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Er own personal xperience and comes across warm and The Rise and Fall of the New Deal Order, 1930-1980 empathetic You can tell she s been through and seen some thangs Yes thangs It s a perfect narrative of while yes we ve been given the power through Holy Spirit to win the battle for our minds because it s already been won for us by Christ 1 We re Kingdom kids in a fallen world and therefore we may struggle for all sorts of reasons of our own doing someonelse or reasons that we won t Confession ever know on this side 2 There is annemy out there that wants to take us out and he ll use our thought life to do it if we let him 3 She lets us know that it s okay to not be okay and no pretending While at the same time helping us understand how detrimental it would be if we were to remain stuck in our heads at the mercy of our stinking thinking and the nemy4 There s no shame in needing meds or therapy5 Get you a prayer waring girl or boy gang I specially love that she doesn t simply throw a bunch of scripture at us and tell us to go get our minds right She genius ly and lovingly weaves scripture and science to xplain how flawed thinking gets us caught up in our heads and literally changes our brains how to get out of our heads and fix our brains and how to stay out of it Finally a book that doesn t shame the reader for needing medication or therapy This is a book that I ll feel happy passing along to veryone in my community no caveats reuired I personally found this book incredibly helpful in identifying the root cause of a lot of my unhappiness and lack of fulfillment Thoughts are mighty powerful things and they are treated as such in this book I Curators of the Buddha especially related to chapter 11 butvery chapter tackles a necessary area to reframe our thoughts and behavior around so definitely don t skip any chapters There is something to learn and wisdom to gain on Another Way Home: The Tangled Roots of Race in One Chicago Family every page if you re looking for it I finished this book feelingncouraged and Cezanne a Study of His Development emboldened andxcited to get back on track with Jesus So obviously I d recommend I really REALLY tried to finish this book and I did make it 23 of the way Local friends chose it for book club and met weekly to discuss You Owe Me One each chapter But it slowly became a source of frustration and annoyance to me so I dropped itHere s a paragraph thatxemplifies my two biggest problems with it I recently posted on Instagram this uote often attributed to Andrew Murray Humility is perfect uietness of heart It is to Democratic Art: The New Deal's Influence on American Culture expect nothing to wonder at nothing that is done to me to feel nothing done against me It is to be at rest when nobody praises me and when I am blamed or despised It is to have a blessed home in the Lord where I can go in and shut the door and kneel to my Father in secret and am at peace as in a deep sea of calmness when all around and above is trouble The comments in response to this post were priceless Wow This is difficult How rare Whoa That hurts 1 Every time the author inserted herself like this I audibly groaned Does she really need to bookend a uote by referring to her social media following Thentire book is chock full of her American lifestyle her family stories and her personal Obsession: An Erotic Tale experiences though they usually seemed barely related to the content I think she intended to be vulnerable and relatable to the reader but it was frustrating to me who does not relate to her and doesn t read personal growth books because I want a hug I want concise solid and well studied content I want a book written by a successfulxpert in the field not a well meaning celebrity Which brings me to my next point2 That uote on humility That is not what humility is It s twisting the meaning of words to make a point That happens in Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era every single chapter I had red flags going off constantly and it made itxtremely difficult to pick out the bones in my search for good content The book is not founded on Biblical principles or on psychology though she does use both to support her points The book is based on an idea that hit her as she was running The idea is fine but there is a definite lack of depth or actual Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice experience here It feels like anxtrovert rambling about an idea they had after watching a TEDx talk which is Edicts of Asoka exactly what it isMaybe I m being unfair This book isxactly what it s meant to be a pop Christian self help book written by an influencer with a following Most of the ladies in my book club loved it and I think most middle class American women will the references to Starbucks scrolling on social media and Netflix binging are right up their alley and are included abundantly to cater to them It was overwhelmingly cringy to me but I realize I m in the minority The points of the book are fine Upgrade Soul even if the delivery was weak If you re wanting a meaty deep dive into challenging and changing your thought life I HIGHLY recommend Telling Yourself the Truth by William Backus and Marie Chapian I started it soon after I started this one and it is written byxperienced and knowledgeable psychologists and counselors and based on Biblical principles It s been xtremely challenging and ye opening and I m actively applying it to my thoughts and helping my children through the principles as well. Anxiety and distraction In this book Jennie draws on biblical truth and recent discoveries in neuroscience to show Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 exactly how we can fight thenemies of the mind with the truth of who God is and who He calls us to.

An important book Jennie Allen is vulnerable in her pursuit of showing us a path away from spiraling thoughts We have a choice I have a choice Such a simple yet powerful concept Then she provides roadmaps for Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist eight sets of thoughts how to transfer them to choices and regain control of our thoughts SO GOOD Probably will be the best book I read all year It wasxactly what I needed to hear so practical and real and Scripture centric Would recommend to veryone and will definitely be rereading it myself This book was ven better than I thought I have read a lot on neuroscience and a lot on neuroscience combined with scripture But I really found helpful the lies or negative thoughts she would state and the truths and ways to turn the downward spirals around Even if you are not someone depressed or anxious there are other big thoughts in this book that will bring conviction with hope and a roadmap to change I ve njoyed listening to the podcasts that go along with ach of the chapters and will be released when the book releases Some of my favorite uotes But in Christ we can fight not from a place of insecurity and outrage but from a place of reconciliation Of calm confidence Of peace Of love Why Because our victory is sure We ve already won Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader The way of Jesus shifts Imaginary Runner everything In Jesus we can acknowledge our frustration pain and suffering without abdicating our peace and joy In Jesus we can change where we fight from without changing what we fight for By the power of Jesus we can demonstrate to ourselves and others that regardless of how grim the situation seems God is in the business of redeeming all things Out of gratitude to Jesus we can see God s purposes in our pain Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader My besties know my fixations because those fixations aren tasily hidden Our fixations come out in our words in our feelings and in our decisions They are the focus of the books we read the podcasts we subscribe to the websites we scour the groups we join and the obsessions we pursue Are you fixated on the fear that your kid will someday rebel You re going to read a lot of parenting books Are you anxious about getting sick or not being uber healthy You ll listen to tons of health podcasts and spend a small fortune on ssential oils Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader He has given us the power and the tools and His Spirit to shift the spiral When we re willing to take the initiative here Some pretty cool stuff starts to unfold When we think new thoughts we physically alter our brains When we think new thoughts we make healthier neural connections When we think new thoughts we blaze new trails When we think new thoughts verything changes for us Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader When we re spiraling in noise or distractedness we have a choice to shift our minds back to God through stillness When we re spiraling in isolation we have a choice to shift our minds back to God through community When we re spiraling in anxiety we have a choice to shift our minds back to God through trust in His good and sovereign purposes When we re spiraling in cynicism we have a choice to shift our minds back to God through worship When we re spiraling in self importance we have a choice to shift our minds back to God through humility When we re spiraling into victimhood we have a choice to shift our minds back to God through gratitude When we re spiraling in complacency we have a choice to shift our minds back to God through serving Him and others Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader Usually however he is sneaky He tempts with successes and hypnotizes with comforts until we are numb to and apathetic about all that matters Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader If you want your child to thrive then make him or her feel seen and loved Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader How often have we chosen to be unhappy Rather than seeing the best and celebrating the good we have chosen to see only the struggles and complain Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader Cynicism is always driven by fear of the future or by anger regarding the past Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader Cynicism is destroying our ability to delight in the world around us and fully Fresh Water engage with others God has an abundance of joy and delight for us and we re missing it with arms crossed What if there was another way to live Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader cynicism usually grows because we think we deserve better than we are getting Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader Beauty interrupts us it awakens us it undoes us it cuts us open and restarts our hearts Beauty is God svidence of something far wonderful coming a world beyond the one we can imagine ven in the most spectacular moments here Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader Good things happen when we train our attention on that which is beautiful on that which is authentic and compelling and good Get Out of Your Head Jennie Al. Jennie Allen challenges Christian women to transform their outlook and their lives by interrupting their spiraling thoughts and realizing their God given power to think differentlyOne of the greatest spiritual battle.

Len PocketBook Reader Cynicism puts our minds on things of this arth and we lose hope Beauty points our gaze toward the heavens and reminds us of hope Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader We worship when we From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read experience awe And cynicism and worship cannot coexist Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader The answer convicts mevery time When he was reviled verse 23 says he did not revile in return when he suffered he did not threaten but continued ntrusting himself to him who judges justly Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader When we are puffed up with thoughts of how important we are our mirror neurons are impaired That s why in my spiraling of self importance truly understanding my coworker s point of view was nearly impossible Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader We find our noughness only in Christ If anything God s Word tells us to camp out on the opposite view from the one our culture holds when we re weak it s actually a good thing because Christ s power is made Doris Salcedo evident in us Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook Reader The truth is our hearts aren t really after power they re after joy And the deception we buy into is that somehow joy will come when we have power Joy comes when we lay aside our power and rest in God s Joy comes when we put themphasis where it belongs on God s awesomeness not our own17 Get Out of Your Head Jennie Allen PocketBook ReaderThere are many I highlighted but just go read the book I m looking forward to my hard copy arriving to I can mark it up and come back to it I really struggled to read this book not because of the content matter but the informality of her voice It felt haphazardly put together It read like it was written by Dragon the speech to text recognition software Further as someone who has wrestled with doubt depression and intellectual spirals it was difficult to resonate with her Twelve Days of Pleasure energetic voice I never really feel like the answer is this is not who you are because it is who I am I am growing and pressing on despite the doubts I best connect with God with my rational mind not my feelings ormotions It was recommended to me by a friend who really njoys it and I think Allen is ministering to her there I think people who want something substantive would be better off reading Peter Scazzero s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Perhaps the worst book I ve ver tried to read I tried really hard to finish this but might be my first DNF It s illogical and Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye extremely poorly written If you re a white Christian American woman I m not I suppose it offers some confirmation bias by very very poorly linking scripture with science I m paraphrasing here but At one point she writes you know that Bruno Mars song where he says he ll jump on a grenade for you Hate to break it to you but he actually won t God will though Immediately followed by how her daughter got stuck in a bathroom and her sons were trying to get her out And their strength and determination was like Jesus WhatIf somebody told me this was a parody I probably could have finished it and laughed a lot I really wanted to like this book but it didn t live up to myxpectations I appreciate Jennie being open about her own struggles with doubt but I found the book to be repetitive and fluffy There were pieces of practical advice sprinkled throughout the book but nothing that we haven t already heard If you re looking for a Bible study book that can help spark group conversation this would probably be great but if you re hoping for a book that gets into the weeds of toxic thoughts you won t find it here I wanted to really like this book The premise resonated with me However in the Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France end it wasn t what I wasxpecting While the author acknowledges at one point about differing personalities she being an nneagram 7 and her sister being a 6 and introvert v xtrovert it feels like the suggestions offered are of the one size fits all variety I also had a tough time following the organization of the book this could be due to the Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild e book formatting She uses graphics of spirals but didn t really walk through how the spiral matched with the chapter I think what I was really looking for was in Part 3 of the book By then though I was skimming I will potentially go back and read that portion again All in all I think some people will really like this book But for some like myself it will be hard to relate This is written from the point of view of a verynergetic Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets enneagram 7 author who had an 18 month bout of anxiety It s not written with the understanding that some face some degrees of these anxious thoughts as their daily norm I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book via NetGalley This is a book that needed to be written I m thrilled that Jennie took up this mantel for the Kingdom In the past I ve felt chastised by Christian books that address negative thought life anxiety or depression It s obvious that neither the author or anyone they love hasver come close to being touched by mental illness or the toxic thought spiral that consumes so many In this book Jennie is vulnerable with S of our generation is taking place between our ars How we think shapes how we live So it's crucial that we learn how to stop our spinning thoughts and refuse to fall prey to toxic thinking patterns like victimhood.

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Jennie Allen is a passionate leader and visionary following God's call to inspire women to encounter the invisible God With a Master's in Biblical Studies from DTS Jennie is the author of two Bible studies Stuck a CBA best seller and Chase and the ECPA New Author of the Year winner of Anything and Restless which also includes a DVD based study The founder of IF Gathering Jennie and he

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