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A ood survey of religion in the African American community in the US over the past few centuries Much of it surveys the Christian experience because most of the religious experience in the African American community has been Christian And yet the book covers other religious traditions as well So it is not written to convince the reader of the Christian experience If anything perhaps the oppositeSome of our countries saddest days were endured by these Christian African American brothers and sisters Those historical facts are cringeworthy and difficult to read but important not to forget as a contemporary ChristianChapter 6 ave a very helpful background to the Pentecostal movement The founder Seymoure was raised by parents whose religious practices reflected the syncretistic experience of religion in slave uarters The emphasis of Haitian Voodoo was strong in the region so even as a child Seymour was comfortable with supernatural encounters with the divine Although the Holiness and Pentecost. A companion to the PBS series This Far by Faith isthe story of how religious faith inspired the reatest social movementin American history the US Civil Rights movementHailed upon publication as a beautiful seminal book on the role of the church in the African American community as well as on th.

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EBOOK (This Far by Faith Stories from the African American Religious Experience)

Re not footnoted but then I realized the notes in the back of book made it pretty easy to figure out the sources of information if not the page numbers The book was informative but dry It read like a history book A story about religion through the black experience Interesting collection of short biographies of blacks during the slavery era post slavery and civil rights period up to the present In each biography Williams explores the effect faith had on the person s ability to hold up under staggering hardships Often these were descriptions of theological trainwrecks such as Father Devine and Elijah Muhamad who mislead people with cultish practices But there were shining examples of Christianity at its best such as Martin Luther King Jr This is the story of religious faith and its relationship with the US Civil Rights movement It is fascinating and informative reading The historical discussion of various faith communities as related to African Americans was new to me This Is A Great Book. Ck churches as touchstones for every step of the faith journey that became the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960sUsing archival and contemporary photography historical research and modern day interviews This Far by Faith features messages from some of today's foremost religious leaders.

Al roups found life at the Azusa street meeting so did Father Divine who claimed the same filling of the Spirit and went a much different direction The book is a companion to the PBS television series This book ave a The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States great overview of the religious experience in Black America It helped me alot in understanding the subject and has led me to other books as well What I haveathered this book is this the Christian faith in the Black experience has been far from a negative influence rather it has iven depth meaning and pride to many Black Americans including myself I yearn for the days when the Black Church was a wellspring of social justice identity empowerment and community Another thing I have learned is that the downfall of the Black community post Civil Rights Movement was the loss of reat leadership and the replacing of the love ethic exemplified through MLK and his Chris This is a ood overview of the subject basically an introduction I was a little miffed at first when uotations we. E social history of America This Far by Faith reveals the deep religious conviction that empowered a people viewed as powerless to blaze a path to freedom and deliverance to stand and be counted in this one nation under God Here are the stories of politics tent revivals and the importance of bla.

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