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DitoGreat read like living the whole story as mine own Could not wait to get to the end This is one strong lady I enjoyed this story. Rosie is a woman happy in her own skin good job great friends enjoyable lifestyle filled with sports dance music She's even managed to buy her own home before turning thirty an uncommon feat for single women in the 1970's In short Rosie's a retty good Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns package She meets Carl whose charms wit and dynamism appear theerfect wrapping the crowning touch to the life that she's built so far Within months.

It is something different I could hardly ut it down I hope that thisI loved this book it is something different but saying that I lo. Of their wedding Rosie realizes she's entangled with a freuently unemployed dishonest alcoholic ultimately violent conman By subtle and calculated design Carl manages to rip Rosie's ackage apart he cuts her off from friends and family he curtails her usual lifestyle he manages to lose her house and he changes Rosie from a vivacious confident woman to a sniveling vacillating doormat Rosie knows she.

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Ve all the stories forward to reading I am oorly so it takes a bit of time to read them thank you for sharing your stories with us al. Must extricate herself from his control something Rosie finds out is far easier said than done This cautionary tale should especially appeal to the 20 or 30 something woman although anyone involved in a toxic relationship can relate In this memoir told from forty years of retrospect the author shares her own version of Sleeping with the Enemy with self deprecation exasperation terror and compassion.

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