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Ut young men and women being shot abducted tortured and killed for being a Sikh And this is all going to happen again and againThe ssay that had the most impact on me was Ten Thousand Pairs of Shoes where devotees who had come to offer prayers on the day of Operation Bluestar never returned to claim their shoes for they were killed or detained afterwardThis is a book for anyone who is interested in reading about the Punjab conflict or curious about what preventive detention laws do to a community. Of the conflict; Justice Ajit Singh Bains who became a beloved “people’s judge”; and Inderjit Singh Jaijee who returned to Punjab to document abuses ven as other lites were fleeing Together they are credited with saving countless lives Braiding oral histories personal snapshots and primary documents recovered from at risk archives Kaur shows that when A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, entire conflicts are marginalized we missssential stories stories of faith feminist action and the power of citizen activist.

The Wheat Fields Still Whispers Faith Gender and Activism in the Punjab Conflict by Mallika Kaur is a book that looks at what it was like to live in Punjab in those days Unna din as they are referred to by people in PunjabThe author takes us backward from the present day to the fateful day of Operation Blue Star Traversing through counterinsurgency measures curfews 3 The Shadow Reader exclusionary laws that changed the social landscape of Punjab Through her interviews interactionsthnographic and archival work she. Brings together personal narrative oral history and scholarly rigor to offer a new perspective on an understudied conflictDraws on a wide range of primary sources including videos legal forensics and other materials from at risk near xtinct archivesAppeals to scholars students and activists interested in South Asian studies oral history memory studies gender and conflict transitional justice Sikh culture and history and the history of postcolonial IndiaPunjab was the arena of one of.

Probes how the Sikh community had become key to India s identity politics post 1984 How Sikhs were demonized as a problematic minority and hunted down in their own homes in PunjabThe narrative is largely about giving agency to women as well who often are left behind because they do not speak up against such heinous crimes because society makes them feel ashamed Mallika Kaur navigates these spaces as women talk about crimes against them by the police and the authoritiesIt was disturbing to read abo. The first major armed conflicts of post colonial India During its deadliest decade as many as 250000 people were killed This book makes an urgent intervention in the history of the conflict which to date has been characterized by a fixation on sensational violence or ignored altogether Mallika Kaur unearths the stories of three people who found themselves at the center of Punjab’s human rights movement Baljit Kaur who armed herself with a video camera to record ssential vidence.

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Faith, Gender, and Activism in the Punjab Conflict Kindle ↠ Mallika Kaur

Mallika Kaur on Faith, Gender, and Activism in the Punjab Conflict