there s just not nough space to xpand the characters For me the most important part of any good Goosebumps is the actual storyThe Dummy Meets The Mummy happens to be the best ntry in the SlappyWorld series at least so far It s a little bit vicious than some of the previous installments and it has of an old school 90s Goosebumps vibe There s less laughs and chills Compared to the average classic Goosebumps this one is better and scarier Overall Rating 46 out of 5 No No This is a book about an vil living ventrilouist dummy and an The Shadow Reader evil living mummy who are fighting it out in an a creepy little museum while surrounded by kids on an overnight school trip And it is AWFUL The only thing thatntertained me was this line I hid one of the amber stones between Stephen King s legs You damned sure di. Enge It's dummy versus mummy as Slappy faces his most dangerous and frightening opponent yet Can Slappy defeat this ancient adversary Or will it be a wrap for this dummy.

Lot s of humor and scares Slappy has become a fan favorite in the Goosebumps world and for good reason I love that you never get bored with these stories Fun until the final sentence Out of all the Slappyworld books this one is definitely my favorite It s not your typical Goosebumps story in many ways I was left feeling really impressed intrigued and wishing the story was longer Slappy vs a mummy What could you ask for I loved Goosebumps when I was in grade school I remember getting big stacks of them from the book orders I ve been trying to read most of the books I put out into my class library and this happened to be the most recent Goosebump book I obtained so I decided to revisit the past Slappy has never been my favorite in the series but since it was the one I had I went with it I ve never read any of the SlappyWorld series before After reading so many Newberry books and then reading this one I have to say it s pretty obvious why kids like this series than the serious children s literature In a word it s FUN Within the first couple mins a mummy is coming to life and ripping someone s face off All in a kid friendly way of course Slappy pukes green guts all over things there s an Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies epic sleepover in a haunted horror museum and the mummy and Slappy have a great duel It s the junk food of books and it s fabulous The Newberry books are not going to get reluctant children to read but books like this one are I liked the audio Slappy has a very creepy voice The story was ridiculous but highlynjoyable Overuse of Slappy as the villain is a big factor by this point in the Goosebumps franchise but RL Stine adds a few variations in The Dummy Meets the Mummy to keep the storyline from going stale Not only does Slappy battle a classic Goosebumps antagonist but the parents and kids are on the same page as ach other for most of this book aware that the ventrilouist dummy is alive they combine their fforts to defeat him We pick up the story in Cairo Egypt where Dr Richard Klopfer is about to The Power Of A Choice enter the tomb of Arragotus an Ancient Egyptian mummified 5000 years ago Klopfer makes the mistake of reading aloud the inscription on Arragotus s coffin bringing the mummy to life Klopfer s assistant saves the day before the mummy can break free to terrorize the world but Arragotus shows his violent power in the moments before being put back to sleep with the same words that awakened him At the hospital a grievously injured Klopfer orders his assistant to get rid of Arragotus s mummified corpse But where will she send it Twelve year old Aaron Riggles a redhead with fair skin and freckles is pleased when a puppeteer who visits his school gives him an old wooden dummy in a fancy suit Maybe he can learn to perform using the dummy The plan goes haywire when Aaron s family realize Slappy is alive nasty and dangerous They trap him inside his heavy wooden box and Aaron s father drives the dummy to the Haunted Horror Museum where he leaves it on the doorstep withoutxplanation Arragotus and Slappy have now both been donated to the museum and twelve year old Cathy O Connor s father is thrilled He can always use new items for his museum Cathy s class in school is scheduled for an overnight stay at the facility a few days from now and her father wants the night to be scary nough so the kids njoy themselves Of course he wasn t counting on his two new xhibits being able to come to life and cause mayhem if particular sets of magic words are rea. After being put back to sleep and abandoned in an old museum Slappy is brought to life by a curious girl on a school trip Out for revenge Slappy uses his powers to raise.

D in their presence By the time Cathy s father recognizes the danger there s no time to cancel the overnight He Cathy her nine year old sister Shannon and Cathy s friend Logan are the only ones who know there are two monsters in the museum that can be reanimated at any time When the worst happens and Arragotus and Slappy crash the school party can the kids be saved from these two forces of vil What happens if the dummy and the mummy turn their powers on The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right each other This isn t a bad book I d rate it one and a half stars but the story could use refining It s neverxplained how Arragotus knows Cathy s name and the Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling ending peters out weakly I like the idea of a clash between iconic villains and RL Stine once again gives Slappy thenhanced set of powers he didn t possess until many books after his debut in Night of the Living Dummy I assume this is done to level the playing field between him and Arragotus SlappyWorld isn t one of the better Goosebumps sub series but I njoy the stories There will always be demand for RL Stine s work When Cathy s dad gets a new mummy for his Haunted Horror Museum he s over the moon It s just what his museum needs and it arrives just in time for Cathy s class sleepover But when Cathy s sister Shannon recites the words written in the coffin they all receive a shock when the mummy comes to life Repeating the words puts him back to sleepAfter a creepy dummy shows up Cathy her friend Logan and Shannon all realize that it can talk Like the mummy saying a set of words puts the dummy back to sleep With a scary dummy and a mummy that can go on a rampage at any moment Cathy is unsure if they should still have the sleepover but it s too late to change things when veryone arrives Hopefully verything can remain safe but that s almost impossible when Slappy s involvedWith Slappy being my favorite character from Goosebumps seeing him return in this book made me that much ager to read it It was interesting seeing the dummy versus the mummy and I loved it This book feeds my hunger for horror reads that have lots of twists and turns Cathy s dad just wants his Horror Museum to be a success but you should always be careful what you wish forFinal Verdict I would recommend this to fans of horror mummies Goosebumps and Slappy the dummyThis review can also be found on YABC One of my favorite goosebumps books of all time and i believe the most fun iteration of Slappy ver produced by the mad genius RL Stine That guy is 76 and still writing better then ver He is a living inspiration and my hat goes off to him very few months i m xcited to pick up a new slappysworld bookSo what did i like about this bookWell i couldn t be permited to say much without first issuing aSPOILER ALERTSo here goes Its awesome to see the heel Slappy turn face wrestling terminology and be the good guy for once or at least the lesser of two Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. evils or the better the devil you know You see a side of Slappy that you haven t seen before and its really refreshing to read like taking a swim in the ocean Slappy also unveils some awesome magic powers his been keeping underwraps that you haven t seen before So theirs some nice new dummy material In this book Slappy has some cool new lines in it in my opinion And doesnt just repeat all that stuff he always does about peoples i s being their shoe size and is that your face or did your neck throw up So some of my favorite Slappy moments in this book were when he said these little pearlsI m so han. An army of creatures from thexhibits But when the museum closes Slappy and his new friends are locked inside with Arragatis an ancient mummy with his own plan for rev.

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PDF NEW The Dummy Meets The Mummy Goosebumps SlappyWorld #8 AUTHOR R.L. Stine

Jovial Bob Stine is an American novelist and writer well known for targeting younger audiences Stine who is often called the Stephen King of children's literature is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas including the books in the Goosebumps Rotten School Mostly Ghostly The Nightmare Room and Fear Street seriesR L Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children's author in history In the early 1990s Stine was catapulted to fame when he wrote the unprecedented bestselling GoosebumpsĀ® series which sold than 250 million copies and became a worldwide multimedia phenomenon His other major series Fear Street has over 80 million copies soldStine has received numerous awards of recognition including several Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and Disney Adventures Kids' Choice Awards and he has been selected by kids as one of their favorite authors in the NEA's Read Across America program He lives in New York NY

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