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Campaigns are never just about the candidate but about the xperiences that unite and inspire us along the way From Inspiration to Activism captures both the Crazy Love excitement of spending time with the candidate and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes President Obama and his campaigns were always about us not me He called all of us toxchange ideas in a respectful manner The stories about door knocking and trying to persuade voters resonated deeply with me A spark in Mary s heart helped the state of Wisconsin unite behind a candidate and a campaign that changed the world Mary s story proves that we can all make a big difference in our part of the world despite long odds That determination and hope is needed now than Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society ever Take her tools kindness and grace into your community and start making the difference today From Inspiration to Activism by Mary Lang Sollinger is a thorough and inspiring documenting of American History A history that led to thelection of America s first black president So many of us were involved in lecting President Obama and Mary s book rekindles those moments many of us had The first time we heard his name The moment we decided he s the one The OMG moment we realized he s going to win And what it all said about us as Americans How proud we were of our country at that timeMary s book is a must read for anyone interested in HOW Barack Obama was lected to the presidency In organizations I m associated with I often preach that the how is as im. Mary Lang Sollinger offers a fascinating behind the scenes look at political canvassing and fundraising while following ordinary people doing xtraordinary things for the love of our countryMary’s years of fundraising xperience culminated in an incredible opportunity to host a fundraiser at her home with Senator Obama in the fall of 2007 Mary believed in all that he stood for and knew that she needed to do whatever it took to help Senator Obama and ot.

Er and a water resistant cover It is an Black Heart, Red Ruby easy informative read I loved this book I found myself feelingmotional while reading From Inspiration to Activism and remembering how wonderful it was to have an intelligent compassionate unselfish and devoted person like Barack Obama as our President I didn t want it to nd I njoyed immersing myself in the good old days of 2008 2016 This is an New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood engrossing story written by Mary Sollinger a down toarth welcoming and friendly Madison activist whom I first met several years ago when she hosted a fund raiser for women running for the legislature in Wisconsin Later one of my friends said You do know that Mary raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Barack Obama when he first ran for President right I had no idea because Mary is interested in talking about you than she is in self promotion The next time I attended a fundraiser at her home I picked up this book from a fundraising standpoint I had recently connected with the author and hoped I might learn a few things to support a nonprofit I cofounded The Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey energy that this book conveyed in the first couple of chapters swept me into to the world of political campaigning in which I have noxperience It gave me a new perspective into the behind the scenes work on campaigns Mary s story underscored for me the importance of relationships and connections when it comes to fundraising This is a uick read for anyone interested in getting started campaign work or leveling up fundraising. E twelve fundraisers throughout Wisconsin in fourteen months As a result of her fundraising successes she was asked to serve on President Obama’s National Finance Committee both in 2008 and 2012Mary has generously shared many inspirational and invaluable lessons learned throughout her years of xperience Included in her book is an pilogue with nine lessons and ЯED examples of successful fundraising for those who may want to host their own fundraisingven.

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PDF or EPUB From Inspiration to Activism

Portant as the what we accomplish Mary illustrates this approach through the lens of Obama s campaign with the application of a simple set of principles Respect Empower and Include This principle of REI is one that leads to high performing organizations in this case leading to the lection of President Barack H Obama A fast reading breathtaking account of American History Mary Lang Sollinger s From Inspiration to Activism offers insights into how ffective volunteers get the job done The book is filled with first person descriptions that The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs easily translate into a how to book anyone looking to build support for a cause or political candidate She highlights problems and the creativity and humanity needed to create solutions Unintentionally the book has timely a message about discrimination Sollinger sxperiences are directly relevant to today s Black Lives Matter movement and her personal journey is touching Each chapter is filled with interesting vignettes The chapter on her Indianapolis Moreno experience about approaching and meeting different demographics isspecially relevant and poignant Sollinger captures what life is like on the road and paints an Monsieur Pain engaging picture of her campaign compadres who are people one would want to know There are pointers on when to fund raise and why The Lessons Learned are valuable for anyone marketing campaigning or fund raising I gave the book to my sister in law who is a campaign volunteer in Texas The uality of the book is nice with good pap. Hers seek political officesMary was tireless in herfforts to get out the vote for Senator Obama through canvassing across Madison Dubuue Pittsburgh and Indianapolis While knocking on door after door Mary found uniue ways to overcome obstacles when trying to connect with people on the other side of those doors She A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author embodied Obama’s campaign mantra respectmpower includeAfter the huge success of Senator Obama’s 2007 fundraiser Mary went on to organiz.

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