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And intelligent this novel was Prominent men die shortly after their dogs are found hung and a former elite soldier ends up being a suspect and a somewhat unwilling aide to the police The premise isn t the most original but the story that unravels along the way is political and surprisingly about caring about women than ou d think Yes women are mostly extras on this one save for Margethe Franck who then actually has a decent backstory and while she is somewhat Lisbeth Salander ish she is a good character The main character Niels Oxen is a hard one to like A former soldier with ghosts in his life than real people isn t pleasant and mostly looks out for himself And et there is something about him I liked the ending here a lot not answering the uestions that are asked but leaving a lot to interpretation uite liked how this discusses power but was a bit bored by the only men can have power and rule organizations aspect This was a slow book in the start and it took me something like 100 pages to get into the story but once I did it was an enthralling read I absolutely love this character Niels is a veteran living like a homeless His attitude reminds me a little of Jack Reacher but the rest is uite different The first book kicks off the Oxen saga with a style and I m uite sure that I ll read every single one of them Storyline was absolutely awesome Not the best crime the suspense wasn t there all the time For the reader it s had to feel anything about the main character but I liked the unexpected twists the story had in the end Not sure if I ll read the follow ups 35 star. T ind i en verden befolket af mægtige skygger der sætter dagsorden i det danske samfund Efter én gang at have krydset Danehofs spor har Niels Oxen i virkeligheden kun ét valg At gå til grunde – eller kæmpe Han vælger det sidst.

Summary De hængte hunde

Rst thing mankind can do to itself And still that man feels obligated to the truth and seeks justice not only for himself but for others as wellThis novel becomes after the first few chapters a fast paced read where a brilliant psychological finesse comes to light and ou as the reader can t put it down Good the cover didn t convince me at first but after sneaking around it for uite some time I wanted to give it a try And it turned out to be a fantastic read Highly recommended A good book not scary or very thrilling but of an intelligent search of different pairs of people for different things Who killed my sister How can we keep things we want to stay hidden from coming to the surface Can we frame someone How can we expose those who are responsible without getting caught in the middleA nice book that was interesting to read It has been a while since I have not been able to put down a book A lot of tension A very good story Interesting charactersI am really curious if he can keep up this level in the seuels Gonna start on the next part today Started off well but became boring and the story was not very convincing felt like the author was trying too hard between Borgen and The Killing asking for a tv series I almost uit the book after I started High profile men are being murdered but first their dogs are hanged The down on his luck veteran Niels Oxen is unwillingly pulled into the plot at the insistence of the local police chief Niels has a dog Despite the triggers I eventually was pulled in to clever plotting and political intrigue Pleasantly surprised by now good. Madaffald og samler flasker efter mørkets frembrud Da han en dag drager ud i Rold Skov for at leve det primitive liv og blive sine indre dæmoner kvit bliver han uforvarende hvirvlet ind i en mystisk mordsag Sagen trækker tråde dyb.

45 starsInkvotaryNiels Oxen wants nothing but to find his inner peace again and to get rid of the demons Together with Mr White his dog he lives in the forest from what nature provides An impulsive idea to go and take a closer look at a castle he would like to get to know better brings him into serious trouble The same night he is there the owner gets killed and in an instant Oxen is the main suspectJens Henrik Jensen writes to the point His descriptions are without any unnecessary words With a few words Training the Trainer you get to know the landscape the setting of a scene or how a figure looks like Anything is brought to the reader in a uiet tone and with clarity don t worryou will have to guess until the very end what game the big ones are playing with Oxen that is great to readIf Karsh Portfolio you can make it over the first few chaptersThe psychological finesse in this thriller is fantastic Bit by bit the author reveals how bad Oxen is traumatized how the flashbacks torture him and how hard it is to function in a world that does not accept the wounded and traumatizedFrom the very beginning I was absolutely thrilled how Oxen is dealing with his situation He knows what happens and how to avoid it His scars are not visible but the way how he handles his nightmares how he walks through life and how he thinks about everything remarkable Yesou could judge him for living in the forest but why I saw it as a try to heal in a way he feels could be the right one for him If his plan works is another storyThe author gives ou with Oxen a great insight into a man who has seen evil and who was part of the wo. Bestseller trilogien samlet i én box Niels Oxen er tidligere medlem af Jægerkorpset og lider af posttraumatisk stress efter sine mange missioner i udlandet Han bor i et usselt kælderværelse i København sammen med sin hund lever af.

PDF READ De hængte hunde Author Jens Henrik Jensen

Jens Henrik Jensen forfatter og journalist slog igennem med Kazanski trilogien ”Kællingen i Kraków” 1997 ”Hofnarren i Murmansk” 1999 og ”Ulven i Banja Luka” 2002 der netop er nyudgivet som paperback Han udgav derefter bestsellerseriem om kriminalassistent Nina Portland ”Økseskibet” 2004 ”Kulmanden” 2007 og ”Spøgelsesfangen” 2010 I 2012 udkom ”De hængte hunde” der er første bog

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