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Readers are led to believe but I need to learn the truth now And I need to learn how Vaughn is going to escape unscathed Man I felt like Vaughn was walking on the very edge of a cliff the whole time All it would take was for someone to learn her secrets and just tap her right off the cliff She has so much riding on her secret life that it makes ou wonder if it was worth it I kept waiting for the bomb to dropRyker is tough He s kind of a jerk but Five fags a day you can see beyond that to what he and Vaughn can be if he doesn t ruin everything I m the sucker over here wanting these two tough as nails characters to soften each other up and live happily ever after but I know they are going to take a beating first Frankly I m loving every bit of it I can t wait to read the second installment A Twisted Tale of Sex Lies and SecretsI liked the varying storylines within the book The characters were well developed and believable The story opens with Vaughn Sanders who goes by Vee in her business as a Madam She runs an escort service in order to pay off medical bills she ran up while trying to save her drug addicted sister who eventually committed suicide She wants to get custody of her niece with Downs Syndrome but needs financial stability before the Government will consider itVee threatens a Senator with blackmail photos after he roughs up one of her escorts and then ends up having to take her place the following night with a new client named Ryker Ryker is a powerful divorce attorney who only represents rich men He doesn t believe in love or marriage and only wants a smart and beautiful woman for business dinners and sex Ryker pretty uickly figures out that Vaughn is hiding things and leading a double life but us intrigued by her and wants to know her so he wants to keep seeing her Vaughn doesn t want anyone knowing her personal life and she is also remembering things from her past There are also some side storylines about Rykers previous relationship one about the father of Vaughn s niece and some other characters pop up that seem integral to the story Overall it is a good book and I am excited to see how much of it is brought forward into the next one This is book one so there is a cliffhanger at the end and multiple uestions left standing so I would like to read the next book to see what happensI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my ownBlog Goodreads Facebook Instagram Twitter BookBub I hate fing cliffhangers I love when an author brings power into the story Power is a delicate balance between people Some think they have it and want to force it onou Some people really do have it and know how to use itI kind of have mixed feelings about this book On one hand I loved the amazing craftsmanship the author developed putting the story together On the other hand the title kept popping back into my head over and over as she kept fighting him and resisting the fact they actually had something positive going It became frustrating in certain pointsThe story is uniue and I really appreciate when a female lead is strong and resourceful He could be a jerk but on the other hand found something intriguing and very sexy in her Together ou know they could do wonderful thingsBut again the title pops into my head Resist is her mantra and we spend most of the book resisting his advances And maybe that s a good thing even though it s frustrating Because the ultimate low blow is the freaking cliffhangerIt s disturbing It s frustrating It s exhausting It s emotionalLike I said I have a love hate relationship with this book Definite mixed feelings as to whether I can manage to hang on for the next edition I hate cliffhangers copy received for review consideration. G that I have carefully built in just a short amount of timeBut as much as I try to resist him and against my better judgment there is something about him that has me agreeing to his proposalI’m putting everything on the line for him I just hope I won’t lose everything when this is all ove.

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N that women are a complication that he doesn t need beyond a night He s also the demanding client of a secret escort service that caters to the rich and power hungryThe heroine is the owner of the escort service that s doing what she needs in order to get something that means the world to her with all the odds stacked against her She s tough as nails et with a core of vulnerability that I couldn t help but connect to immediately This is a woman that has no problem being the first to say no to Ryker who s none too pleased to hear it But then he makes her an offer that she d be insane to turn downThe story is one big power play in motion and I for one devoured it The constant push and pull back and forth cat and mouse game that these two had going utterly owned and captivated me I couldn t get enough of it no matter how frustrating it got It was just so delicious UGHRyker is almost maddening in the games he plays The man is ruthless with a capital R This is no knight in shining armor This is a man with some demons and an ice wall around his heart I was completely enraptured by him As much as he frustrated me at times I still couldn t get enough of himThe characters are multilayered and the author peels back their layers page by page until Jane of Gowlands you re ravenous for They both have so much depth which I seriously loved It s so much than a power play between a ruthless man and a desperate woman There s plenty of secrets and twists that will keepou glued to the pages And then that ending I DIE I need NEED the next book desperately ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI was so excited to read and review the first installment of the Wicked Ways series and did it ever deliver I loved the characters Ryker and Vaughn two people who are independent and strong willed find their way towards each other in an unconventional way Both are fighting the chemistry that is undeniable and the tension is off the charts Vaughn has a goal with a purpose and time is not on her side She runs a successful business and she is laser focus on elevating her operations Ryker becomes a client and she finds herself uncomfortable with his assertiveness and intensity Vaughn sees Ryker as a distraction and tries to dissuade him from pursuing her but he is finding her to be a challenge that he wants to chaseHe is discovering in his pursuit that Vaughn has secrets which draw him further into her orbit There are also forces around them that want them apart which only heightens the tension between them This story has a cliffhanger and it is a biggie I cannot wait for next installment to see how this unravels Audio 275 OverallMale narrator 45 Stars Female narrator 1 cringeworthy StarStory 25 Eyerolling StarsThey are both alphas He s than a little bit of an asshole She s than a little bit bitchy Their power struggle had me than a little bit annoyed and frustratedTo be fair I probably would have found tolerance for the story if the female performer didn t narrate most of the story Her breathyhitching performance did not fit the story I don t think it would fit any story It s too irritating Thankful someone decided to replace her in book 2 so I will continue the series and see if my opinion of the H and h change CLIFFHANGER CLIFFHANGER CLIFFHANGER Nobody told me it was a freaking CLIFFHANGER I want to hurt someone right now violently I might add Throughout the novel I had my head in the clouds with a goofy smile on my face to be crushed badly at the last 98% 98 My first thought after finishing this book is that I need book 2 ASAP Holy mother of all endings That can t be what really happened I know there has got to be to what us as. Ackmail will bend me to his willBut he’s wrongI may have done a few things that weren’t exactly legal but I have my own reasons for that The last thing I’m going to do is let some high powered divorce attorney come into my life have my body and rule my heart Not to mention ruin everythin.

4 STARS Well this was a sexyintense and emotional read I enjoyed most of itThe beginning was intresting and I was intriguedVaughn and Ryker have a uniue connectionI liked the relation 45 stars K Bromberg continues to amaze me each time I read one of her addictive stories I always seem to fall head over heels with every character the author creates Vaughn has secrets and she is determined to resist and to keep hotshot high powered divorce attorney Ryker Lockhart at arms length and to keep her plan on track without making it complicated But Ryker has other ideas and won t leave her alone Determined to win her over he breaks down her defenses and fights for her trust The only thing Vaughn didn t prepare for was going weak in the knees over this arrogant man who threatens not just her heart but the life she is fighting so hard to create Ryker Lockhart is just down right The Piper in the Wind yummy and Vaughn is a strong driven and admirable heroine The passion and fire between them is intense and scolding Ryker It s just my name Not Mr Lockhart Just Ryker The name I ve wanted her to call me andet when she does there s a vulnerability to it that does sht to my insides It makes a man whose heart is cold and dead flicker to life Resist has the perfect mixture of hotness romance love with a dose of realism The writing is beautiful as always and the story itself is definitely an enticing one I loved both of these characters and found myself completely lost in their story I liked almost everything about this bookexcept for its cliffy that made me desperate to read the next book in the series Sometimes it s the ones The Proposal you wait forever for who mean the most ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 45 StarsLoved it Another fantastic read from one of my favorite authors Vaughn and Ryker sizzle in this hot new romance com K Bromberg There s no doubt about their undeniable chemistry but what truly won me over and this unexpected romance was Vaughn s niece Cute kids are SO my kryptoniteHere s what I lovedThis author always bring her emotional A game but this book really got me in the feels Like teary eyed in my feelings Vaughn s loss was heartbreaking Her self discovery almost heartbreaking I didn t expect it but it had a huge impact I loved both main characters Their strength of will made for some very interesting encountersThe writing storyline and execution are what we ve come to expect from this author Always above reproach All in all a thoroughly entertaining read I can t wait for For of my reviewsMy Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog 45 STARS She s like goddamn lightning that s what she is She strikes without warning and is going to singe every damn part of me no matter what kind of shelter I try to hide under This book OMG all This Booklicks every fingerThis was one of the most delicious enemies to lovers books I ve read in a while I can t even Still can t even It was just that satisfyingI ve been a long time fan of K Bromberg but I never expected her to write THIS level of alphahole But not only did she but she made me fall head over ovaries for the man all logic forgottenNow let s talk about this for a hot second because I will say that if serious alphaholes aren t Prey your jam this book isn t forou my friend But this girl Devoured it with the type of fangirling glee that this author seems to bring out in me GAH I m not a fixer I m not a man who wants to step in and save the day Far from it I m too goddamn selfish to be that way So why am I walking into this knowing there s bound to be complications Rycker Lockhart is a devastatingly handsome and incredibly successful divorce attorney He s cold ruthless and all business He learned early From the New York Times bestselling author of the Driven series comes a powerful romance about reaching great heights through low depths Who says Addicted to Womanhood Book One you have to play by the rules to get whatou wantAgreeing to meet Ryker Lockhart is my first mistake Rich handsome and than intriguing he thinks bl.

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