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Berg were amazing and I m pretty sure I saw Donald Trump later in the story too Even The Walrus And The Carpenter makes an appearance adding to my hope that one day I ll have a ully illustrated Alice In Wonderland edition. Es Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life famous poems old and new and aew surprises Classic verses sit alongside the modern to create the ultimate collection Includes poems rom Neil Gaiman Nikita Gill Maggie Smith Brian Bilston Raymond Antrobus Fiona Benson Lewis Carroll and many.

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That I recognised some of the older poets including an incredible illustration of Emily Dickinson while being introduced to modern voices There s some subtle references to current events too the illustrations of Greta Thun. ?the 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate follow up to Poems to Live Your Life By and Poems to Fall in Love With will ignite your inner activist and provide comfort and inspiration These poems speak of hope happiness rebellion and living through a pandemicThis beautiful bookeatur.

Wordpress Blog Twitter Pinterest Poetry is something I keep wanting to get into but I m intimidated by This collection of old and modern poets alongside Chris s incredible illustrations is perfect someone like me I loved. This absolutely beautiful gift book anthology contains classic and modern poems to galvanize uplift and inspire you which are brought to life with exuisite intricate artwork Chosen and illustrated by Chris Riddell Poems to Save the World With

Chris Riddell was born in Cape Town South Africa where his father was an Anglican priest and a member of the ANC The family moved to England in 1963 when Riddell was one year old and he spent his childhood in a number of different locations as his father moved between parishes Both of Riddell's parents continued to be active in the anti apartheid movementChris Riddell is an internationally

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