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E possibly my whole future My line will only continue through youHis cock hadn t ever been used for breeding It ached to be inside his BrideHe inhaled and he knew she was in her breeding cycleYou are mineHe was a mate and also a fatherHe d bred this female and she was hisI want you large with our offspring This outstanding read had amazing characters that kept me totally engaged as I turned each and every page until the very end Omg I was so excited to read this book From the beginning of the story I was hooked in the connection between both main characters was steamy I loved the adventure our characters go through Great scifi romance Daxon s Hostage was a uite enjoyable read But I had found the heroines transition from I don t wanna marriage to I will test the mating compatibility too sudden. ??s 99% certain this tiny human is destined to be his mate Therefore this precious cargo is his And if anyone feels differentthey’ll have to go through Daxon first Author's note This is book #6 in the series but can be read as a stand alone Be prepared to meet new friends and revisit old favorit.

I loved this book but I like the whole series sad to see it come to an end I love thought if testing for compatibility and wearing gloves until it happens I love the way they claim their mates really really hot and primal Best oneThis is the best book out of the whole series I like Darcy and Daxon They got to know each other I also liked how Daxon was a slob and wasn t very handy at fixing things He was good at protecting and providing Darcy was smart and new how to fix things around the ship It was nice how they complimented each other 3 Stars This is another great addition to this series The storyline was intriguing and full of suspense and action And I love standalone books in a series and this one had a fast pace that ust flowed really wellI received a free copy of this book via Bookspro. Daxon of Seven is trying to take make it through the first day of a new ob After being kicked out of the Illibrium mines he’s starting a brand new career as a Bounty Hunter And with his ferocious size and mighty fists he figures he’ll be a great fit On day one he starts his ship leaves dock

Ut and am voluntarily leaving a review I absolutely loved this book and was honored to have been able to read and review It was such a phenomenal read and had amazing characters as well as an amazing story line I ust could not get enough of it and once I started reading it I could not put it down I recommend that you read it Daxon discovers a stow away on his ship Darcy and she ust so happens to be his mate Darcy is running away from a evil man who is set on marrying her when she stows away on Daxon s ship and she definitely doesn t want another husband As these two spend time together Darcy opens her heart to Daxon and they get their HEA This book is funny And sweet A beautiful stow away and the bounty hunter Oh another virgin storyWhat if I m letting my future bride leave me forever You ar. Nd finds a stowaway A delicate New Earth female is sleeping in his bunk Meanwhile some rich idiot is screaming red faced through the holo vid that she’s his bride and he wants her returned immediately He should give her back rich idiot has powerful friends Except he’s inhaled her scent and he?.

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Daxons Hostage Alien Bounty Hunters #6 Download à Michele Mills

Michele Mills lives in California and leads a life of uiet G rated desperation with her husband and two sons In an attempt at a fulfilling R rated inner life that does not include Disney movies and Nickelodeon; Michele reads and writes filthy romance and wellfilthy romance And she wouldn’t have it any other way Sign up for Michele Mills' newsletter and instantly receive Kroga's Bride f

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