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Them Vivian thinks that all Eric wants is temporary and she tells herself that that all she wants too So when she has to betray him to get what they need to go home that she starts to uestion it Arix is used to betrayal but ven so the thought of Vivian leaving tears him up Danger betrayalaction and romance Just keeps getting better and better A must readI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review The best adventure yetI can t say Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life enough good things about this book I will be the first to admit that I neverver liked Vivian I thought her vain and hurtful But of course our awesome Hope Hart always has a wonderful story to tell Vivian is stunningly beautiful and always has been Successful model on Crazy Love earth and thinks that is her only asset But she s smart and so caring Hiding her true worth until she meets her king Arix is gorgeous of course and arrogant but so attracted to her he can t resist making a deal to keep her around for a few weeks Both thinking a fling is all it will be But no matter what planet you ve on it seems there is alwaysvil lurking and jumping at any chance to do harm The adventure kept me glued to this from start to finish Could not stop for one second It s that good This is one of the very best SFR series I have read in a very long time The romance between these two was perfect hot sexy and filled with all the Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society emotions you could ask for And you feelverything right along with our couple Both Vivian and Arix are dealing with issues from their past but are so made for one another You will love this as much as I do and I recommend it for all Thank you Hope Hart You continue to impress and ntertain me with ach new story uickish ReviewMs Hart s strength is take charge heroines and Vivian s book was always going to be interesting because she was such a prickly character and I wondered if Ms Hart was going to be able to pair her with someone who could handle all she is Arix is definitely that character So the romance worked for me but best of all the story and series got a real shot in the arm by xploring this other kingdom and getting to see life outside of the tribes simple xistence There was good intrigue to keep the plot moving and the climactic scenes were good This is not a good standalone book because there s so much that s gone on before and the other couples feature in a way that you d be confused without that history However if you re a fan of the series already id say it s a very Black Heart, Red Ruby enjoyablentry and worth the read I m looking forward to the next and final book. T I’m planning he’ll never forgive me for this I don’t blame himI’ll never forgive myself ither ★Enticed by the Alien Warrior is a full length romance with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA While this can be read on its own you'll njoy it much after reading the first seven books in the series If you like hot dominant aliens kick ass heroines and steamy romance you'll love Warriors of Agron Hope Hart's latest sci fi romance series

Vivian finally has her story and she is paired to a King who sees her worth As with the other books in the series there is a lot of action intrigues betrayal in the story But what is most New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood endearing is the love they ve found in ArgonI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review All the betrayal talk in the synopsis threw me off so much I have read thisntire series some books the day they were released and I was dreading reading this book because I didn t want to read through the guilt I almost stopped reading multiple times because I didn t want to deal with the heartache BUT I didn t stop And I m so so so happy I finished this book I laughed and cried and Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey ended up falling in love with this book and the characters I m so happy I got to read Vivian s story I wish I read it sooner and I can t wait for Book 9 Just read itI have been waiting FOREVER for this book and you know what the author didn t disappoint This is the second from the last book in the series and I have beennjoying it very much The books can be read as a standalone but I would suggest reading it together to fully understand what happened and the different characters When I read the first book in this series I didn t really care for Vivian s character As I continued reading the series I realized there was to her then what meets the ye I couldn t wait to see what would happen between her and the mysterious King Arix 4 12 satisfying s such a fantastic ntry to this series Arix is the Braxian king across the see the minute he sees Vivian he wants her and he ll do what ЯED ever be can to have herven if it s only for a brief while He is a man on a mission of revenge he wants to know who murdered his parents and continues to betray and kill the people he trusts most He dreams about making them pay so he doesn t have time to give a female other than a tumble Vivian one of the original kidnapped women who arrived in the planet of Agron she is willing to do just about anything to nsure all the people kidnapped get to go home safely She s her is Arix s kingdom to get the thruster repaired and the control chip so she and the others can go home to their lives on Earth Although Arix is the most infuriating and gorgeous male she has ver seen she does not have time for than anything but a fling with the impossible man As there two spend and time together and their passions sore to heights that neither of them dreamed possible with The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs each other intrigue deception and murder stalk theirvery step You have to read to see what happens It s Betrayal tastes like ashes on my tongue I’ve always been the girl who’s nothing but a pretty face The one used to distract the warriors so the others can move our plans forwardBut now Now I have a chance to save us all A chance to get us off this planet and back to Earth Where we belongSure this mysterious Braxian king may have helped us and he may ven make my skin tingle with an awareness I’ve never felt before But it means nothingBecause.

Oooo good and left me sighing and wishing for a warrior of my very own Another good addition to the series In this book we follow Vivian A beautiful human that has used her looks and flirty skills since she crash landed on the planet to help her fellow humans When we first meet her in book 1 of the series I didn t really like her but I had a feeling Hart was going to change my mind As the series continues she becomes likable but I was always interested in her back story since she never opens up to anyone Arix is a king across the colossal waters and when Vivian visits his land with her friends he instantly attracted He makes a deal with her offering his help but with the stipulation that she stays there It was very similar as to a previous book in the series But in this case she is waiting to meet with someone that doesn t keep a set schedule so she needs to be at his castle on the off chance the contact appears Makes sense But Vivian knows he s not offering out of the kindness of his heart so she knows she can t fully trust him And when she s approached by traitors of the crown to help them take Arix off the throne she s tempted They are offering her a chance to get off the planet and back to arthI Monsieur Pain enjoyed how the story played out I didn t really like Arix at first but I understood once we hear his background why he acts the way he does I would have liked time with them as a couple when they weren t at odds with their feelings but there was a cutepilogue I am A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author excited to continue the series Love this series This story has action intrigue betrayal danger and romance These two will finally work together to help Vivian s people but also Arix s planet to find out who is trying to harm them Great romance with a happynding I received an ARC copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Arix has Vivian and her cousin as his guest He is facinated with Vivian He can t stop thinking about her and he loves to watch the different What If emotions shexpresses He wears her down until she agrees to sleep with him Vivian is attracted to Arix and doesn t want to be She is there in order to help her fellow women get off the planet Her and her cousin are trying to find a part to the ship that is broke and the control chip to run the ship Arix s The Exhaustion Breakthrough enemies use the women to try to get to him Will Vivian betray him Must read to find out This is anxcellent seriesI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Vivian and Arix both have secrets but they can t deny the attraction that s between. He has The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good enemies hiding aroundvery corner And they’re asking me to betray him in Supplemental Book exchange for a way off this planetIt doesn’t matter that he sometimes looks at me like I’m someone special Like he sees beyond my act and into the heart of me Like I’m someone precious And it definitely doesn’t matter that when he looks at me I want him to keep looking at me like that for the rest of his lifeI’m his Judas Andven if he lives through wha.

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(Enticed by the Alien Warrior (Warriors of Agron #8)) PDF DOWNLOAD º Hope Hart

Hope Hart has always told stories and eventually the characters in her head wouldnt leave her alone until she wrote them downShe loves strong kickass heroines and hot brooding alpha males Hope believes that everyone deserves a happy ending although the best happy endings are fought for

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