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After having sat through 312 pages of Stacey s humiliation and her being betrayed by yet another supposed best friend BY THE WAY why do the best friends in these books CONSTANTLY betray the main characters Who are these fictional people who find the shittiest person to befriend I mean fuck I could turn into a werewolf and my best friend would never betray me just be like Dude find me a hot werewolf guy It ages me that these characters are constantly forced to ely on themselves and blah fucking blahNow where was I I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to sit through the est of the seriesI m sure shitty best friend will spend the Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes rest of the series trying to make it up to the witchy main character for being a waste of literary space And I lloll my eyes and say Yeah ight whatever bitch and the book will start talking back to me and it ll just get ugly and I d ather not burn any books It s against my non eligionThis was just as disappointing as Ever and we don t need to go there You know what I mean Stacy starts having nightmares about her friend Drea being kidnapped She knows that they mean something because this has happened to her before In the past she ignored them and lost someone she loved because of it This time Stacy plans on preventing the murder There were a couple things in this book that struck me as false it doesn t seem to take place now it has kind of a mid 90s feel which is weird It seems unbelievable that only one student at this wealthy prep school has a cell phone Also everyone is catty and bitchy it seems as though no one is nice to each other even best friends I am not saying people have to be nice to each other all the time but best friends usually have boundaries they wont cross with each other and that doesn t seem to exist here The spirit of dreams is everlasting I whisper It lives within my mindLight and easy This one was just okay I liked the WiccaPagan type slant to the story Stacey was interesting with all her spells and ituals Butview spoiler I found the bed wetting part of the story unnecessaryand she doesn t seem all that worried about I would be scared to sleep setting alarms to get up all night long to go to the bathroom and go before bedbut she doesn t seem to do any of that hide spoiler I think I give it 25 starsI m not uite sure about this I liked it because it was what I needed at the time Something light and not complicated and sillyIt was like a teen slasher movie with magic and less dead bodies But it was so full of cliches and something the writing made me cringeI like the main character and I definitely liked the magic in the book It wasn t too paranormal just Darkness Light rituals and spells and lots of faith in the magical Plus premonition dreamsSo that was funTwo things though1 Why is it that often but not always in young adult fiction especially aimed at teenage girls the best fiends are nevereally good friends They e always cliche or mean or petty or any other thing that is annoying and that leaves you wondering why the protagonist is their friend to begin with I haven t ead a lot a eally strong friendships in young adult books Especially between girlsAnd in this book every single friend that the protagonist had ended up being annoying inconsiderate cold jealous mean or just plain incompatible My world for a string friendship between two teenage girls where they don t argue about silly things and especially about boys2 Boys and love interest Why do they always have to have one It s like writers and publishers don t think teenage girls can get interested in a book if there isn t some kind of love story going on Oh don t get me wrong I love love stories and I think that when it s well done it just enriches the story you are telling especially if the story is not mainly a love story to begin with But to make teenage girl characters constantly obsessed with getting a boyfriend or talking about boys all the time when your story is not a love story is uite annoying and distract from the storyIn this book I couldn t have cared less about Stacey s feelings for Chad And her torment because he was her best frien I ead these books ages ago and only just emembered about them dying to e ead them all now will eview as soon as I can get my hands on a copy It was such an amazing novel that I Not Handsome Enough really did not want to put it down because I wanted to keep oneading to the end to find out who the stalker wasStacey is a wicca who has been having a bed wetting problem ever since she began to have nightmares about someone trying to kill her best friend and dorm oommate Drea When someone starts prank calling their oom and leaving creepy notes to Drea Stacey knows all too well that her dreams are a premonition for a murderDrea s murder She Drea and all her friends must now try to figure out who the stalker is before someone comes and take Drea away before it is too lateI Busy Park really found all the characters to be uite different and very well wri. I know your secretStacey's junior year at boarding school isn't easy She's not the most popular girl at school or the smartest or the prettiest She's got a crush on her best friend's boyfriend and an even darker secret that threatens touin her friendships for good And now she's having nightmares again Not just any nightmares – these dreams are too eal to ignore like she did three years ago The last time she ignored them a little girl died.

Tten I felt bad for Stacey s little problem because it kept happening because of those nightmares I will say that I kinda guessed who the stalkerkiller was early on but I wasn t completely sure and I was so intrigued to get to the end to figure out of I was ight or notnot alot of mystery books have done that for meI would definitly GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany recommend this book and series to anyone This book deserves a loose 4 stars I have to admit while I m biased of stores that deal with witches and witchcraft I struggled through this one I found it was a little annoying at times because I couldn t differentiate between dreams andeality Now I understand that was most likely the point to not know the difference but honestly I found it a little annoying because it seemed to happen all to often then not I also felt like the characters didn t The Confederate Privateers really have much depth to them and they were just kind of there But all in all it was honestly a pretty good book I admit I loved the spooky atmosphere the main character was so interesting and I loved her and the setting was also amazing and again a little spooky so that helped persuade myating Like I mentioned above I m biased of witches and witchcraft in books so I did enjoy this Big Bad Detective Agency read even if it had a few faults I d definitely pick up the second book I did not like this book very much and I ameally surprised the book has avg The Placer rating of 421 which is what drove me toead the book in the first place The book isn t entirely bad though It is action packed and has an interesting yet creepy plot With that said I felt like the author placed a greater emphasis on the plot Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism rather than the characters I couldn telate to any of them at all and felt like many of them didn t have distinct personalities That bothered me greatly I won t The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, recommend this book to anyone in particular unless someone is looking for a uickead to keep them entertained for an hour or two The novel is fine actually but it s not like Harry Potter or Twilight I can t get Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness really into it Here come the spoilers This book is about a girlwitch named Stacy Brown She has weird nightmares about her best friend and currentoommate Drea They seem to foreshadow Drea s death In these dreams lilies are all always present lilies also happen to be the flower that epresent death Stacy becomes eally worried because she has had dreams like this in the past and the last time she didn t act upon them The esult was the death of a little girl named Maura Stacy isn t sure if she is misinterpreting her nightmares so she uses card eading to verify her visions They all seem to indicate the same thing Chad Drea s ex boyfriend is going to schedule something like date then cancel on her Drea is going to get mysterious packages and Drea is going to die soon To make things even worse Drea is getting calls from a mysterious guy and she efuses to tell Stacy who he isA few days later Drea gets a package and Stacy becomes paranoid Stacy doesn t want to tell Drea what her visions indicate but after these odd phone calls and the mysterious package Stacy decides it s about time to tell her the truth Stacy also tells Amber who is another friend of theirs Drea doesn t take Stacy s warning seriously The next day Drea eceives an odd message about Drea having only four days Along with the message is four lilies Drea and Stacy are convinced that the number of lilies Der Bilderwächter represent the number of days Drea has to live However despite this Drea continues to talk to the mysterious guy on the phone and she admits to Stacy and Amber that she has no idea who he is Amber completely flips out and advises her not to talk to him again Stacy takes it upon herself to solve this mystery and begins to get threatening messages A mean girl named Veronica starts telling everyone that she is being stalked too and has been sentenced to die the same day Drea has however Stacy feels that there is to that story and Veronica is not telling the truth All of a sudden Veronica is murdered which forces the police to get involved Meanwhile Stacy has problems with herelationship with Chad She likes him and she s pretty sure he likes her but he was Drea s ex boyfriend Drea also gets annoyed with Stacy when she spends time with Chad and that esults in a major fight between Stacy and Drea On top of all this Stacy is having nightmares about Chad being the threating personstalker The day Veronica dies Drea hyperventilates and is taken to the hospital She is eleased later that night but she never makes it back to her oom Stacy becomes worried and alerts the police but they aren t too concerned in their eyes Veronica s death is the main the problem Stacy goes searching for Drea and elies on her visions and her instinct to find her She goes to a forest after calling the police and letting them know and finds Donnovan a guy who has had a crushobsession on Drea since third grade there Stacy cuts her foot and Donnovan tells her to stay put while he. This time they're about Drea her best friend who's become the target of one seriously psycho stalker It started with weird e mails and freaky phone calls Now someone's leaving Drea white lilies – the same death lilies that have been showing up in Stacey's dreams Everybody thinks it's just a twisted game until another girl at school is brutally murdered There are no witnesses Worst of all no one has a perfect alibi With everyone as a potenti.

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Goes and looks around for some help apparently his cell phone had no connection At first she trusts him but the she uestions why he is even here in the first place That makes her suspicious so she continues her search for Drea Donnovan gets mad and tells her that she wouldn t want to see what happened to her Stacy finds Drea in the fetal position all tied up in a shed like place The two of them try to escape from Donnovan while he threatens them with a knife When it almost seems like Stacy is going to die the police appear on the scene just in time Donnovan is arrested and taken away while Drea and Stacy are taken back to the various locations to be uestioned by different peopleIn the end it turns out that Donnovan was the one who was threatening Drea from the beginning Donnovan has been obsessed with Drea since third grade but she didn t like him back in that sense Donnovan thought that if he could lure Drea away from Chad and her friends and spend sometime with her she would possibly love him Veronica ealized that Drea was getting a lot attention through this problem and decided to fake the idea of being stalked too She decided that she would leave town the day of the murder and when she came back Drea would be gone as in dead With Drea out of the way she could have Chad to herself However Donnovan got upset with Veronica and decided that he had to do something about her So as he tells the court he accidentally killed her The court decides that Donnovan is not mentally straight and he is sent to juvenile jail for five years They also Letters to Rollins reuire some counseling sessions for Donnovan Meanwhile Drea decides to leave campus and go back home to study for a year She needs time to get over this ordeal Also she thanks Stacy for not bailing out on her even though she was extremelyude to Stacy Lastly she gives permission to Stacy to date Chad SEE THIS REVIEW ON MY BLOGMelodramatic Reviewsspoiler alertThis book was a nightmare I was seriously tempted for one star A young adult witchcraft book that tries too hard to be adult in my opinionStacey is a woe is me character whose friends suck With friends like these her enemies in the book don t seem so bad any One of them humiliates her in front of her crush out of jealousy Wow Not to mention Stacey s oh so wet dream worthy love interest was completely unmemorable So forgettable in fact that I can t Britain, Europe And The Third World remember his name Chad Chase Conrad I immediately placed who the villain was and found myself wanting to scream at how dim witted the characters were I mean this guy screamed creepy Stupidity hurtsI ll give the book kudos for accuracy in their flower language and the fact that someone actually dies in this book These ladies and gentlemen were it s only good pointsNow The whole storyevolved around a stalker and the fact that Stacey was having prophetic nightmares Nightmares that made her wet her bed but not out of fear No no just because during the dream she had this strong urge to piss herself and couldn t seem to wake herself out of the dream in order to use the toilet like a grown up Weird and weirder So we try to grasp the fact that Stacey is trying to hide her bed wetting for nearly the entire bookTo sum it up this book was blah Blah blah blah So blah I m not even going to bother Scotland Yard reading the other 3 books or the damn graphic novel From my blog The Writer DiariesI didn t like this book At all I found myself skipping through paragraphs of description mostly the spells cause it felt like a big info dump You use playing cards because insert lengthyeason why You use oil because another lengthy eason why I feel like I know about calming oils and protection spells than I do the charactersStacy starts having nightmares about something terrible happening to her friend Drea She knows that they mean something because this has happened to her before with a child she babysat Maura This time Stacy plans on preventing Drea s deathAnd here I was ooting for Drea to die She is the worst kind of itch with a heavy case of B She s a horrible arrogant friend who believes whats mine is mine including people She even tells Stacy s crush that she wets her bed we ll address this little problem later all because she walked in their dorm and found them sleeping Fully clothed A parent would get angry Your best friend should not especially since she isn t dating that guy any But alas Drea thinks he and every other guy in school belong to her Honestly I don t know why Stacy tried so hard to be her friend I wouldn t want anything to do with her with how she treats peopleI kept getting the vibe this was set in the 90s what with all the payphones and a mention of a walkman It seems unbelievable that only one student at this wealthy prep school has a cell phone so I m going to guess it was 90sOh and Stacy is a bedwetter There s nothing wrong with it but did the author eally have to address it every single scene I couldn t go two pages without. Al suspect Stacey turns to the one secret weapon she can trust – the folk magic taught to her by her grandmother Will Stacey's magic be strong enough to expose the true killer or will the killer make her darkest nightmares come trueIn this Deluxe Spellbook Edition you'll findSpells created by You and other keepers of secrets poems spells and meditations contributed by fans of this popular series Extras also include an interview with the auth.

Laurie Faria Stolarz grew up in Salem MA attended Merrimack College and received an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College in Boston Laurie Faria Stolarz is an American author of young adult fiction novels best known for her Blue is for Nightmares series Her works which feature teenage protagonists blend elements found in mystery and romance novelsStolarz found sales success with he

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