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In little with him to see if he can be her Daddy she is beyond happy Mane takes care of Tahlia and they make rules for her to follow Their relationship grows stronger and Mane wants her to take off the necklace a former Dom gave her to wear his but gives her time to be ready Tahlia loves Mane and wants to only be with him but she thinks her necklace is a comfort I enjoyed this book it was not about something i read before with a big little story line This book gave me information about that type of a relationship I think both Tahlia and Mane loved the other and wanted to be together i found they communicated very well with each other and had great chemistry I understand the dom sub relationship and now have a better idea about age play Although i couldn t have that type of relationship myself i understand it I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review In this book we meet Tahlia and her Dom Naval officer Mane Campbell One night however while everything is going great for them in the bedroom Tahlia screams out her biggest desire This of course sends her running The reason for this when she has voiced what she really wants a daddy the man will put her down or throw her out What she has with Mane is beyond anything she ever believed she could have but will she ruin it all Can she have the trust to stay not only with Mane but believe that he will protect her little or will she be proven right again and go even deeper into herselfThis is a great story It does have its ups and downs I really want to tell you about However I don t want to ruin it for any other reader I will tell you this book will take you on a journey you never expected The emotional dynamics of these characters will draw you in and not let go I would recommend this book to anyone YOU DID WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS BEST FOR MEHaving read many age play stories by many different authors I will have to say that Ms Carolyn Faulkner did an amazing job of bringing to light the relationship between Mane and Tahlia A couple that had been tog Tahlia has a wonderful man in her life who loves her thoroughly and who has been so patient with some of her insecurities even allowing her to continue wearing a collar from her previous partnerMane is a Naval Office he has excelled in his employment and has been dating Tahlia for some time he nows about her past relationship with Tom whose collar she still wore even though he is now married with a young daughter He new she was a very special woman and that she would fulfil his needs and desires and on the night she had called him Daddy In that one moment all his wishes and dreams came true in that one single momentAs he spends a weekend treating Tahlia as the little girl she so desperately wanted to allow to peak out from her inner self but Carolyn Faulkner always delivers whatever the genre DD BDSM By revealing her innermost cravings Much to her surprise Mane is elated and immediately begins to treat her as his cherished little girl Now that her fondest wish has come true will Tahlia decide that this is re.

Rotica age play Victorian erotica so I was delighted to read this new book from this very prolific writer This one has a little bit of everything Tahlia has a great relationship with her Dom Mane who is a senior officer in the Army but she is still not uite confident in her relationship and continues to where her collar from her previous Dom Mane understands her reticence to surrender totally to their relationship and is very patient but when during a particularly intense climax Thalia calls him Daddy she believes it will be the end of them Thalia is sure that Mane will be completely turned off and repelled by her tendency to be little However the exact opposite happens and Mane is delighted to take control of the relationship in this way What follows is a sweet telling of how their relationship develops in this new dynamic This is a gentle and entertaining short story with all the elements one would expect from this genre erotic raunchy scenes eye watering punishment scenes with hair brush paddle and cane and lots and lots of love a great read Such a wonderful book sweet and comforting Full of discipline with a stern but loving Daddy Loved it 3 Cuteif you love a little and daddy you ll love this book but be prepared for spankings and falling in love forever Daddy is a stand alone age play romance with the perfect balance between sweet naughty and raising your relationship to the best level Mane and Tahlia have been in a serious relationship for a while him her Dom when one night she calls him Daddy Thinking she s ruined the best relationship she s shocked when Mane fulfills her every fantasy for the perfect little weekend But when the weekend is up are her dreams over tooOh my goodness this was such a sweet and passionate age play romance I loved Mane and Tahlia I loved how insecure Tahlia was about her deepest desires but I loved how Mane was able to calm her fears and let her little come out to play He was such a caring Daddy taking care of his little indulging her but also stern when he needed to be Tahlia was so cute getting and comfortable with her little and their be dynamic This was a fascinating book to read because there was so much detail about what being a Daddy means and how important trust and communication is in an age play relationship and it was uite informative There s definitely some discipline but a lot of love and care concern and trust This was an amazing book and I loved reading it It was okayThe way the story is told doesn t uite work for me She s the first person narrator narrating as her big basically But she also has her little persona which is what the story revolves around But because the narration and her thoughts are those of her big the little doesn t really shine through She s too self aware that now she s little and now she s narrating as a big and commentating on what her little is doing which is supe. Ally not what she wants after all Or will she and her handsome officer become closer than ever before Publisher's Note This steamy romance contains elements of power exchange and is intended for mature audiences.

OK I DEMAND Mane Campbell H a Naval Officer who is also Tahlia s h Dom be cloned IMMEDIATELYThis author has written some of the darkest harshest erotic stories I ve read BUT this one is one of the most loving sweet gentle romance stories I have ever read by any author IMOMane is firm stern fair dominant handsome a military officer handsome muscled powerful loves his submissive Tahlia intensely Tahlia adores Mane craves loves his dominant control not to mention the beyond fabulous bedroom interactions they both enjoy so much But she has a deeper needcraving she s hidden since a previous boyfriend clearly expressed his disgust mockery She wantsneeds a Daddy Dom But when she blurts out Daddy to Mane in the throes of passion she bolts just nowing she s destroyed the best relationship she s ever had or could wantBut Mane has a few feelings of his own intends to address them with his beautiful adored submissive the next day Their story just grabbed me by the heartstrings would not let me go Mane was so damn AWESOME as a man a lover a Dom he loved Tahlia wanted to provide her with everything she wanted needed The author let both characters show their love care desire for each other in small large ways she let Mane as strong as he was be man enough to let Tahlia now he was eagerly entering new territory for him too how important it was to help him be the Daddy Dom she needed This book the plot characters their feelings just RESONATED with me so much The overwhelming feeling I got from this book the characters was love love love How wonderful it would be to have a man like Mane in your life How gently but firmly protective thoughtful ind loving he was And Tahlia there was a very low level but very understandable angst she experienced But I loved that other than her one time initial fear driven bolt there weren t emotional meltdowns misunderstandings arguments Just two people who love each other navigating a new path together The story just wraps around you like the softest blanket snugs you down deeper deeper into comforting emotionsNo OWOM drama no overwhelming drama or angst Some loving physical discipline but nothing over the top although there is 1 severe caning scene I heartily recommend this story to those for whom a Daddy Domlg dynamic isn t a issue Worthy of TEN STARS in my opinionI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review i read this book as part of an arc program Tahlia and Mane are in a relationship and Mane is Tahlia Dom When Tahlia calls Mane Daddy she thinks she has ruined their relationship Tahlia dreams of having a Daddy but her past boyfriends thought it was weird or sick she wanted to be taken care of Mane makes Tahlia talk to him and shows her he is thrilled she wants a bog little relationship because he always wanted a little to take care of When Mane asks her to spend the weekend. Tahlia has found the man of her dreams in her new Dom Naval officer Mane Campbell But when she screams out Daddy in the heat of passion she is embarrassed and afraid she has ended yet another great relationship.

Carolyn was one of you as a kid with the intriguing seeds planted in her head of the shivering thrill thoughts that came with words like spanking or discipline As with you those kinds of words and thoughts connected the heated blush of her cheeks with feelings elsewhere which got and interesting the older she gotI bet you know just what I'm talking aboutLike some she started writ

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