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The grumpus23 23 word commentaryA series of topics covered in a what if format Anybody who s wondered what happens the day the interet goes down will enjoy it Review The Day It Finally Happens by Mike Pearl For fans of such bestsellers as What IfThe Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook and The Uninhabitable Earth as well as Steven Pinker and Malcolm Gladwell this is a book about future events that we don t really understand and getting to know them in close detailWhat I love about this book is that es Deliciously Ella entre amis you get the what if s and all the research but at the beginning of every chapter are these scenarios in place and they make for some funny but brilliant reading The chapter about doping at the Olympics for example begins with a Keirin race commentary that will makeou laugh and ou will never forget I read it a couple of times just to make me laugh the way Pearl writes is just fun and it makes this book so easy to read Pearl uses science and his wit to bring us a book that is packed with fascinating imformation talking to experts and academics for every chapter and the graphs in particular near the beginning of the book around human population are unforgettable Another interesting chapter around when Saudi Arabia will dig up it s last barrel of oil also has that wit but also that depth and detail that a scientist brings to a book An excellent book that highlights how the might world look in the future or an alternative universe this book is a hooking and brilliant read that keeps ou curious I would even recommend Pearl take some of these short scenarios and create a book from one I would read it if this is anything to go by I received an ARC from Netgalley for honest review An interesting book and of a 35 star read to me but against the laws of math I usually round down on my ratings I think the first few chapters are shaky and don t feel like they fit in with the rest of the theme of this book Many chapters were about potentially world altering events and honestly losing the British monarchy andor allowing doping in the Olympics do nothing except elicit a awn from me I even admit that I skimmed the one about the British monarchy and I got two pages into the Olympic doping chapter before I gave a hard nope and almost gave up on the book But of course disaster nerd that I am I had to get to some of the interesting chapters such as supervolcano eruptions antibiotics not working any etc Altogether it was a fun and also sometimes scary book to read especially if ou enjoy speculating about what would happen if insert event here occurred The Day It Finally Happens Alien Contact Dinosaur Parks Immortal Humans and Other Possible From a Vice magazine columnist whose beat is “the future” here is entertaining speculation featuring both authoritative research and a bit of mischief a look at how humanity is likely to weather such happenings as the day nuclear war occurs the day the global internet goes down the day we run out of effective antibiotics and the day immortality is achievedIf Un Protecteur Pour Caroline (Forces Trs Spciales t. 1) you live on planet Earthou’re probably scared of the future How could ou not be Some of the world’s most stable democracies are looking pretty shaky Technology is invading personal relationships and taking over jobs Relations among the.

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Henomena by Mike Pearl is a very highly recommended entertaining et serious look at nineteen different events that may spark some fear or trepidation from peoplePearl writes I m not a statistician or a physicist In fact I m terrible at math but I do like to predict the future and I ve made a job of it I just approach it a little differently because my main ualification is a paralyzing fear of things that are going to happen My fear comes from an anxiety disorder a very common mental illness It s a mixed blessing for someone who works as an explanatory journalist it fills my head with ideas but I hate the ideasThis is very well written examination of events that includes research entertaining speculation statistics practical discussions and a measure of personal anxiety The scenarios he presents open with the title of the event to be discussed andor feared then there is a breakdown covering Likely in this century Plausibility Rating rating is a number out of a possible 5 Scary an assessment of how scary the situation is and finally the uestion is posed Worth changing habits Pearl goes on to present the facts and information along with his thoughts about each situation but does so in a funny personable and logical manner It all combines to make The Day It Finally Happens a very interesting and entertaining look at events that can and do cause anxiety in many people After the epilogue Pearl includes notes from each chapterThe widely varied et potentially frightening events contemplated include The Day the UK Finally Abolishes Its Monarchy The Day a Tech Billionaire Takes Over the World The Day Doping Is Allowed at the Olympics The Day Humans Become Immortal The Day Anyone Can Imitate Anyone Else Perfectly The Day the Last Human Driven Car Rolls Off the Lot The Day Saudi Arabia Pumps Its Last Barrel of Oil The Day a Real Jurassic Park Opens The Day Antibiotics Don t Work Any The Day the Last Fish in the Ocean Dies The Day the US Completely Bans Guns The Day Nuclear Bombs Kill Us All The Day a Baby Is Born on the Moon The Day the Entire Internet Goes Down The Day the Last Slaughterhouse Closes The Day Humans Get a Confirmed Signal from Intelligent Extraterrestrials The Day the Next Supervolcano Erupts The Day the Last Slave Goes Free The Day the Last Cemetery Runs Out of SpaceDisclosure My review copy was courtesy of Scribnerhttpwwwshetreadssoftlycom20190 On Saturday January 13 2018 I got to thinking about what it would be like if we all were wiped out by nuclear bombs I engage in these scary thoughts all the time actually mostly in the shower where I don t have audiobooks or po DNF d 8% This just isn t my cup of tea Conceptually. Three superpowers the US China and Russia are growing complicated and dangerous A person watching the news has to wonder is it safe to go out there or not Taking inspiration from his virally popular Vice column “How Scared Should I Be” Mike Pearl in The Day It Finally Happens games out many of the “could it really happen” scenarios we’ve all speculated about assigning a probability rating and taking us through how it would unfold He explores what would likely occur in dozens of possible scenarios among them the final failure of antibiotics the loss of the world’s marine life a complete ban.

This book sounded extremely interesting In practice it was a bit disappointing but still engaging enough to be good However and in retrospect probably it makes sense but it wasn t all that informative More what if s rather than educational snippets More opinion than I anticipated So not a bad read but not amazing On the one hand I actually did learn something not just about what may happen but things that areOn the other hand it was way to scientific and rational I don t want to hear I ll be long dead before we meet the aliens But that s a personal thing I suppose and the books a good read if ou re interested in this kind of thing The author talks about his anxiety leading him to research these situations I don t think anything in here will upset people So I strolled into my library intent of dropping off and then picking up my holds Just minding my own business When my eye strayed up to the Nonfiction uick Pick Shelf I pride myself on keeping current with new release books especially in this subject matter Tin Foil Hat subjects If there is something that could happen I ve probably already mulled it over at 2 am And so this lovely tome made it into my tote bag without a second thought I m sneaking in this review in between a towering stack of Cybils NomineesMike Pearl writes for Vice magazine writing a column titled How Scared Should I Be Anything that could happen falls under his purview In this book he gathered all the likely and unlikely scenarios that are the usual subjects of clickbait You d be surprised how many incredible things actually could happen and conversely how many I thought would be a given and the odds are low for them Jurassic Park could happen That supervolcano out west Not likely Now I would have guessed the exact oppositeMike ranks each event with the uestionsLikely in this centuryPlausibility RatingScaryWorth Changing HabitsHe then backs up his one line findings with plenty of evidence and interviews with experts You know I loved it Buy it for the conspiracy theorist on our shopping listPublication Date September 17 2019 This book was nice and Mike Pearl writes and in my case narrates as I listened to the Audiobook in such a homey and comforting way It just wasnt what I expected This book was the events that could lead to the day it finally happens and not nearly enough of the this is what the world would look like if this happens in my opinionEach chapter has a well written fictional blurb on what life would be like in these various scenarios but most of the chapters were talking about present day things that could eventually lead to the fictional eventsStill a great read Just not what I was expectin. On guns in the US and even the arrival of aliens and reports back from the future providing a clear picture of how the world would look feel and even smell in each of these instances For fans of such bestsellers as What If and The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook The Day It Finally Happens is about taking future events that we don’t really understand and getting to know them in close detail Pearl makes science accessible and is a uniue form of existential therapy offering practical answers to some of our most worrisome uestions Thankfully the odds of humanity’s pulling through look pretty go.

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