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NBELIEVABLY REMARKABLE The Book Gods have finally listened to my prayers and combined the ingredients of intriguing premise ultrapowerful protagonists amazing secondary characters captivating world and not to forget delicious tantalising romance and poof A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire was born One that will woo you into its clutches and make your heart thrum at a faster rhythm in your chest one that will make you smile like an idiot at one moment and leave you with countless tears the next again plastering your face with a permanent grin owing to the very entertaining banter between characters This book will bring out all your emotionsA Kingdom of Flesh and Fire begins with a compelling start and advances with action world building and steamy romance The writing was crafted beautifully and the visuals were lovely to read about There are so many endearing aspects but one aspect is and will remain constant Casteel Da Neer My heart my world My obsession with him is uite simple He laughs I laugh He is furious I m furious he cries I cry He is breathtaking and intoxicating and all the other good adjectives I can come up with He might have a lot of blood on his hands but his genuinity intensity and soft heart especially where Poppy was concerned touched the fangirl in me I have a lot of blood on my hands Poppy Sometimes so much that I don t think they ll ever be clean So much that I don t now if I ever want them to be Whatever Poppy believed to be true was a lie Watching her come to terms with all of it made my heart swell She is the character that you will always respect and look up to She is brave valiant and fearless and her obsession with sharp objects and stabbing is something I ll never understand Kieran The best secondary character ever His bond with Casteel warms me and his budding friendship with Poppy is raw and natural He may be gruff on the outside but he s a total sweetheart from within and I love him Casteel and Poppy s romance is not something I can get over ever Their pretenses their conversations her retorts and his inappropriate behaviour in the most inappropriate of times delights me But their intensity protective nature and their readiness to sacrifice their lives for one another goes beyond physical and ignites my soul You re beautiful when you re uiet and somber but when you laugh You rival the sunrise over the Skotos Mountains There were so many obstacles frightening hungry creatures violence betrayal and horrific truths but the pages of the book also brimmed with trust love and warmthIt takes a lot of effort and talent for an author to make readers gasp fangirl set their soul on fire sick to their stomach and make them close their eyes and pray that things don t become utterly chaotic I ve only read two books of Jennifer L Armentrout but I respect her for blindsiding me like that for Handbook for Teaching African Literature African Writers keeping me on my toes barrelling my way through the twists and turns of the book whilst also pleading with anticipation Huge respect I don t care who you are but if you have a thing for sexy addictive fantasies then look no further There s no way this duology won t appease you Ever since I finished From Blood and Ash A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire shot up to the top of my most anticipated seuels of 2020 FBAA is one of my favorite books this year and the ending absolutelyilled me I NEEDED to read of Poppy Cas and this epic fantasy world full of gods magic and vampires Thankfully this much awaited seuel did not disappoint I loved being back with our main characters who have such great banter and chemistry together and learning about this new world Poppy is discoveringAKOFAF literally picks up right where FBAA left off with the wildest proposal ever Poppy is rightfully hurt and angry at Casteel for his lies and betrayal so their relationship or what s left of it is on thin ice Now to add in a marriage It s crazy but it just might work They both have something at stake and will do anything even marry each other to reach their goals And in the midst of this marriage of convenience Poppy also has to deal with being an outsider and despised by the Atlantians for being the former MaidenI was expecting a ton of angst and tension after what happened in FBAA and JLA dishes all of that out SO well I was feeling so much for Poppy and Cas they don t want to want each other but the lust and chemistry that developed while they were Poppy and Hawke is still there and only gets stronger the time they spend together JLA nails the push and pull of the romance the longing the heartache and the love Poppy and Casteel are both fantastic characters and there was never a time I didn t root for them or want them to get their HEA And I just gotta say our vampire prince hero is even hotter this second time around I loved him as Hawke but he s way compelling as CasteelWe do get much of the world building as expected in a fantasy seuel There isn t as much action and the pacing of AKOFAF is definitely slower as it focuses on fleshing out this fantasy world and developing Poppy and Cas s relationship But one of the things I love about JLA is that her writing is so easy to read I never felt like there was too much info dumping and despite how much detailed and in depth we get into the Atlantian world I never felt like I was lost reading it allAKOFAF is a fantastic follow up to one of my favorite reads of the year Poppy is of her badass self the romance is steamyyy I am HERE for all the hot fantasy romances and I just love this world JLA has created so much If you thought the FBAA ending was awful in the best way prepare for AKOFAF s The cliffhanger will have you screaming No no no no no You cannot end this book on such a massive cliffhangerYou cannot do this JenniferFrom Blood and Ash was on the list of my top reads during the first half of 2020I am aware that I sound like a broken record but I loved that book so much so that I ve read it numerous timesI didn t think A ingdom of Flesh and Fire would be as good but Jennifer L Armentrout proved me wrong I am absolutely in awe of JLA s imagination I am not going to sugar coat itA Kingdom of Flesh and Fire is violent and I LOVED every part of it Hawke stole my breath away you guys He is a flawed character but his purpose and sense of duty love and loyalty makes him than admirable When Hawke tells Poppy You re the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thought I have when I fall asleep replacing everything else It s why when I m with you I can be uiet I can just be You now what that means I felt those wordsI felt them to the core of my being I realise I sound dramatic but I wanted to cry my eyes out and say Yes I The Great Black Way: L.A. in the 1940s and the Lost African-American Renaissance know exactly what you mean Poppy is such an amazing character and I do not say that lightly Does it make me sound morbid when I say that I admire characters that are willing to make sacrifices make than difficult decisions for the greater good even if it means death Even though I have conflicting thoughts about thateven when I hate itI appreciate the sacrifices I loved Poppy s endless curiosity I found so much joy when she asked so many uestions It made this strong intelligentind woman even beautiful There is no doubt that I loved the dynamics amongst the characters There was such a varied melange of personalities and I LOVED it Does it make it sound weird if I admit that these characters felt real The realistic actions and reactions between characters captivated me I LOVED that the characters had full blown conversations without it feeling rushedit s like if you are going to sit down and talk about serious important problemsit shouldn t be done within two pages So thank you JLA because I found myself nodding my head at the parts where I agreed with where the discussions were headed scoffing and wanting to voice my opinion on things I didn t agreeI was than invested I am well aware that this is a fictional book but that Ladies and Gentlemen is the power of Jennifer L Armentrout s writing She brings it all to life With everything said and done I must be say that A A New Reader's Guide to African Literature kingdom of Flesh and Fire definitely had an air of mystery thatept me on my toes Even when I felt elated during parts of the book I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and completely ruin my heart But to be honest I enjoy the suspense of the unknown Jennifer L Armentrout Story Alchemy Authors Craft Book 2 knocked it out of the park with Aingdom fo Flesh and Fire I cannot wait to read from this series Buddy read with Kim this series is the best thing JLA has ever written and is singlehandedly saving me from the disastrous year that is 2020. Reckless too hungry to resist the temptationA SecretBut unrest has grown in Atlantia as they await the return of their Prince Whispers of war have become stronger and Poppy is at the very heart of it all The King wants to use her to send a message The Descenters want her dead The wolven are growing unpredictable And as her abilities to feel pain and emotion begin to grow and strengthen the Atlantians start to fear her Dark secrets are at play ones steeped in the blood drenched sins of two Oral and Written Poetry in African Literature Today kingdoms that would do anything toeep the truth hidden But when the earth begins to shake and the skies start to bleed it may already be too late.

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EBOOK / KINDLE A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Blood and Ash #2 ✓ Jennifer L. Armentrout

Update jla is NOT PLAYING with that cover damn i am willing to throat punch ppl aside to get this book don t doubt me 1 From Blood and Ash 35 Stars 2 A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire 375 StarsIdk if someone s mentioned it or if I m alone in this but AKOFAF felt like the mix between Twilight and ACOMAF with a little bit of Wonder Woman cause for some reason the Kingdom of Atlantia made me think of Themyscira I m not alluding to any similarities in plot or romance specifically but this book certainly got the vibesI felt pretty much the same as I did the 1st book but can we talk about the ending Because that was EARTH SHATTERING I m honestly not sure what that last revelation means Listen I had a hard time as it is BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 89 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 89: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) keeping up with all the history lessons all the different species of vampires and werewolvesThere s so much to swallow about this world that sometimes my small brain just couldn t compute and I didn t care enough to try harder because all I focused on was the romance which I shouldn t be failed to mention was WHOLESOME even though I gotinda tired of all the repeated Poppy jokes and teasings about her inuisitive and violent natureSo basically my review of the 1st book pretty much still applies to this one I only enjoyed it slightly because I loved the focus of the story in this installment The world building was better explained but there was a lot to process and I m confused I may have to re read the two books but I m excited to see what Poppy has in store for us in the next one 45 sIf you value your sanity don t read this book unless you also hold the seuel but if you re my friend you probably never valued your sanity anyways So allow me to give you a breakdown of what is currently going on in my obsessed brain Am I too biased to even attempt to rate this objectively Definitely Isn t the rating ultimately about my thoughts and emotions and besides can t it be said that if the issues did not obscure my enjoyment then they don t truly matter to me anyhow I believe so yes And did I love this Love I am dead Did that love have everything to do with the romance and characters which are in the end the entire point of this paranormal fantasy romance Undoubtedly Were the characters and romance everything I the aromantic dark loving I look for when picking up romance Uneuivocally Are they particularly healthy Not really Do I care Not even a little bit Will you now be assaulted with me level headedly gushing over this romance and trying to explain why it s so special to me You got it winky winkTo put it simply if you like me crave from time to time a disarmingly seductive and feral new adult romance of enemies to lovers in an engagement of convenience overflowing with deliciously addictive drama delightfully humourous banter easy to love side characters and wickedly creative steam a recurring theme of real or play pretend deftly woven throughout its every thread and want it to be uniue and make you feel and cheer and bleed A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire will provide even better than its predecessor with a young woman who will never again be a passive pawn a prince who is mad than man and a war of love where neither side is afraid to fight to steal a heart and Digital Griots keep their own Beauty my sweet child is often broken and barbed and always unexpected I ll admit this series feels like a mix of so many pieces plucked from other bestsellers namely Twilight and A Court of Mist and Fury except it s somehow not a bad reminder because the pieces are turned on their heads Where Twilight had a problematically romanticised dynamic of a cat and a mouse AKoFaF has two cats playing chase Where ACoMaF was too sweetly romantic for me AKoFaF does it ferociously Honestly what is captivating than two savage souls tearing into one another taking pieces and denying that the other holds too many of theirsNow to put it not simply AKoFaF Vs FBaA Fave or All Time Fave Let s let get the whining and complaining out of the way before I can get to the level headed gushing AKoFaF is technically better than FBaA Which is only natural as the tension is already there the scale is grander the world is vaster it s even smuttier and I do not say this lightly because I was murdered etcetera etcetera younow how this goes BUT while I m giving both books the same rating while they are both predictable and I don t mind while both are not good at building mysteries in a way that it makes sense before unravelling From Blood and Ash was an all time fave and A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire only a fave Why What made FBaA iconic is no longer there It doesn t matter that the first book was smaller in scale bigger scale does not automatically eual a better book And From Blood and Ash did what it did just right with the needed amount of movement to tension to focus on the iconic dynamic of a secret warrior Maiden and her shameless guard but AKoFaF did not With a bigger scale comes a bigger responsibility and you can t just take the same approach and unceremoniously dump it into a wholly different type of book JLA did capture the grandness rather well at the very end and she evidently stole my heart again Yet she didn t own it as thoroughly Someone explain to me why the masses found FBaA to have a slow start and not AKoFaF With FBaA being stuck in a The Handbook of Academic Writing keep was understandable and expected there was no urgency to move as Masadonia was the MC s home But in AKoFaF you turn every page waiting for them to get off your asses and move already before I come drag you across the mountains And yet they don t Don t get me wrong I loved all the small drama and the new enemies to lovers romance but it needed to happen on the move dammit not in aeep no one cares about There is no conclusion what the fuck I m just gonna go ahead and uestion my and everyone else s sanity who thinks this is a complete book Spoiler alert it s not Or maybe I just misplaced the last chapters where the build up and the mysteries raised through the entire book actually got even a semi answer My bad Please move on to my incessant gushing now Romance The Heart Soul of It All You re beautiful when you re uiet and somber but when you laugh You rival the sunrise over the Skotos Mountains In all the vast wild world there are different The Future of Academic Freedom kinds of relationships there are cute partners who give each other sweet whispers andisses there are steely partners who provide peace in their steady embrace and then there are playful partners whose very dynamic is a cat and mouse chase All relationships have a little bit of the three but yours magnanimously naughty soul gravitates unsurprisingly towards the ones with a dominant playful side That s why I live for Poppy and CasIn all the aforementioned vast wild world though there are also different Agricultural Machinery Mechanization kinds of understanding when we hear the word don t we usually think of sympathy for another s pain comradeship in compassion or acceptance of different beliefs Well what about rage or hate What about understanding one s vengeance and seeking no sympathy Understanding is as a rule crucial to us living side by side as varied humans but yours raging truly gravitates you guessed it towards the latter the most That is also why I live for Poppy and Cas Retribution is yours if you want it he said And if not I will be your blade the thing that ends his miserable existence It s your choice Readerseep comparing these two to Feysand from A Court of Mist and Fury and they need to stop Stop this madness right this moment Feyre and Rhysand are as a rule sweetness seeking people Yes they have their playful side but the core of their relationship is being cute and adorable and romantic and whispering sweet nothings That doesn t make them any less of a great couple I do love them it just makes them less of a my type of couple Whereas Poppy and Cas despite occasionally being romantic and adorable and making declarations of love operate on a bloodsport type of dynamic seriously Raleigh Ritchie s song Bloodsport exists for these two no Rethinking American Womens Activism kidding you can find it on my playlist HowHow is this better than the first book Guys Jennifer Armentrout used straight up witchcraft to write this novel That s got to be her secret because I didn t think she could top From Blood and Ash but she didOkay not going to spoil anything though the book s final revelation had me FREAKING OUT And now comes the heartbreaking part settling in for the wait until the next book Seriously this series is my top of 2020 Highly HIGHLY recommendSCREAMING I m so friggin excited for this SoFriggin ExcitedFor those of you who haven t heard me. A BetrayalEverything Poppy has ever believed in is a lie including the man she was falling in love with Thrust among those who see her as a symbol of a monstrousingdom she barely Sustainable Agriculture knows who she is without the veil of the Maiden But what she doesnow is that nothing is as dangerous to her as him The Dark One The Prince of Atlantia He wants her to fight him and that’s one order she’s than happy to obey He may have taken her but he will never have herA ChoiceCasteel Da’Neer is Articles on Agricultural Writers Including known by many names and many faces His lies are as seductive as his touch His truths as sensual as his bite Poppynows better than to trust him He needs.

Shrieking about this series it s my newest obsession Like legitimately it just made my Monday feel like a Friday and that s basically witchcraft So Also the BLURB The motherfcking blurb Can t Freaking WAIT A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire is the seuel in the From Blood and Ash series and starts right where the first book left off It will answers some of the uestions but to no one s surprise will also leave you with a lot of uestions and theories thanks to the mean cliffhanger Atlantia rose from blood and ash We are no longer a fallen Green Patriot Posters kindom Not by any sense of the world We haven t been for a very long time We are aindom of fire I was My Hero Academia - Ultra Analysis kind of afraid to start this book because I thought I would be confused I ve read Book 1 From Blood Ash this year and it should be fresh on my mind but it s not cause I ve read a lot of other books since then and some details areinda fuzzy If you re like me and too lazydon t have timeor for whatever reason to reread From Blood Ash let me assure you A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire gives a good summary or rather brings up important plotpoints that will remind you of the previous book What turned out surprisingly well was the pacing While it took me a while to get into the first book due to all the world building A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire was better paced from the beginning til the end It had a good balance of actions fight scenes dialogue world building etc Not to say that there weren t parts that were dragging but it was way easier to get into the story Feelings were not stagnant Neither were opinions or beliefs and if we stopped believing people were capable of change then the world might as well be left to burn I d love to tell you something about the plot but I m shit with plot summaries so I m just going to ramble about the characters and the romance cause let s be honest that s what I m most interested in Penellaphe Poppy Balfour Poppy is a badass character but then all females in fantasy series seem to be super badass It s nothing special and it s not like it hasn t been done before It s sounds very negative but I don t mean it in a bad way It is what it is and that s okay Despite that trope being overused I still love Poppy so much Poppy is the girl that has been hidden from the world since her birth groomed by the society and the ueen she lived in to behave be uiet and do what she s told AKOFAF is the continuance of her character development into the real Poppy The character development was so good In this book Poppy learns a lot about her powers that are evolving and her role in all of it Let s not start about her abilities with a Fundamentals of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms knife sword or bow We stan a ueen or should I say princess who can cut up her enemies like a fine steak I bet you re one of those wolven bitches Hear they like their women all cut up He made a calling sound one used to summon a dog and my grip tightened Tell me girl Whatind of bitch are you He lifted the club again and I made my move Shooting forward I slipped under his arm and grabbed the dirty tunic Thrusting the dagger up I used every ounce of strength I had to drive it deep under his chin I m this When Someone You Love Is Addicted To Alcohol Or Drugs kind of bitch I growled The muscles under the mask pieced together by human flesh went lax as I jerked thenife free It will be interesting to see how Poppy is going to deal with what happened at the end Casteel Hawke thorne Da Neer I love you and I will love you until the end of time Casteel also The Real Ebonics Debate known as Hawke in From Blood and Ash but I m going to just call him Cas because I like that name better lol Cas has built a name for himself as the Dark One but honestly the only dark thing about him is his hair Otherwise he is babyyy He is a tortured soul that is still dealing with his past Cas is putting on his charm infront of his people and trying to so hard to be enough withoutnowing that he is enough Everything he does he does it fiercely The prince of Atlantia does not play when it comes to Poppy The things he says to her I don t When Action Follows Heart know but it just wants to make me cry Cas has some swoonworthy things to say i m telling y all I need to feel your lips on mine He planted his hands on the carriage wall caging me in I need to feel your breath in my lungs I need to feel your life inside me I just need you It s an ache This need Can I have you All of you While Cas background was very wishy washy in the previous book for a reason I enjoyed learning about his past and his family in AKOFAF I was soaking all the information about what shaped him into the man he is now like sponge in heat It s giving his character dimension with rough edges cause he s than just a pretty face Kieran I forgot his last name Jennifer L Armentrout has the talent to write the best secondary characters Kieran is no exception JLA uses the same formula for all of her side characters sprinkles a bit of sarcasm here a little arrogance there insert a definition of loyal and supportive friend and BOOM you ll have JLA side characters BUT IT WORKS EVERY TIME Having said that I looooved what Kieran brought to the story Kieran and Cas bromance is one of my favorite things in this book Their bond is so strong and only death can pull them apart His brother from another mother Also Poppy and Kieran s growing friendship was hilarious They reminded me of two siblings who annoy each other daily but also care about them a lot Honestly their interactions with each other is sooo funny He is not wounded Kieran answered At least not physically Emotinoally I believe you left him shreddedI rolled my eyes Then why ask if he s okay if he s not hurt Kieran started to reply but Casteel beat him to it He s a worrywart Constantly fearing that I ve been injured or that I ve overexerted myself Wanting tonow if I ve gotten eight hours of rest and eaten three suare meals a dayYeah that s exactly it Kieran replied drolly I reacted without thought slamming my elbow into his stomach Casteel grunted out a curse Please don t fight atop the horse Delano called out from somewhere behind us None of us wish to watch Setti trample either of you Speak for yourself came Kieran s droll voice Casteel straightened behind me Don t worry Neither of us will fall It was just a love tap That did not look like a love tap Naill commented That s because it was a very passionate one Casteel replied You re about to get a love tap to your face I muttered under my breath Casteel curled his arm firmly around my waist as he laughed If something happens to Kieran in the next two books I m ready to hail fire on y all The romance No His forehead dropped to mine There is one mor thing I need Something that I ve needed for days Weeks Months Maybe forever The bridge of his nose brushed mine But I Almost Alchemy know you won t allow it Not like thisThe pounding in my chest moved lower Whatwhat have you needed for so long You Oh my goooddd THE ANGST guys the angst Fake dating or in this case fake engagement is always bringing a certain level of angst with it and I was here for it Poppy and Cas having to fake that they are in love infront of everyone is doing things to my heart The uncertainty for the characters if what was saiddone is pretend or real All theisses touches stares Give me all the longing That really tugged on my heartstrings Poppy and Cas relationship ended on a rocky note in the first book in this book Poppy starting to learn again that maybe not everything was a lie Their dynamic is interesting Poppy s love for sharp objects and Cas English for Academic Correspondence and Socializing kink to be turned on by it That s some entertainment right there While their banter greatly entertained me sometimes Poppy s stabbing tendencies were repetitively mentioned It was maybe a bit too much But the honesty between and Casteel and Poppy is a sight to behold I mean after a betrayal the only way from there is up The truth is out The cards are open Communication isey and Poppy and Cas do that Whenever Poppy asked a uestion no matter how hard hitting it is Casteel answered her honestly Always he whispered in the breath we shared Your heart was always safe with me It always will be There is nothing I will protect fiercely or with devotion Poppy Trust in that in what you feel from me In me These two are so cute together So many heart eyes Casteel and Poppy are slowly making their way into my top JLA couples 1 is always going to stay Daemon Black and Katy Swartz because they re royalty and no one can change my mind Anyway i m excited for what next to come Hoping for a spring release with how fast JLA is writing fingers crossed 1 From Blood and Ash 425 stars 2 A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire 425 stars OFFBEAT AND Her alive healthy and whole to achieve his goals But he’s the only way for her to get what she wants to find her brother Ian and see for herself if he has become a soulless Ascended Working with Casteel instead of against him presents its own risks He still tempts her with every breath offering up all she’s ever wanted Casteel has plans for her Ones that could expose her to unimaginable pleasure and unfathomable pain Plans that will force her to look beyond everything she thought she 食戟のソーマ 10 knew about herself about him Plans that could bind their lives together in unexpected ways that neitheringdom is prepared for And she’s far too.

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