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Ing And by the way make sure you read the Epilogue but don t peek ahead Really Clever funny a uick but engaging read Dan Steele wants the best life has to offer the best beachfront property the best car the best stereo the best clothes Unfortunately he is only a mediocre advertising executive So to eep up with his own expensive tastes he has to rack up a huge amount of debt But Dan always has his eye out for a chance to get ahead and when one of his fellow ad execs comes up with a winning campaign for a hundred million dollar account Dan wastes no time stealing it and presenting it as his own work and framing the guy as a drug user in the bargain For one shining moment things seem to finally be going the way Dan wants them toThen Dan s A deft funny caper novel incorporating gleefully savage attacks on the Church the advertising industry and the charity industry occasionally heartfelt characters and an inspired marketing gimmickWhile often compared to Hiassen Fitzhugh is fast creating his own dark and funny category In this third outing amoral adman Dan Steele up to his neck in debt and smug consumerism is fish out of watered when he steals the best idea of his career More is from an unstable copywriter just as Dan s twin brother Michael an excommunicated do gooder priest returns from Africa ill Registered at the hospital as Dan for insurance coverage Michael succumbs to tetanus and on the run from legal problems insurance investigators and his now homicidal ex colleague Dan dons Michael s collar As Father Michael Dan goes to work at Sister Peg s Care Center where he falls for Peg fortunately no a nun than he is a priest Predictably Dan finds redemption caring for I found it very funny and unexpected turns except for the ending when I pieced everything together myself Light reading good laugh I didn t laugh once and though I m not Catholic I was actually offended several times Talk about sacrilegious Want to read a funny book Pick up Chris Moore s Lam. O prison for insurance fraud or take a vow of poverty and become a man of the cloth Before he can say God bless Dan finds himself pursued by a relentless insurance investigator the psychopathic copywriter whose idea he stole and a deadly iller from his brother's mysterious past And as if that wasn't enough Dan finds himself falling in love with a gun toting nun Let us pra.

Get exactly what s coming to them the plot has 9 gazillion things going on at once but every single one of them make perfect sense and we walk away with a funny well written story about how to live life well and about figuring out what s really important For all of the lame preachy unfunny books and movies for that matter with dumb jokes slapstick comedy and convoluted plots just for their own sake effectively summing up Martin Lawrence s Pauly Shore s and the latter half of Eddie Murphy s careers we occasionally get the Happy Gils and the Billy Madisons This book is that Fitzhugh is funny without trying too hard he s moralizing without hitting you over the head with it and he just plain tells a good story Stop reading this review Go read this book This is the same book as Cross dressing so don t get pulled into purchasing a duplicate Would highly recommend it either way though Lover of satire that I am I m starting to get hooked on Bill Fitzhugh Like another of my favorites Christopher Buckley Fitzhugh is a contemporary practitioner of the art although Fitzhugh s humor tends to be a bit darker and his plots have of a mysterythriller angle Nevertheless Cross Dressing is a hoot and plays especially well as a listen as you exercise audioDan Steele is an ethically challenged ad exec who tries to help his twin brother Michael a priest who apparently picked up a bad disease while trying to good work in Africa Unfortunately Michael dies in the hospital this is not a spoiler it s part of the setup More unfortunately he dies with Dan s identity and insurance since the brothers did a name switch Michael had no insurance and they had no idea his health issues were major much less fatal So suddenly Dan can t be Dan and must be Michael Now as readers we re ready to take on the ad industry the church street gangs insurance fraud investigators and a homicidal ex ad guy turned electronics salesman It s a fun ride and it s pretty much impossible to anticipate what s com. Be solvedUnfortunately that's when his brother a Catholic priest shows up at Dan's door in need of a loan to pay for some essential medical attention Being both financially and morally challenged Dan hands over his insurance card instead of his credit card But it's too late After running up a bill for 300000 Father Michael goes the way of all fleshNow Dan has a choice go

After reading Pest Control I picked up Organ Grinders and hated it This book was a triumphant return to the style of writing and humor that made Pest Control such a great book The character development is excellent At the beginning of the novel Dan Steele the main character is a prototypical yuppie executive whose thirst for material possessions exceeds all other desires in his life By the end he cares about his fellow man and not as much about how many toys he can amass The aspect of the novel that really shines though is how Fitzhugh portrays the residents of the Care Center While most authors might stereotype the elderly as cranky old codgers Fitzhugh portrays them as the people who society forgot and who are desperately trying to cling to the Care Center the last meaningful thing in their lives While the ending seems ind of rushed it is satisfying This novel is a return to the style of Pest Control and is all the better for it slow start built momentum in the middle wonderful ending tied up all the loose ends in a compelling and entertaining finale An advertising exec Dan steals an ad campaign from an intern who then tries to The Canning Season kill him but can till him because he already died but he didn t actually die because it was his identical twin brother who died but then Dan has to assume his twin brother s identity because otherwise he will be convicted for insurance fraud but he might get convicted anyway because the fraud inspector saw him on tv when he was being interviewed about the nun in a coma who wasn t actually in a coma but had to pretend she was in order to save the homeless shelterThere s one percent of this bookThis book sounds ridiculous because it is Fitzhugh takes every unlikely event every impossible circumstance every oh no our hero is screwed but wait he s saved in the nick of time moment and he smooshes them together into a mess that is preposterous and unbelievable and wonderful and perfect The good guys always win the bad guys always. Big shot ad exec Dan Steele feels entitled to the best life has to offer even if he has to live way beyond his means to acuire it But there's hope on the horizon Dan has just stolen what's sure to be an award winning idea for a multimillion dollar account If he can Archivist Wasp keep the creditors at bay long enough he'll get theeys to the executive restroom and all his problems will.

(Kindle) Cross Dressing AUTHOR Bill Fitzhugh

Bill Fitzhugh worked at several FM rock radio stations in the 1970s and 1980s Born and raised in Jackson Mississippi he prefers The Band Little Feat and Van Morrison to Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly The author of numerous screenplays and five comic novels he lives in Los Angeles with his wife and his record collection

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