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It s good to be reminded what was Agile is it a noun now all about in the beginning before it became distorted beyond all recognition by the industry The book should robably be obligatory for everyone working in IT Although I don This book is not an introductory text Indeed it reuires that you d been in the software industry for the last years because it s a deep analysis of the Agile movement and how and why it was created and how it has evolved and adopted by the teams and companiesRobert Martin s vision is clear here The Agile ideas were good They tried to solve common roblems that the development companies had all around the world But since its release the ideas and rinciples were turned into a completely different animal And that s the impression of one of the Agile Manifesto authorsIf you read this book you The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone probably realize that you were already lived some of the situations described there Androbably if you are in contact with the community you were also readheard about the Rivers Last Longer problems of the Agile movement nowadays I love the concepts and ideas that make Agile up but as Robert Martin also thinks this is a little out of controlAgile became an industry and now it looks like it s important to have an extensive amount of badges and certifications to know how to scale a thing that it s not intended to be done at scale to not have agileractitioners but coaches that bring no real value because they excel on the rocesses but not in the engineering or Jira haters or The li. Twenty years after the Agile Manifesto was first resented the legendary Robert C Martin Uncle Bob reintroduces agile values and The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! principles for a new generation of software developers In this eagerly awaited book the best selling author of The Clean Coder shows how to bring unprecedented levels ofrofessionalism and discipline to agile development and thereby write far effective successful software As with his othe.

St is very long for me So citing the book You might say that Agile has become something akin to a religion in the realm of software development So I strongly recommend to read it even if you agree or not with the ideas and conclusions This book is a journey from the Witchcraft for Tomorrow problems that Agile tried to solveassing into the solution roposed and how it s supposed to help and ending in what s the situation todayFor me is a must read and refreshing text This is robably not a must read but still a very interesting thoughtful and The Wedding Redux personalerspective on Agile Martin brings the often forgotten developers Great back to basics overview and historical Rolling Thunder perspective A must read for everyone involved on software engineering Well if you really want uality and functional software whether you are an engineer or an executive This book is an oasis of knowledge andrinciples in times like these when Agile is being totally misinterpreted by Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? people who want to do old unprofessional and ineffective managementractices with new agile names roles and complex scaled frameworks It has tons of experience results and skin in the game in form of sentences This book was a mix of memory lane tips and essays from othersThe reface explains that this is a small book because it solves a small roblem The author reminisces about the the Snowbird meeting and the start tho the agile manifesto He talks about 4 agile frameworks It s been a while since I thought about XPI like that he asks you to count the number of. R books Martin's Clean Agile Back to Basics doesn't merely Bootie and the Beast present multiple choices and options and say use your best judgment it tells you what choices to make and why those choices are critical to your success Writing in the agile context Martin offers direct no nonsense answers to crucial uestions likeHow and why did Agile begin What are the costs and benefits of Agile What are the most effectiveractices of Agi.

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Computers in your life Did you remember to count things like your clock and DVR It was fun hearing the origin of the term checkout for source code from checking out hysical unch cards from the drawerThere are many good examples and stories throughout I liked Who is training the new eople The eople who made the mess in the first The Art of Mary Beth Edelson place Theoint that the outer circle of Scrum is a highly efficient way to make a large mess The last two chapters were essays written by others but they fit well We are currently on lockdown due to coronavirus but I look forward to assing this book around when I see eople again This book talks about the history of Agile and as the subtitle suggests the basics of it It also tries to bring some sanity to the subject Great to see Bob s Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain perspective after 18 years of the Agile Summit in 2001 It was aleasure for me to write the chapter on Software Craftsmanship and contribute to this book I m a Robert C Martin fan but this book is the same content from videos and other resentations all over repeated again There is nothing new Maybe for newcomers to the Uncle Bob world it can be fun to read and they can be delighted by his rag Agile is like teenage sex all claim to be doing it but nobody really does None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) properly This book offers a great introduction to the original foundations of Agile I feel this book is just repeating all the essentials of earlier books in this Clean Code series Though it does add new materials taken from Uncle Bob s experiences. Le Development How should an Agile team be organized What roles dorogrammers testers and managers Puta play in an Agile team What is the role of the Agile Coach What about Agile for largerojects What kinds of 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 projects benefit from Agile Clean Agile Back to Basics is essential reading forrogrammers managers testers Killer Games project managers and every softwarerofessional called upon to lead or articipate in an agile rojec.

Robert Cecil Martin commonly called Uncle Bob is a software engineer advocate of Agile development methods and President of Object Mentor Inc Martin and his team of software consultants use Object Oriented Design Patterns UML Agile Methodologies and eXtreme Programming with worldwide clientsHe was Editor in Chief of the C Report from 1996 to 1999 He is a featured speaker at internatio

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