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And that s the real reason we read these types of works isn t it All in all glad I icked it up I ve certainly made worse impulse buys in my day Cute but a little depth wouldn t have hurt Looking forward to the seuel Every gay boy s dream. In a sure style and masterfully incisive Miokis comic is a joy to read is moving and the sex also doesnt get short shrift A charming comic for the young and the young at hea.

Ife wasSide by Side Check out my full review Side by Side This book is about 25% cute and 75% hot Though the lot isn t the best the characters while not too terribly deep had a surprising well developed The sex scene however were awesome. E to the big city where they meet Billy and Charlie and these four friends are soon inseparable Mioki resents a moving ortrait of gay life with all its highs and lows Drawn.

Side by Side is a Gay Graphic Novel emphasis on the Graphic It is well written if lacking in lot but it is the Something Wicked prettyictures that you read this sort of thing for It is the story of Rick and Evan and how they figured out their lace in SIDE BY SIDE is the story of Evan and Rick Fast and close friends since their kindergarten days in a small town their friendship evolves into the love of their lives They mov.

PDF Side By Side The Journal of a Smalltown Boy by Mioki

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