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Everything I wanted in an 80s YA paranormal thriller Ghost Check Body switching Check Attempted murders Check Fast paced and fun read Ended abruptly Would ve liked an epilogue Re read this for Teenage Scream podcast lovingly dissecting the best and worst of 90s teen horror I read this book a bunch of times when I was younger Someone recently donated it to my little free library and I am not feeling well today so i decided to re read it It s an entertaining story a little sparse on characterization I guess the only thing I really don t like is how all the teenagers talk like they re from the 50 s Oh that s ust rotten It s a very interesting book because ust how this girl who can see a ghost and how she have to make a very big decision with this ghost girl that was around her age but have die long ago The decision was to trade place with the ghost for about a week and Yup that s all I can see don t want to spoils things Source I read this book online via Open Library Cost Free Title The Accident Series Point Horror 16 Author Diane Hoh Overall Rating 4 starsWhen a car accident seriously injures thre. She appears in Megan's mirror one day nothing than a wispy shadowy plume glowing with an eerie light Her voice is faint and hollow like a distant echo The voice of a young girlStrangest of all is her reuest.

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EBOOK DOWNLOAD (The Accident) ½ Diane Hoh

5 out of 5 Point Horror Book Stars I rate these books compared to other Point Horror Books OnlyI read this as part of the pointhorrorbookclub that I run monthlyYou can read the post here is of a discussion than a review with highlighted areas of the book and has a comedy feel to the discussion to Please be aware that as this is a discussion there will be spoilersWant to know about pointhorrorbookclub check this out in all I personally liked this book classic retro point horrorFor reviews and book chat please visit wwwtalesofyesterdaycoukPlease be aware that the discussion will contain spoilers After three of Megan s friends are injured in a car accident she sees a girl named Julia in her mirrorJulia had also been involved in an accident and asked Megan the simple favour of borrowing her body for a weekI used to enjoy collecting the Point Horror series as a teen This title is one of a few that I can t really recall havingFound it to be an enjoyable read but not one of Hoh s best Read my copy to shreds as a kid Held up as well as I expected for a nostalgic re read Oh I ust heart middle school horror. She listens to a tale of a horrible accident many years before A tale she would never forgetGradually Megan begins to realize that she has no choice As terrified as she is she knows she must make the trade.

E of her friends Megan begins to hear the voices of a girl called Juliet who was in accident herself and died All she wants is a week in Megan s body and Megan thinks she s kind and gentle Why wouldn t she let this girl have a week of life But as the week goes on Juliet s intentions become dark and sinister How can Megan get her body back if nobody can hear her I loved the other Diane Hoh books that I ve read 1990 s teen horror is a genre that I absolutely love It s so cheesy but it s 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, just so good I think that this book is a really good addition to the Point Horror series and I m excited to read of her books as I make my way through this series I read this for our podcast Teenage Scream which dissects the best and worst of 90s Teen Horrorhttpssoundcloudcomteenagescream So far out of the Point Horror rereads this has been my favourite Yes there are plot holes which I m choosing to ignore for enjoyment sake and rather insipid characters who make silly decisions but overall this had intrigue and mystery and was well thought out Ended rather abruptly but I suppose that sust the given way for these books. I beg you to trade places with me Megan For ust one week Let me live againMegan is overcome with fear Yet she is drawn to the shadow in the mirror unable to look away Fascinated by the oddly soothing voice.

Diane Hoh is the author of fifty seven novels for young adults She grew up in Warren Pennsylvania but currently resides in Austin Texas Reading and writing are her favorite things alongside gardening and grandchildren

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