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Blishes 4152020 Pre order this book immediately And I don t make that recommendation lightly65 Stars All that has been hidden will be revealed Tom Rastrelli is one of the people making sure this happensThis is a very important book First of all it is brutally honest Mr Rastrelli details all of his sexual activity from high school through leaving the priesthood Second he reveals why the Roman Catholic Church has denied priests were sexually abusing and shows it continues today In the past thirty years a number of survivors have written books about their clergy sexual abuse but few or none of them have been x priests telling all about what goes on in seminaries and in rectories between clergy All this needs to be xposed but it is not at all cheerful reading I recommend this book because besides the above Tom saw a dozen counselors during the years he write about He shares visit by visit what he was Review of Confessions of A Gay Priest A Memoir of Sex Love Abuse and Scandal in the Catholic SeminaryBy Tom RastrelliNot for the faint of heart Confessions of a Gay Priest is an intimate detailed and fascinating look both within Catholic seminary life as well as the heart of its author Tom Rastrelli The book brings the reader into an odyssey of longing frustration times of joy guilt love sorrow inspiration and concluding with insightThis is a fascinating look into the uest for self acceptance love and meaning which drives the author to make difficult choices in order to be true to himself The concluding words are poignant and speak of peace and loveMark TedescoAuthor of That Undeniable Longing My Road to and from the Priesthood Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this book in xchange for an honest review The title is an honest Buried encompassing warning on what this book is truly about It s a hard one to read because of how awful the coverup of sexual abuse in the Catholic church truly is And how far up the coverup goes This book is a raw honest account of the author sxperience with his own sexual abuse from when he was a Child and then later while going through the Catholic seminary His struggles with his sexuality versus the very mixed messages the church sends really give an insider s view of the corruption Overall I found d this book interesting but it did seem a bit too long Oof This was a particularly tough one to read and ven difficult to review Tom Rastrelli a former Catholic priest discusses xactly what is promised in the title sex love abuse and scandal in the church Tom was repeatedly sexually abused as an adolescent by his pediatrician an odious man named Dr Lauz In his teenage years Tom realizes that he is gay through xperimentation with one of his friends who ngages sexually with Tom but is still deeply homophobic When Tom goes to college a sexually and vocationally confused musical theatre aficionado his family guilts him into going back to church xpecting him to be the good Catholic boy they raised He meets Father Scott Bell a cheerful and youth friendly priest who welcomes Tom back into the church During one of Father Scott s sermons on a gospel reading about Jesus healing a deaf man Tom is awakened He suddenly and powerfully feels the calling Ephphatha to become a priest Thus begins Tom s arduous journey to priesthood Father Scott takes him under his wing and has him do chores around the church but the relationship is a mixed one often motionally manipulative Tom continues to struggle with his sexuality understanding the vow of celibacy to mean that he must curb his homosexual desires He seeks therapy to do this and needs many years of counseling to work through his abuse as a child However he still acts out many many times including with other priests It s difficult to know what is consensual or what is coerced in this book as there is a massive gray area for the kinds of power dynamics between a priest and a seminarian But than anything the lesson you take away from this book is that the institution of the Catholic Church the hierarchy the lack of transparency the righteousness of priests the constant sinning is deplorable Many of the priests in this book are clearly functioning alcoholics and many have homosexual desires while not calling themselves gay that they act on despite the vow of celibacy The abuse that Tom suffered was not really prosecutable in civil law but certainly should have been in clerical law but when Tom tried to report it he was silenced shut down and summarily dismissed Tom ven found hard cold proof that an associate pastor he replaced was viewing child porn and potentially participating in it himself and his fforts to report it to the diocese were not only brushed off but the diocese sent a representative to rase the proof on the hard drive It s frankly sad that the institution of the Church is so corrupt because Tom genuinely seemed like a good person and a good priest someone who cared about his parishioners and felt the vocation to help others find solace in Catholic teachings in the way he did Yet the institution of the church and its patriarchic hierarchic iron fist rule is what ultimately destroyed Tom s relationship with the priesthood and frankly led to Tom s general downfall This is a fascinating book and a great insider look into the Church from someone who saw it intimately Thank you to University of Iowa Press for the ARC Tom Rastrelli s Confessions of a Gay Priest mig. Up that continues todayUnder the guidance of a charismatic college campus minister Rastrelli sought to reconcile his homosexuality and childhood sexual abuse When he felt called to the priesthood Rastrelli be­gan the process of “priestly discernment” Priests welcomed him into a confusing clerical culture where public displays of piety celibacy and homophobia masked a closeted underworld in which lder priests prey.

Thank you to NetGalley for sending me this book to review This memoir presents a very poignant and brutally frank picture of one man trying to balance the teachings if the church with the undercurrent of sexual abuse celibacy and homophobiaThe novel begins with 28 year old Tom Rastrelli s ordination in Iowa The setting is austere and grand as is to be xpected Suddenly there is an xplosion and A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, everything is plunged into darkness The cause of this is a suirrel who meets its death where the power wire meets the junction box This is almost a foreshadowing of thevents to come in Tom s career as a priest The memoir The Shadow Reader enfolds at a time when the church was trying to coverup the sexual abuse of minors and paedophiles The story suddenly moves two years into the future as he leaves the archbishop s office in tears and rage when advised to cover up the sexual abuse of the catholic churchThe memoir moves back in time to Tom s college days and his innocent liking for drama and musicals At this point Tom is frustrated with the catholic church and hasxperimented with the Lutherans Methodists and fundamentalists At university Tom has an unhappy homosexual affair However two of the most critical Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies events in his youth are his being taken advantage of by Doctor Lauz whom he consults as a teenager for aarache and by a priest Fr Scott Bell who takes advantage if his confusion and sexually xploits his instead of guiding him he realises that the church did not consist of holy men as is commonly thought of by a faithful and devoted congregation but by a code of silence which protects the guilty priests and ironically in the case if Fr Scott Bell ven rewards him by promoting himWhat is remarkable about the novel is the unapologetic and compelling authenticity and detail Few people would be aware of the sub culture of drinking smoking the secret infatuations the sexual subterfuge the powerful liaisons and the closeted sexual relationships which Rastrelli writes about at length and in a very convincing manner His mental breakdown the cruel treatment meted out to his by the alcoholic priest who runs his parish and the indifference of the people in power are described in an The Power Of A Choice extremely heart breaking manner It is a relief to read in the Epilogue that Tom finally finds the happiness and the peace he has been denied during his teenage years his days at his university and seminary and his life as a priest I am lucky to be able to read with great speed and would typically have finished an autobiography like this in a couple of days But because I know the author as friend and co worker and because the contents of the story are intense I measured the book out over 7 weeks The trauma Tomxperienced at the hands of abusive people and particularly from the institutional power of the Catholic church is harrowing in the facts but specially motional because Tom is an articulate storyteller I grew up in a Catholic tradition and njoyed participating in Mass as an altar boy Although I never wanted to be a priest I did admire those who considered that calling and found Tom s telling of his own journey fascinating Tom s narrative is rich with the technical jargon of the Catholic canon and is also rich with pop culture references from the 80s that are familiar and fun to those of us of a certain age I left the Catholic faith as my critical thinking skills grew and I found inclusive ways of being in community with folx who wanted to care for others It is present on very page that Tom is a deeply caring person and for those that are Catholic I think you ll be sad to see what was lost in Tom s departure from the priesthood In reading Tom s story I appreciate how little I knew about the problems within in the church and how lucky I was to have The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right escaped abuse Tom s book is a recommended read for those that want to understand the history of the church s scandalous sex abuse cover up as they impacted a priest within the fold Tom s storynds with a hopeful and healthy person and should be a welcome book for anyone who is working through the depression that follows harm and oppression Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling especially towards those who gay This book is going on the shelf for further reflection Horrific anxiety inducing disgusting but revelatory is how I d describe this book Having grown up Catholic and forced to be friends with priests than I d care to admit it shocks me and I find the behavior in this book completely revolting What Rastrelli went through with his abuse and the covering up by high leaders only makes sense given the church s history of hiding away despicable actionsThis is a book about pain in the Catholic Church and thenormous grief and shame placed on one priest as he tries to fight against Monsieur Pain everything about who he is It moved me in a way that I was notxpecting at all Several times I was so angry that I wanted to throw my kindle across the room But if Rastrelli was able to live through this then I could read through his painThere are many triggers throughout the book sexual assault rape gaslighting and the one to me that s ven worse than the rest the acknowledgement of these things and then turning and ignoring it It is NOT a book for anyone who wants to continue to love and feed at the breast of the Catholic Church This book is about abuse and the long nduring pain that comes from the Church s powerIt s mesmerizing and heart breaking And I am so glad to be awayConfessions of a Gay Priest pu. Tom Rastrelli is a survivor of clergy perpetrated sexual abuse who then became a priest in the arly days of the Catholic Church’s ongoing scandals Confessions of a Gay Priest divulges the clandes­tine inner workings of the seminary providing an intimate and unapologetic look into the psychosexual and spiritual dynamics of celibacy and lays bare the “formation” system that perpetuates the cycle of abuse and cover.

Ht just be the most painfully difficult book to read that I ve finished in my ntire life I realize that sounds like an xaggeration but believe me it s not And it s not Rastrelli s style or writing ability that made this one so hard for me to stomach it s what the book is about The book s subtitle A Memoir of Sex Love Abuse and Scandal in the Catholic Seminary accurately warns readers of what s inside but ven then I thought I could maintain an Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. emotional detachment while reading it That did not happen Instead I found myself growing angrier and angrier at the Church hierarchy that allowed the things described in Confessions of a Gay Priest to go on for decade after decade And not only did those at the top the only people who could have possibly stopped the kind of abuse described by Rastrelli allow it to continue they covered up for the criminals in their midst by transferring them from parish to parish or seminary to seminaryvery time it appeared that the truth was in any danger of being xposed This is Tom Rastrelli s personal story the story of a rather na ve gay teenager who felt a calling to the priesthood Rastrelli is a handsome man and as a young man he was agerly targeted by an authority figure in his parish church ager to take advantage of his confusion about his sexuality and the role of gay men in the Church Then having survived for the time being at least that relationship Rastrelli was immediately targeted by a mentor priest of authority at the seminary in which he would spend the next four years of his life These would be four years during which Rastrelli would struggle to live up to the Church s celibacy reuirement while being sexually abused and xploited by some of the very people responsible for his physical and mental well being as a seminarian But somehow Rastrelli did manage to survive the seminary Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, experience and become a Catholic priest Probably because he was older and a bit wiser the new Father Rastrelli began to uestion the hypocrisy of the churchlders and came to the realization that the corruption and cover up of the predatory sexual nature of some of his fellow priests went all the way to the top all the way in fact to Rome The lack of support he received from his Archbishop when he Il morto di Maigret exposed what he had witnessed and what happened to him personally Rastrelli s desperate cry for help left him suicidal and on the brink of a ne Tom Rastrelli s blistering memoir follows his journey as a young seminarian A survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his pediatrician his call to the priesthood leads him into a labyrinth of confusing torturous and undependablencounters in world of secrets Rastrelli had always been aware of his attraction to other boys but his abuse by his pediatrician immeasurably complicates his coming of age and acceptance of his gay identity As with many abuse s The intensely conflicted struggle of faith and redemption amid the power of the Catholic Church is highlighted in this unforgettable memoir Confessions of a Gay Priest A Memoir of Sex Love Abuse and Scandal in the Catholic Seminary 2020 is written by Tom Rastrelli When Tom Rastrelli returned to his hometown in Clinton Iowa he was nrolled at the University of Northern Iowa and studying the dramatic arts 1994 1996 Although he was raised in an observant Catholic home by his hardworking middle class parents he was gay closeted lacking in self steem and felt terribly shamed and diminished by childhood sexual abuse Rastrelli s decision to nter the priesthood didn t happen with any amount of ase As his faith and spirituality deepened his resolve to follow the teachings of the church increased Eventually Rastrelli realized he could serve and administer to a parish flock with the priestly vows of celibacy offering a path towards redemption keeping him right with GodAs he Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition entered his local parish to study under the guidance of Father Scott Bell Rastrelli uickly learned that behind closed doors the priests were not the noble holy men of public perception and honoring the vows of celibacy was a priestly journey that wasn t clearly or directly followed It was surprising how one priest oldnough to be Rastrelli s grandfather could face himself in the mirror Rastrelli was advised by Father Scott to watch the movie Mass Appeal 1984 also to date women and Billionaires Contract Engagement (Kings of the Boardroom enter therapy designed to address his homosexual orientation none of which seemed realistic or helpfulThe path that was strictly followed was the Code of Silence as the governing body and hierarchy within the church acted in its own best interests to protect itself from the disgrace of all public scandal In 2001 Pope John Paul II issued a public apology for the child sexual abuse cases within the church that had been brought to public attention The mistrust of church officials became apparent as members began leaving the Catholic church in greater numbers After becoming a priest and serving in a parish Rastrellixperienced a crisis of faith that slowly led to a mental breakdown after a shocking cold and cruel rejection by someone he had deeply loved Despite his own difficulties and serious issues within the priesthood this is not a memoir of judgment self pity or blame but rather of a true holy man that mbarked on a spiritual journey that led to unexpected love peace and happiness With thanks and appreciation to the University of Iowa Press via NetGalley for the ADC for the purpose of review. Ed upon young recruitsFrom there he ventured deeper into the seminary system seeking healing hoping to help others and striving not to live a double life Trained to treat sexuality like an addiction he and his brother seminarians lived in a world of cliues competition self loathing alcohol hidden crushes and closeted sex Ultimately the “for­mation” intended to make Rastrelli a compliant priest helped to liberate hi.

Confessions of a Gay Priest: A Memoir of Sex, Love, Abuse, and Scandal in the Catholic Seminary Pdf ¹ Tom Rastrelli

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