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My characters that have any ability end up fighting with the heroes in the end anyway so the only true enemy with any skill is the big bad itself Link Despite this however the books are still well worth a read and I feel that my five star rating is justified Very enjoyable Didn t uite have the payoff I was expectingbut still great alt history SF milfic Great series Well written alternative history with a dash of sci fi fortunately the right balance of the two This was a very ong very complicated series and it took a The Art of Memoir lot to end it That being said I feltike the The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life last section of this book was cumbersome and pondering Not much battle aot strategy and tactics It was ike watching two grand masters play chess Fine if you ike chess but if you are ooking for a boxing match this really wasn t it The early books had a ot action Read the entire series you l earn about ancient India than you ever thought you would. Coil to strike again Ruled by a monster from the future that is part computer and part demon they prepare a fresh attack whose success will eave them rulers of the world and the monster that guides the Malwa will rule the whole future Guided by Aide Belisarius has arrayed the forces of Mankind against the Malwa evil There is no hope for Mankind if he fails so he must not fail The triumphant conclusion of the Belisarius saga.

Does anyone read these reviews Or are we just writing for ourselvesI have just finished the Belisarius series and was greatly impressedA mixture of science fiction and alternate history with a heavy dose of fantastic narrativeTop rating in my bookOver the series I gr Read at east 3 timesI definitely The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, liked the second half than the first but the whole thing was awesome Overall Ioved the whole Belisarius saga The characters are well developed and interesting the story is engaging multifaceted and clips along at a good pace and the whole idea of a clearly defined good vs evil works well here where it wouldn t in other stories Belisarius and his wife Antonina are interesting ead characters and the supporting cast is extensive and entertaining also especially the hero characters who are clearly modelled after those from the epics of old Some might be put off by the near superhuman abilities of these characters and. Concluding the popular Belisarius saga with two full ength novels in one volume The Tide of Victory The creators of the monster called Link once were human but that was distant ages in their past Now from the far future they have sent their creation back to rule the Malwa Empire then to conuer and shape the world of the sixth century AD into the form that will make their own foul existence possible Those in the future who ne.

Of course it is unrealistic but in a series where gritty realism is NOT the aim I feel it works well I only have two gripes and they are very minor Firstly the good guys never really experience a major set back and you never feel ike they have a chance of osing I understand that this is a narrative choice and the author clearly wishes to depict Belisarius as an unbeatable military mastermind but when you never feel that he can The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl lose there isess weight to the narrative Secondly with the odd very rare exception every time a good guy does die it is due to bad uck rather than a bad decision or the skill of the enemy Most of the major deaths occur when a character is hit by a stray bullet or cannonball and usually the military action that they were taking part in succeeds without them anyway This is related to the first point in that even when deaths occur the main characters never truly fail Further all of the ene. Ver were human have sent their own messenger to the past Aide a gleaming jewel who has come to Belisarius the greatest general of the sixth century and perhaps any century Between them they have forged an alliance of all the world against the evil fro the far future and an army that can be the spear through evil’s heart The Dance of Time The Malwa and their evil have been driven back to their Indian heartland but there they.

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(Free) Belisarius III The Flames of Sunset Belisarius #5 6

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