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I got a review digital copy of this book This book is out at the right time All of s need to read this and nderstand how our belief systems work and how they can be and are being manipulated by everyone around All in all a great read Most recommended I generally liked the book although it looked to me in some moments like a pure research paper The information presented is very interesting and the topic is very important I believe nderstanding the way people think biases and other factors that influence the way we live communicate and interact at different levels If the reality is the same them why we can t agree on this this is the core of the book for me This is an informative and interesting book for those curious how it is people can have such diametrically opposed opinions beliefs and perceptions of the same event or idea I appreciate the various studies to suppor. Seeing Reality As It Is written by Joseph L Giovannoli is his second book describing biologica.

T the claims made and the explanation of neurobiological mechanisms such as gephyrin which influences the ways in which we make decisions This book is largely devoid of over generalizations and the author does a superb job at supporting the purpose of this book which is to educate his readers on this fascinating topic An in depth look at why we perceive the world from our own lens Read like a textbook I felt like I was completing reading for a course How I read this Free ebook copy received through NetGalleySigh Such a good topic but such an incredibly boring book Without fail it put me to sleep every night in about 5 minutes The material is organized in short chapters which feel an awful lot like a textbook The direction isn t clear and after the author s done talking about how beliefs work it s just a short rundown of the European history through the lens of how beliefs. L processes that influence how we perceive reality His first book The Biology of Belief publis.

Free download Seeing Reality As It Is

E–pub Download Seeing Reality As It Is

Shaped it Ironically the appendixes were much interesting than the book itself and they are the reason I m giving it 3 stars instead of 2 The appendixes talked about propaganda evolution and DNA even artificial simulated organisms and their evolution I thank the publisher for giving me a free copy of the ebook in exchange to my honest review This has not affected my opinionBook Blog Bookstagram Bookish Twitter I found the information presented in the book very interesting I think the author wants to help people Knights of the Hill Country understand how we all can live together and interact with each other peacefully especially with all the turmoil in the country now I have already shared the book with a friend Thank you for the opportunity of receiving this book An in depth look at whyhow we perceive the world from our own lens Read like a textbook I felt like I was completing reading for a course. Hed in 2000 was recommended reading in college courses at a number ofniversities Thus far

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