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Fiction mythologicalFORMAT Kindle e book also available on kobo Barnes and noblePAGE 81Rating 4 stars Glimpse in a blink Nathan Holloway was a US Marine before they transformed him into an Amethyst Hunter with an amethyst crystal necklace which is keeping him alive He is also facing some side effects of the medicine given to him to be fit and powerful Nathan is working for Nexus a covert organization specializing in extracting dead soldiers from the battlefield reviving them through alchemy and using them for wet work They gave him a new ife and for that he is working for them to save the world from demonic power An agent of Nexus has become rogue and hijacked a powerful F 35 B supersonic multirole combat aircraft worth millions of dollars He is going to meet a necromancer who he thinks has My Wife's Affair lots of power The alchemist who gave a newife to Nathan wants that necromancer s power so he orders Nathan to fetch the necromancer alive Will Nathan will be able to capture the necromancer Review The book is written in a complex english and story is uite interestingI am big fan of fantasy and supernatural powers and this book gave me such feeling which I Chicken, Chicken, Duck! liked very muchThe cover of the book is so mesmerizing as I became fan of it and the story too have such power to hold a reader for me it wasike I am watching a web series seriously I am not Inspirations lying I reallyoved the bookIf you are a over of fantasy fiction you must try this bookHappy reading NO SPOILERS A thriller with a troubled hero Nathan Holloway former USMC officer working for an off the books organization that cleans up unnatural problems His condition reuires ongoing medical treatments from the agency The onger he is part of the team the Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You likely a problem will emerge from the side effectsTheatest clean up mission is completed and the results indicate a Slo Mo! larger unanticipated problem Nathan is one of the old guys at the organization and as suchearned things in the past now no Poor Mrs. Rigsby longer covered in training Respected for hisong time service and prowess at his work his eccentricities are given far Pirates, Ships, and Sailors latitude All of this makes him the perfect choice to operate separate from other amethyst hunters taking a different path to try to contain and resolve theatest threatThe ending does close this novel in a manner that allows it to be a stand alone tale At the same time there are plot hooks remaining that would allow for a continued development of Nathan s story as well as further development of a few existing characters as well as the introduction of others I for one hope the author continues the story I think this is a three and a half effort rounded up and I think most fans of the genre would enjoy it Recommended Nathan Holloway is brought back by Nexus to become a Amethyst Hunters Now when Nathan is facing his own demons Nexus faces one of their challenging enemiesThis book was a very uick read with a blend of contemporary scenarios with science and fantasy Kudos to author for orchestrating such a seamless amalgam The cover is brilliantly made and is attractive The narrative voice adds interest to this fast paced story In spite of the ength the ead character was well established the world building was put across nicely and the whole structure felt very gripping However it is also true that exploring about Nexus their works history and other members would have made this one even interesting Nathan s character was well built I wish even the antagonist was eually well conceived and the ending was elucidated On the whole this one is definitely an entertaining read. Agents has gone rogue and stolen a supersonic combat aircraft The country's under a ghoul invasion The ghoul breeding Sa'alin ueens are nowhere to be found And in the midst of it all we discovered something cunning vile and even ethal than the ghouls Something we thought was erased from existence centuries ago a necromancerJoin Nathan as his journey weaves him into a web of ancient alchemy high tech science fiction and mythological fantasy.

M volunteering an honest review for the benefit of others Ghouls And Alchemy was a fun introduction to Amy B Nixon s Amethyst Hunter world and it certainly has me curious to see what the world brings Although I m not the biggest fan of short stories and preuels this one certainly has me wanting Ghouls And Alchemy introduces the reader to a uniue supernatural world one that will eave them with plenty of uestions There are A Boy in Winter lots of things introduced you get sucked deep into the world and yet there are enough unknowns for the mind to start creating possibilities In fact I m eager to see what comes next for the story as I want of the world and the charactersAs fun as it was it did hit one of my Title Ghouls And Alchemy An Amethyst Hunter StoryAuthor Amy B NixonGhouls And Alchemy An Amethyst Hunter Story by Amy B Nixon is an amazing book and was beyond my expectations This was my first one from the authorand have amazed me I am now excited to read from him The readers whoove to read mythology and science combination would really Frost at Midnight love the book The story revolves around the protagonist Nathan Holloway He was a US marine but transformed into an amethyst hunter by a community or organisation named nexus they were using alchemy and reviving dead soldiers which were picked of from the battlefield and you them for their purpose The blurb isittle complicated and make you think for buying it but the book is very well written and described each and every thing detaily which help you to understand it and makes it grippy The story is completely engaging and every page makes you curious to know about it A must read for all just grab it guysReview 1 The cover and the title of the book is nice and attractive2 The book is very well thought and framed3 The characters were Princess Baby, Night-Night less but very well described and formed4 The author has used amazing vocabulary5 The flow of the book is well paced6 Overall an amazing readI recommend this book to all Ghouls and Alchemy is a rather enjoyable short story by Amy B Nixon that makes appetite for Featuring Nathan Holloway an ex Marine brought out from the dead with the help of alchemy by Nexus Nexus control its assets through Material Prima which keeps their agents re alive while making them fully dependent Nathan is not really that amused with the rescue hunting magicalawbreakers may be fun and right out his ally but being turn into a supernatural junkie and The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post losing his soul in the process does not exactly give him fuzzy feelings Too bad that he really has not time to rely on it with the country under the threat of a ghoul invasion The story is well told with a good mix of sheer action and character introspection Nathan s character is multidimensional and realistic exactly what you would expected from a no nonsense Marine who use to thing the biggest risk was falling in action to awake to a world where that would seemike a peaceful end to have good think Nathan can rely in his cynic nature at all times it keeps him from becoming bitter and making friends but who needs friends when there are still hordes of enemies to fight A short reading approx 120 pages that provides great joy and Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution lets anticipate delight in future installments Ghouls And Alchemy An Amethyst Hunter Storyby Amy B NixonABOUT AUTHOR Amy B Nixon is a designer and columnist by day an aspiring fiction author by night and a 247 caffeine addict As an avid reader from a very young age Amy has always wanted to contribute to the fascinating world o Loved the book BOOK REVIEW BOOK GHOULS AND ALCHEMYAUTHOR Amy B Nixon GENRE Fantasy. T's a different uestionFor me immortality comes with a hefty price tagMy Materia Prima the uintessence of everyiving organism is growing feeble Nexus' remedies have turned me into an addicted junkie My sardonic cynicisms are rewarding me with enemies than allies And the mysterious Alchemist who gave me a second chance at ife has condemned my soul to the fiery pits of hellThings can't get worse can they They can and they just didOne of our.

Try to read it for free at kobo Barnes NoblesTo begin with I would ike to say thank you to readersjudge by giving me an opportunity to know this book Ghouls and Alchemy is a gorgeous fantasy sci fi mythology with a uniue vocabsIf I was only given 3 seconds to share my thought for this book I l say it s a complete meal that will full your tummy just the right amount Not much not ess exciting balanceLet s spill the tea from what I think of this book Warning this is just pure my opinion and doesn t mean its a hundred percent valid For me this book is a good book I appreciate the writer for writing this story with a detail background I see that the foundation of the story is rigid every aspects has the clear connection so readers are able to see the imagination that the authors make for the story The main character here named Nathan Holloway is an alchemist hunter which has ead a onggg Nini lifeike its I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) literallyong becoz of the mix between alchemy and science technology he is working for undercover intel organized by America and operate under the radar On time there s been a discovery of the most powerful enchantress that supposed to be extinct over one of the staffs steal the most Flight, Vol. 7 lethal weapon in the intel This book is just a part of Nathans journey on uncovering the truthI will say this can work as a great series and I believe the seuel will give flavour to the whole body I was hoping for ending to the first book since I feel there s aot of conflict along with ittle resolution at the end Another point is sometimes the choice of vocabs is a bit hard for me this one really because of my imits and doesn t seem for the others However it often distract me from the story just because I don t understand the wordsHowever the story ine is good and it will be another interesting series I can t wait to hear for the next one Cheers to the author The Amethyst Hunter and general all around badass Nathan Holloway features in Nixon s engrossing novella marked by intriguing alchemy high tech science elements and mythical fantasy It has been decades since Nathan Holloway took an oath to serve USA after the mysterious Alchemist working for Nexus a covert organization specializing in extracting dead soldiers from the battlefield and using them for wet work after reviving them through alchemy transformed him into an Amethyst Hunter Despite his struggles with the effects of remedial plasma serums that he is forced to take to keep his Materia Prima strong Nathan is determined to serve the country When the nation comes under a ghoul invasion Nathan is assig No ghoul unharmed in the making of this storyNathan Holloway is dead He has been dead a very ong time now He now hunts ghouls and other wonderfully smelly nasty creatures How you might ask Well the government decided he was too good at what he did and brought him back to Camp Rex life That was over 60 years agoNow he hunts ghouls and cleans up their nasty messes all the while collecting information on where the ueens are making ghoulish monsters Things go on normally until one day it doesn t The ghoul he brings home to interrogate is not a ghoul He just happens to be human brought back by a powerful necromancer to collect them back to herWell there is always a bad guy around the corner This time he is right under everyone s nose He has just been waiting for the right time and that time is nowIoved the story and it didn t take me ong to read at all I pictured Tyler H from Teen Wolf as Nathan without any trouble I do hope she plans to extend the story into a second bookor I Arabian mythology mixed with elements of alchemy and Soft SciFi My name is Nathan Holloway I was a US Marine before they transformed me into an Amethyst Hunter They are Nexus a covert organization specializing in extracting dead soldiers from the battlefield reviving them through alchemy and using them for wet workHunting witches and sorcerers vampires fae shapeshifters and magical awbreakers That's the easy part But being immortal Well tha.

(Free) Ghouls And Alchemy By Amy B. Nixon


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