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I liked Joe copp mostly but will probably not continue reading this series. Hing for answers Under the shadow of the world's largest telescope tailed by agents and with a lovely lady scientist's life in peril Ashton Ford takes on the most baffling case of his life one that will offer him glimpses into worlds that not even he has ever seen Ashton Ford is a spectacular character Booklis.

I m stuck in the middle somewhere A bit disappointing Reminds me of heinl. Meet Ashton FordPsychic Detective Private Investigator Ashton Ford has special powers powers some call supernatural A former naval intelligence officer Ford will shatter your ideas of reality and take you into a mystical world of vision intuition and psychic truth A phenomenal psychic unparalleled lover and

Eye to Eye Ashton Ford No 2 EBOOK DOWNLOAD

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Ein a bitthe way women are regarded It takes too long to get to the point. True Renaissance man Ashton Ford can see into the future and even into the distant past using his psychic powers to assist special clients who are in crisis In EYE TO EYE both America's and Russia's most brilliant astronomers and space scientists have mysteriously vanished The CIA and KGB are frantically searc.

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