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Posed to the INC and it s agitational methods and were on ood terms with the colonial overnment. Theless the indelible imprint of the Bombay Plan was manifest in the national Five Year Plans and in the economic trajectory of IndiaSeventy five years later the Bombay Plan's legacy continues to be unmistakable in the economic life of contemporary India Rivetingly told business historian Medha M Kudaisya narrates an important chapter from the story of Indian busine.

EBOOK (Tryst with Prosperity)

Lan especially with its focus on basic industries and capital oods Also most businessmen were op. Ome in fifteen years; envisaged a 130 per cent rise in agriculture output; a 500 per cent increase in manufacturing; and a minimum standard of living for every individual This plan held out the promise of partnership between the Indian state and private enterprise Yet ironically a decade later these captains of industry fell out with the Nehruvian establishment None.

Interesting to know that the 5 year plans of the Indian overnment were inspired by the Bombay The story of Indian business remains incomplete without the Bombay PlanThe Tryst with Prosperity is the story of the Bombay Plan which was initiated in 1944 Eight remarkable individuals from the world of industry like JRD Tata Lala Shri Ram and GD Birla came together and drafted this planThe Bombay Plan an economic blueprint promised to double India's per capita inc.

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Medha Kudaisya did her PhD in South Asian history at the University of Cambridge She is a professor in Department of History Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at National University of Singapore

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