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(PDF/EPUB) Wolfsong by Traci Briery

For those of you not in the know WOLFSONG is a followup to THE WEREWOLF CHRONICLES In this story Phyllis has fully assumed a new identity as Loraine Turner trying to jumpstart Another murder victim has been found on the streets of LA For Det Peter Thomas it's another dead end But werewolf Loraine.

Career as a dancer She lives under suspicion by the LA police for the murder of her oommate The struggle continues in which Loraine tries to balance her increasingly problematic. Turner knows that the killer is a enegade pack member with a taste for human flesh Now wanted for a crime she didn't comm.

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Chaotic life It is an interesting story though it was hard to accept the way Loraine was finally able to deal with living a dual life as a woman and a Wolf Hence the three 3 stars. It Loraine heads for the wilds of Wisconsin With Thomas on her trail and a mortal in her bed she must outrun the full moon.

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