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S If caught losing their payload will be the least of their worries Then when Tasha manages to push her ship and avoid them she flings them right into the path of an Aurelian warship What if it they are Rogues not holding to the laws and governance of the Aurelian Empire Too late now as they are being pulled into the ship via their tractor beam I don t want to accidentally provide any spoilers so I am going to stop here There are some grammatical errors inserted duplicated words is vs if etc but I was able to easily interpret the author s intentThe series based on the Aurelian empire are like a guilty pleasure for me They engage my attention early in the story Maybe I like to think that there are aliens out there protecting innocent worlds This is the 3rd book in the series but it can be read as a stand alone This sci fi read has plenty of drama and suspense Tasha is the captain of a spaceship when it is captured by Aurelians Will she be able to save her crew Fast paced with loads of drama suspense and steam A good read 35 starsThis was a good story with plenty of action Big win against the enemies This wasn t ust a constant bedroom scene book I gave it a downgrade because there was ust too much mental rumination an extreme amount and it s one thing I have very little tolerance for It makes me think there ust isn t enough storyline so the author Black Heart, Red Ruby just fills it up with angst and repetition to reach a certain page count The other reason for downgrading is I don t like the spankings for disobedience trope but it sust something I have to put up with and skim over in a Corin Cain book lolAside from that the story has space battles and creepy ene. Y the two brutish men of his triad who live for blood and violence I'm drawn to them but I can sense the anger and pain deep in their souls I'm trapped on an alien warship with hundreds of the testosterone fuelled warriors who haven't seen a woman in years And there's no way out Over twenty million pages read in the Aurelian Empir.

Alien Capitan s Prisoner It was okay I skipped many passages for it was kind of too much of the same and a bit repetitive She thought she had got away Scott free but now she is on a ship filled with alien males who have not seen a female for a very long time Who will claim her Will she be able to escape the ship Will she want to if she is mated to some of them See how she gets onI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Alien Captain s Prisoner is the second book in the Captive Mate series which is part of the Aurelian Empire universe by author Corin Cain I love these books and make sure to never miss the ones recently released In this story Tasha steals from an Aurelian Trouble is she does not know if it is a rouge Aurelian or not Rouge Aurelians do not abide by the rules of the empire meaning that they buy women from auction or plain steal them and force them into sexual slavery FREE on today 10232019 This is the second story in the Captive Mates series and it could be read as a stand alone story but I would recommend that you read the previous series Rouge Aurelians so you can understand a bit of what the alien race of Aurelians are likeIn the Aurelians series the Aurelians are the protectors of many planets Earth ust being one of them from other races that conuer and destroy One of the way they are repaid for protection is in women Their Amazing storyI loved this book this author and everything they have written I can not wait to read the next book by them Alien captains prisonerI usually don t like m nage a trios type books but do love sci fi so I tried this one It did go along those lines. Captured by seven foot tall aliens who deal with escape attempts harshly Tasha I stole from the Aurelians I thought I got away clean Then I was taken captive by an alien captain with a deathwish and an obsession for me If he's working for the Empire I'm facing a hundred years in ail If he's Rogue Rogue Aurelians claim human women.

With a triad of aliens and a human woman but was definitely done tastefully Tasha is a pilot of her own Asking and is captured by the aliens and it is a love story in the making from going to despair g and hating them to the All growing learning and eventually loving one another good read 4 12 starsContains subject matter that may be a trigger or offensive to some including adult language steamy intimate scenes and violenceThis is the second story in this set these are published in 3s New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood just like the triad in the story but all are stand alone reads but I highly recommend reading them in order for maximum reader satisfaction and to prevent spoilersAt the center of each of these stories are Aurelian warriors bonded together in a triad They are dominant alpha males that crave submission from females Aurelians can only have children with their fated mate so each warrior will do anything to find her after they have served their 100 years of service protecting other planets Some do it by building large harems hoping that one of them will be their fated mate while others may look but understand that it is so rare that they will never really have a chance at locating theirsThis story is about Tasha a human captain that mines orbs and other minerals with a small crew of 6 She has had her own ship for a few years and is a great pilot getting her crew away from danger multiple times Tasha is also a thief when times call for it Her and her crewust stole 26 orbs which is worth enough to set them up for lifeUnfortunately it also put them on every other thieves radar and they are being chased by 3 ships of Toads They are vile disgusting opportunistic creature. When they smell the scent of a potential Fated Mate they go mad with need Any attempts to escape the spaceship will be dealt with the mercilessness of the species Mercilessness that could trigger the fabled mating rage Captain Aleon Possessive Dominant Seven feet tall of chiseled perfection and pure cocky arrogance He's flanked

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PDF DOWNLOAD Alien Captains Prisoner (Captive Mates, #2)

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