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E book are so valuable that it s easy to forgive the ense writing and hints of evangelism I Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse d recommend this book to anyone seeking an opportunity for real self revelation intentionalialogue offers a clear path to healthy open hearted communication the foundation of loving responsive parenting Possibly the most important book I will ever read as a parent Add this to the other Harville Hendrix books and you have the makings of the healthiest and most mutually rewarding relationships with everyone in your life including yourself This took me ages to finish It s a hard read not only because of the issues it makes you face and the feelings that surface because of this it s clumsy writing I still gave it 4 stars because the content is so much important than the writing I could go without the God talk too but I can live with it This book is great for parents beginners and pro s You can learn from it no matter how old your children are and you can always use it to work with yourself as a person and a parent While I than hate self help books and especially parenting books I was tempted to pick this up because I liked the guy in his interview on Oprah I am glad I How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture did It is a good reminder that most of our issues with out children are easily resolved by looking at ourselves Aepressing fact but true I have 5 children I will continue to read this in reference over the years A very non judgmental look at parenting with real solutions on how to be productive in loving our children. Elps to end the cycle of wounding the handing own of wounding we received as children as we raise our own children Safety Support and Structure how to give children what they really need from us Modeling Adulthood using our healed sense of self as a model for our children With other practical insightful approaches that can powerfully shape the parent child bond Giving the Love that Heals gives us the keys to helping our children to become healthy responsible and caring peopl.

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(PDF/EBOOK) Giving The Love That Heals ñ Harville Hendrix

Who oesn t need parenting advice I m finding it ironic that I am reading Gillian Flynn s Dark Places and this book at the same time Her book is rife with childhood trauma at its most extreme I m loving all of Hendrix workit s ifficult to read this one because it brings up a lot about how you are raised as a child and how that affects how you raise your own kids and it s HARD not to wound your kids in the same ways Conscious parentingconscious parentingmy new mantra This is one of the most important books any parent can read although I think it is especially good for parents who became parents through adoptionIt is not an easy read you will come across many painful thoughts some from your own past some that you know your child carries but the information is so valuable to have I highly recommend this book and I recommend that you o the worksheets that are included If I could give this book a 45 I would I m not giving a 5 because of the importance placed on 2 parent heterosexual families Also while I like the idea behind their intentional Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance dialogue the scripting of it seems awkward and weird But their overall analysis of howamage in childhood affects our intimate relationships and our parenting seems on point to me and can be a powerful tool for becoming a healthier and whole person and parent I recommend this to anybody but especially to parents This book had a lot of good points to make I think that some of the overall concepts will stay with me However like some oth. Harville Hendrix has illuminated the paths to healthy loving relationships in his New York Times bestsellers Getting the Love You Want and Keeping the Love You Find Now with his coauthor and wife Helen Hunt he brings us to a new understanding of the most profound love of all by helping parents nurture their own evelopment as they encourage emotional wholeness in their childrenThis groundbreaking book offers a uniue opportunity for personal transformation by resolving issues.

Er reviewers I felt that it was fairly poorly written It was e This is one of the most important parenting books that anyone can read It can be a ifficult read in that you will come across things from your past that might be painful or see the baggage your child may be carrying with them This is one of my personal top 5 books for parents Unlike any traditional parenting book this explores how experiences with our own parents and childhood influences how we parent our children Ever wonder why you are so frustrated and annoyed with something your child Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) does Why some simple things in your child can trigger you Feel like you want to parentifferently then the way you were but find yourself following the same path as your parents This is the book for you Very interesting I agree with some of the reviews that this book is poorly organized and could be written clearer and concise A powerful approach to childrearing relationships based on the Imago theory Gramatica de baza a limbii romane developed by the authors I think the content is great but reading it is a bit like slowly chokingown a heavy weird tasting health food bar because you know it s good for you I read an older edition so I on t know if anything s changed but I agree with the criticisms that it is narrowly focused at traditional married two parent heterosexual couples as parents The religious overtones can also be off putting That said the processes for enhancing our understanding of ourselves and our compassion for our children presented in th. That originated in our own childhood we can achieve a conscious and thus healthier relationship with our children regardless of their age Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt help us explore The Imago the fantasy partner that our unconscious mind constructs from those we loved as a child a that has guided our search for a life partner Maximizer and Minimizer parents the efensive styles that internally shape what we say and how interact with our children A Parenting Process that

Harville Hendrix PhD is the author of Getting the Love You Want A Guide for Couples a New York Times bestseller that has sold than two million copies He has than thirty years’ experience as an educator and therapist He specializes in working with couples in private practice teaching marital therapy to therapists and conducting couples workshops across the country Dr Hendrix i

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