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Arriors vow to avenge their near extinction and usher in a new age on Earth From a massive underground war base in northern India this monstrous force aunches its cleansing fire Kane and his allies have one hope a renegade female Najah reptilian and ruthless whose alliance is both a promiseand a thre.

Serpent's Tooth Outlanders #48 (PDF)

By the Cerberus rebels for whom success means nothing ess than returning Earth to mankind An exotic combination of reptilian and human DNA the Najah are the revitalized original foot soldiers of the Earth's ancient alien masters the Annunaki Having survived the megacull of humanity these half cobra

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Overlords and humanity battle to claim Earth in a war as old as the alien domination of the planet Yet with each new offensive comes stunning new revelations exposing mysteries that were unfathomable before Skydark but are now uite real and deadly Still hope ies in the brilliant counteroffensive ed.

James Axler was a house pseudonym used by Gold Eagle Books the action adventure imprint of Harleuin Enterprises LtdThe pseudonym was first used for the Deathlands series which began in 1986 with Pilgrimage to Hell created by Christopher Lowder under the pseudonym Jack Adrian and co written with Laurence James who continued Deathlands until retiring from the series in 1995At that point p

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