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Or accompanying him as he explores the frozen wastes and beauty of Russia Booth weaves a tale that avoids the usual cliches of the period and instead presents a realistic and very human story that rings true to the period An instant favourite to be very highly recomended. That ground control has abandoned his mission and alone among the stars he contemplates his fat.

This really is a masterpiece one of those books I couldn t put down and then didn t want to finish because once finished there s no of it to look forward to Set in the immediate post Soviet years the story is told by a Cosmonaut abandoned to his fateabord the Mir Space St. Space station Mir IV is on day 171 of its mission encircling the Earth every 89 minutes Yet sinc.

Ation that has become a victim of post Soviet economics and politics We hear biography of the lone cosmonaut and his musings on the nature and fate of humanity It is told in a manner that makes you feel almost as if you are in Mir with him gazing down god like on the world. E day 36 it has carried only one passenger the remaining cosmonaut from a 4 man crew It is clear.

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PDF KINDLE Adrift in the Oceans of Mercy Ï Martin Booth

Martin Booth was a prolific British novelist and poet He also worked as a teacher and screenwriter and was the founder of the Sceptre Press

Martin Booth on Adrift in the Oceans of Mercy