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Fulcanelli dévoilé E–pub ´ Geneviève Dubois

Es on too many disparate individuals without really telling us anything about them which just becomes disorientating Dubois really adds nothing to the debate which is not covered in the superior Fulcanelli Phenomena If your releally into secret societies and history of about hidden treasures and what the Myans are telling us it is real eye opener. Ller de Lubicz Pierre Dujols Eugene Canseliet and Jean Julien Champagne Working rom rare documents letters and photos Dubois suggests that one of these men could have been hiding his activity behind the pseudonym of Fulcanelli or that Fulcanelli may even have been a composite abricated by several of these individuals working together Beyond its attempt to reveal the actual identity of Fulcanelli Fulcanelli and the Alchemical Revival also presents an explanation of the alchemical doctrine and reveals the unsuspected relationships among the important twentieth century truth seekers it highligh.

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Rginalised igures living A World on Fire from hand to mouth on their eccentricities and this may not be entirelyair to them What we want is a hypothesis on why Fulcanelli appeared at that time and what he meant to the people who created him Why am I spending so much time even reviewing it Really just a jumble of names rather than a coherent narrative It Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life focus. D despite ardent searches by many even the OSS the wartime US intelligence agency later to become the CIA claimed to have lookedor him ollowing the end of World War II Geneviève Dubois looks at the esoteric milieu of Paris at the turn of the century a time that witnessed a great revival of the alchemical tradition and investigates some of its salient personalities Could one of these have been this enigmatic man reported to have last appeared in Seville Spain in 1952 when he would have been 113 years of ageThe trail ollowed by the author encounters such igures as Papus René Guénon Schwa.

What a dreadful book poorly written obscure poorly translated poorly edited pompous deeply incoherent and providing no context or analysis It gets one star because it contains some interesting photographs and some less interesting but at least accurately photographed documentation You are left with an impression of a set of than a little nutty ma. Sheds new light on the identity of the alchemist Fulcanelli• Provides new understanding of the relationships between the most important igures of the esoteric milieu of Paris in the irst half of the 20th century• Includes a wealth of rarely seen documents photos and lettersFulcanelli operative alchemist and author of The Mystery of the Cathedrals and The Dwellings of the Philosophers two of the most important esoteric works of the twentieth century remains himself a mystery The true identity of the man who allegedly succeeded in creating the philosopher’s stone has never been discovere.

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