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Ironment and how to help it It inspires them to contribute and they have Leo s Moon captures my children s attention and has helped my children understand the impact of their actions on the environment A difficult lesson to impart as a parent I highly recommen. “do our little bit” to make our earth healthy again for ourselves and for future enerations.

S on everyone s bookshelf My children enjoy this book a weekly or staple for a couple of years now They are excited by the title before I even begin reading The language is simple and easy to understand for young minds It demonstrates the importance of the env. Th a ‘big idea’ that spreads far and wideLeo reminds us that we can all change our ways and.

EBOOK Leo’s Moon

Adorable Leo s Moon is one of the most delightful books of our time It relays to the reader it s very important environmental message in such a lovely way the illustrations are wonderful It s my favourite ift for those with young families I believe it belong. Leo is a small boy who wants to make the moon happy again by cleaning up the earthHe comes up wi.


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