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Him the play symbolizes man on the edge of catastrophe Lear the emotionless despot renounces his power and in so doing becomes a human being In his wanderings he joins the ranks of humanity the tramps and beggars who are caught up on the tide of events which sweeps them inevitably towards ruin and destruction It is the ultimate irony that Lear having become human in his poverty eventually inds happiness in his reunion with Cordelia only to have it snatched away rom him almost immediatelyThis book will be of great interest to all those concerned with Shakespeare criticism and also to cinema enthusiasts and to the theatre world.

Of the cinema in Russia in the twenties and Sergei Eisenstein with constant reference to the development of European theatre and the influence of Meyerhold Artaud Gordon Craig and Peter Brook Finally there is the story of how the ilm was actually made with all the adverse weather conditions and last but not least how Dmitri Shostakovich collaborated to compose the musicThere is no single correct interpretation of the play Kozintsev asserts; each realization must be colored by personal eelings and traditions His own is deeply Russian influenced as it is by the legacy of the nineteenth century Gogol Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy For.

Of all Shakespeare's tragedies King Lear is the darkest and most spiritually profound Grigori Kozintsev's powerful ilm of Lear irst shown in the West in 1972 made a profound impression on all those who saw it casting a new light on many acets of the play King Lear The Space of Tragedy is the diary Kozintsev kept during the shooting of the ilm describing the chronological thought process behind the production There are three strands running through the book Firstly there is the theme of Lear and the author's day to day meditations on the characters and the play Secondly there are the author's reminiscences of the early days.

(PDF NEW) King Lear the Space of Tragedy The Diary of a Film Director ´ Grigori Kozintsev

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