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I m going to start out by saying that I xpected from this Being that this is Hernansez s latest book I really Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) expected the characters to be better formed the story to have some unexpected twiststc Maybe it did have all that for some but not for me That being said it s still a good book which is obvious since I rated it three stars The characters could have been a little better developed and the twists could have been a little unpredictable I couldn t tell if I guessed right away what was going on with Mack and Coke or if maybe it was really that obvious The very first mention of something hidden though and knew the deal That kind of took the surprise out of it for me obviously and as that s the biggest surprise in the book that kind of sucked The actual story of Mack coming up and stepping on veryone in his way while. In the tradition of Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim comes A Pimp's Life the story of the rise and fall of Mack Jones He's at the top of his pimp game in ueens New York until he breaks one of the cardinal rules of Pimping 101 and falls in love with one of his girls Destiny was once an innocent young girl tricked into selling her.

G i was like what a waste of time for those that gave it four starswow Okay this is the first book I have read by this author I liked it for the most part but did not like the way it nded Like really Idk but on to the next book This story about two courageous people trying to find their way out of the pimp and prostitute lifestyle is gripping and a powerful book about doing what you can to better yourself and those you care about ven if you ve had a dark past Tried to get into this and I just refuse to struggle through it It couldn t hold my attentionmaybe it s me because I like Hernandez s Flint series Or maybe it s Hernandez may she s only good at writing about Malek and Halleigh MUST READ I could not say that I read this because I didn t finish it I could not finish it Maybe I should not presume to rate it ithe. Tiny finally gathers the courage to leave the life behind her and Mack is forced to make a decision He won't stop her from leaving but he must decide if he will follow her out of the game Will he stay with what he's always known or take a chance on love And ven if he does choose to get out will the streets let him go that asy.

PDF NEW A Pimp's Life ´ Treasure Hernandez

Not uniue is still a good one The two females Joi and Sade were a little binus because they had their own things going on all the time dealing with Mack in some way shape or form Anton s character was decent but again could have been a lot than what it was It s a good book but don t pick it up looking for something uniue Every now and then I Conflict in Blood experience with different genres This one is urban fiction but it s probably better if it s called hood porn Didn t care for the story at all It was all over the place Oh wowThis was a really crazy good read Very surprising and intense moments throughout the book Well thought out twist and turns and a lot of grimey real life situations Valuable lesson of living a lie that the truth can crush your whole reputation Dont waste your time this book was all over the place and thendin. Body but now she's as tough as the most seasoned professionals on the street Then a tragic turn of vents causes her to open her heart once again When Mack is shot she stays by his side during his recovery proving herself to be as devoted as any wife would be to her husband After she sees that Mack has regained his strength Des.

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