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Author Lewis David as worked with thousands of alcoholics and problem drinkers in government funded and private treatment facilities He is author of Alcohol and You How to Control and Stop Drinking a #1 Bestseller on both in the United States and the United Kingdo.

Can alcoholism really be reversedYes it can says Addiction Therapist Lewis David In fact research shows it appens all the time And the majority of alcoholics who are reversing their alcoholism are doing it without even being in treatment Using world class scientif.

Ic research this book explains the truth about recovery from alcohol addiction and brings real ope to the problem drinkerReversing Alcoholism is a must read for all Ruhestand fr Einsteiger heavy drinkers their friends and families andealthcare professionals who work with themAbout the.

Characters Reversing Alcoholism

Reversing Alcoholism (READ)

Lewis David on Reversing Alcoholism