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Ralianess Will be huntin down the rest of Lohreys stuff echoing what the other reviewers have mentioned this is a brisk and leasant read which takes the characters to the City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York precipice of loss and extractsoignancy without The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 pushing into melodrama You leave the novel feeling thankful as if a crisp breeze wafted a brighter mood into your room and it s just the right amount of relief needed from a largerattern of monotony and unresolved tension That being said though it does still boggle me that this is KnjiĹževna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje prescribed for study for Y12s I would think the reader needs at least a certain degree of world weariness or specifically Sydney weariness to get the full effect I read the firstaragraph a straight forward yet evocative one and immediately had to read the book I was appalled to discover that neither of my local libraries had a copy It was Christmas Eve and I had my Mum staying so I bought the book online and read it on my laptop over the ublic holidays It should have gone to my iphone but that s another story Needless to say with all the hu ha I may have been setting myself up for disappointment Luckily I wasn t Lohrey has definitely delivered with Vertigo Straight away I got the sense of the couple s inner city lives the cramped uarters the stress the disappointment and then they find their house on the coast Lohrey moves effortlessly between the oints of view between Luke and Anna Of course there is another factor to their relationship that is gently hinted at and I love the way the author handles this In their newold house they gradually become attuned to the environment the locals and the way of living so different from the city they have left behind Luke adapts uickly whereas Anna struggl. Oast they discover a natural world that is both destructive and rejuvenating Events sweep them up and they must confro.

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This was my second novella by Australian writer now my favorite Amanda LohreyWhat a well written story liked it a lot Published in 2009 still relevant could be easily written this year real excellent very Australian A lot of maturity and life experiences in A Lohrey s writingGreat well crafted tale of a seachange and an awakening to living in the bush environment with an interesting undercurrent of loss and redemption which is tenderly resolved A beautiful uiet little Davids Sling pastoral in two senses a lyrical story of life in the country explicitly but also concerning a sort of spiritual guidance I really have nothing to complain about with the writing other than the inclusion of one or two adverbs that I think no one should use Crazily is a word that ought not to exist at all in my opinion Thelot is Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields perfectlyaced the themes are touching The addition of miniature Learner Strategies in Language Learning photographs works very well This is the second time I have read this book and I will continue to return to it for a long time I believe Certainly fluent some wonderful description of nature to me felt rather mannered and like it had been worked over by editors and creative writing teachers for ever which I guessroduces a certain effect Dangerously Placed poetic and I can see how it is a sensitive treatment of grief However to me the book distanced me I never uite felt the odd shapes of humanityerhaps I wanted another ragged book The description of the bushfire is gripping A uick Just Destiny poetic read that has some resonance Bought this book at lunch time and had finished it by bed Its a uick but charming story about 30 something couple that head outta the city for a seachange Reminded me of winton and garner with simple vivid descriptions and the smell of aust. Luke and Anna decide on a sea change They leave the city fleeing aast and a future that fill then with fear On the

Es After a visit back to the city Anna is torn Damn Luke damn his stupid ideas All he has succeeded in doing is creating a situation where she doesn t feel at home anywhere Now she belongs in neither Paradise Run place like some migratory bird that has lost its bearings Of course with the wind and the drought the inevitable happens and this is where all of Lohrey s skill as a writer come intolay Some scenes I won t repeat here are simply told but subtly compelling Some reviewers have mentioned the distance they felt from the characters Yes the characters are a little distant but there is a reason for this and you ll have to read Vertigo to find out Highly recommended Fabulous a great uick read A mature age oignant ghost story set beside the sea on the south coast of NSW a lace of leaving behind and forgetting Its slight novella size slips into the cracks of your own experience and because it is so elusively written that it becomes your story too Everyone has experienced a loss a need for change and uestions how they would react to life s great disasters So restrained in its Help Me, Jacques Cousteau prose that it does not make demands of you but just wraps like a silk scarf around your mind so that only later do you realize that it has soothed and warmed and left a softerfume of hope and renewal A highly recommended bed time read I found this book really moving Lohrey uses Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen powerfully spare writing that reminded me of Hemingway s The Old Man and the Sea I really related to the main characters Anna and Lukeerhaps because we re about the same age and in the same stage of life and The Book of Mordred perhaps because of their desire to escape the city It s a beautiful homage to nature and theower of adversity to bring about new life and growth. Nt what they have tried to ut behind them Veritgo is an enthralling short novel by one of Australia's leading writers.

Vertigo A Novella (Free E–pub) · Amanda Lohrey

Amanda Lohrey is a novelist and essayist She was educated at the University of Tasmania and Cambridge She lectured in Writing and Textual Studies at the Sydney University of Technology 1988 1994 and since 2002 at the School of English Media Studies and Art History at the University of ueensland in Brisbane

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